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Kendra's P.O.V
>>>>>fast forward 5 months>>>>>(not much going on)

So where heading back to the buses so we can head to our last concert Patrick asked me
to sing with a song with him so I said of course we were going to sing Nobody Puts Baby
In The Corner.
The Concert
Me and Patrick just got done singing when I was walking off stage Pete asked me to
com back on stage he had took my hand he kneeled on one knee and said Kendra will
you marry me? Of course why wouldn’t I? We went back to meet fans and sign
autograph one fan asked for my autograph she said she wanted to be the first person to
have my autograph as Pete’s wife. We finished and went to the buses to the bunks and
headed home.
Next Day
we were home I went to my house I opened my front door it smelled like cookies on a
Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to lie in my own bed. Once I lied down the doorbell
rang so I slowly got up and answered it Pete was standing there. hey I can’t stay in that
house why it’s too crowded why don’t you move in with me are you sure yeah there’s
plenty of room. Okay let me get my stuff from the house. Here’s a key I might be sleep
okay when he left I went in my room and fell asleep.
Pete’s P.O.V
I went back to the house to back my stuff. I put all my stuff in my car and headed back to my
new home. I got there and looked in her room she was sleep she wasn’t lying she looked so
peaceful. So I put all my stuff in the house and took Hemmingway out the car (30 mins later)
Kendra woke up hey hey what are you watching “my so called life” is it that bad yeah Pete
have you seen my ring you can’t find it I had it when I went to sleep
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