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where'd it go?

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omg the ring.

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Kendra's P.O.V
So we started looking for the ring I'll start in the kitchen
Okay I hope we find it I'll look in my room >>>>>10 mins
later>>>>>I found it where under my bed it was under
you're bed I move alot in my sleep you do I never noticed
thats because you do 2 Oh yeah I guess I do. So are you
hungry yeah you want me to order pizza sure pepperoni
Okay >>>>>5 mins later>>>>>the pizza will be here in 15
mins (phone ringing)they all said shes just another groupie
Hey smarty
hey guess what
your my maid of honor
Thanx whens the wedding
Its on the 7th of december
so your having an indoor wedding
It depends if it snow cause it only snows in january and febuary
Well im getting married
I know
how do you know
lets see youtube,buzznet,myspace any place where people can post video of practicly anything
I guess so
so are you going help me pick on my wedding dress
if you help me pick out mine
its a deal
got to go ryans back
bye the pizzas here
(end call)
I went to anwser the door he said the total is $10.78 i gave
him $20 told him to keep it then he left so I put the pizza on
the table in front of the couch we watched danny phantom
and ate our pizza then we went to bed.
next day
We met ryan,shayla,brendon,and spencer at starbucks.Me
and shayla went up to the register and ordered 2 mocha
lattes and 4 coffee me and shayla were heading back to the

table when miss tutty fruity walked in the door!?:(
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