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The Evil Babysitters Club

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Tootie has become eviler over the years but what she has up her sleeves now is something not even Timmy could predict

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Tootie Icky sniffled one day as rain drowned her hair and she was afraid to go home knowing who would be waiting for her when she got there.
Tootie(Shaking her hair out) I wish for one day that I could switch places with Timmy Turner and I could be him forever.
It was getting dark when Tootie got home and a shooting star shot across the sky as Tootie saw it.
Tootie: Star light star bright first star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight, I wish Timmy Turner and I could switch places forever.
When the star was gone Tootie opened the door to find Vicky cackling down at her little sister.
Tootie: Cackle all you want pretty soon you're going to torture Timmy and not me.
Vicky: That twerp I already torture him so what's stopping me from doing it again?
Tootie smirked and skipped up to her room knowing it would be the last night she was in it.
Tootie(Clutching a teddy bear) Well Beary this is it, tomorrow you'll have a new master and I'll be happy for once.
Tootie plopped down on her bed and got a better wish as another star shot across the sky.
Tootie: Yea, yea, yea, you know the rhyme anyways I wish I could be Timmy Turner's babysitter and he was five years old again.
This time the sky turned a bright white like fireworks were erupting across it and then it turned black again.
Tootie(Rubbing her hands together) This is going to be so sweet.
The next day Timmy Turner woke up to find himself in puppy dog pajama's as he screamed a five year old scream and ran off to find his parents.
Timmy: Mommy Daddy anybody what has happened to me?
Timmy's mom walked up giggling and ruffling Timmy's hair.
Timmy's mother: Morning Peanut and how are we this morning?
Timmy: Look at me I'm five and I'm supposed to be ten how do you think I am?
Timmy's mother: Sweetie your getting ahead of yourself, I mean you don't want to grow up too fast do you?
Timmy: I was ten yesterday and today I'm five I think me growing up too fast isn't an issue.
Timmy's mother: Cheer up Timmy I got you a sitter so you don't have to wait for me after pre school.
Timmy: A sitter?
The doorbell rang as Timmy's mother ran to answer it and Timmy found Tootie Icky braces, glasses, grey plaid dress white blouse, black blazer and all looking down at him.
Tootie: Morning Mrs. Turner and this must be Timmy, it looks like we're going to be the best of friends huh squirt?
Timmy hid behind his mom's legs as Tootie giggled evilly and Mrs. Turner left to go to work leaving Timmy with Tootie.
Timmy's mom: I heard you were also certified to be a pre school teacher so have fun Timmy, Tootie is going to be your new pre school teacher.
The car door slammed as Mrs. Turner backed out of the driveway and Tootie giggled looking down at Timmy.
Tootie: Boy do I have some great stuff planned for us today Timmy, the first thing we're going to do is get better acquainted.
Timmy: Your sissy is a scary babysitter so what are you?
Tootie grabbed Timmy and her eyes locked and Tootie grinned up at Timmy.
Tootie: I'm scarier than my sister for one, see she trained me to be scary by torturing me, now it's your turn to get tortured.
Timmy: Your sissy tortured me too so I'm begging you not to torture me.
Tootie: Begging doesn't work with me, my sister tried it just before I turned her into a three year old.
Timmy saw a pint sized Vicky and he knew it was Vicky because of the purple bow, the ponytail, black pants, green sweater, and pink eyes as Tootie grinned.
Tootie: Vicky Timmy Timmy Vicky there now that you've met what do you say I give you two some alone time?, then I'll torture you to my hearts content.
Once Tootie was gone Timmy sighed relief as Vicky smiled slinking up to him puckering up as Timmy screamed.
Vicky: Either kiss me or I'll give away your secret Timmy, you have fairies and I'll have them soon enough if your not careful.
Timmy: Go ahead and take them it's not like you can figure out what to do with them.
Vicky: I can so, for one thing I'd save our skins by making us our own age again, and two I'd wish Tootie three again.
Timmy: Yea and then she'd be miserable and she'd get my fairies so either way we lose.
Vicky(Puckering up) Not both of us Timmy, now either kiss me or lose your fairies.
Timmy smiled knowing he didn't have fairies yet as Vicky looked down at him with her pink eyes.
Timmy: Go ahead take my fairies seeing I don't have them yet, I got them when I was ten and you have five years to wait
Tootie(Screaming) Twerp and squirt get down here now, I have a new game for us to play.
Timmy and Vicky gulped as they saw podiums, buzzers, and Tootie dressed as a game show host smiling.
Tootie: Let's see who knows me better shall we?, my idiot little sister or my cute babysitting job.
Timmy: And what do we get if we win?
Tootie: Nice of you to ask, and the answer to that is you get funbox free forever and trust me the funbox is soooooo not fun.
Vicky and Timmy grabbed their buzzers as Tootie stood behind her podium with questions.
Tootie: Welcome to who knows me better torture style, that's right it's just not the funbox but other things you'll have to avoid.
Vicky and Timmy looked scared as Tootie revealed their first torture as she slipped her shoes off revealing her feet.
Tootie: Question one what is my favorite movie and act quickly because you only have ten seconds before I make the both of you rub my feet.
Timmy quickly buzzed in as did Vicky and Tootie looked in Timmy's direction.
Tootie: Timmy you were first so what is your answer squirt?
Timmy: The Princess Bride, you told me it was your all time favorite movie one day when you didn't think I was listening.
Tootie: Vicky what's your answer and I'll tell you which of you is right.
Vicky: The Little Mermaid, you used to watch that movie so much when we were kids and you loved the songs.
Tootie: Aaaaannnnnnddddd the answer is The Princess Bride, I only watched The Little Mermaid because you made me watch it so much as a kid.
Vicky: And what if I don't want to rub your stinky feet?, what if I just stand here and watch your feet hurt more and more.
Robotic arms behind the podieum grabbed Vicky as she screamed in fear and was thrown in front of Tootie's feet.
Tootie: I'm a scientist at heart little sister I had everything planned, now get to rubbing my feet or Timmy will automatically win making you funboxed.
Vicky sighed and started rubbing Tootie's feet as Tootie cackled evilly looking in Timmy's direction.
Tootie: Don't worry Squirt there's still lots of game to be played.
Timmy gulped as green smoke erupted from Tootie's feet and she cackled as there was a knock on the door and Tootie answered it to find Sonya Numbah 83 from the KND waiting.
Tootie: Great your here see I have two kids and one can win the challenge while the other get's funboxed, the loser goes to you to make them whatever you want them to be.
Sonya smiled as her birthday was today and she was turning thirteen and she really wanted a baby sister to train to get back at the KND for decommissioning her.
Tootie(Looking down at Vicky) I'd like you to meet Sonya, now get back to your podieum while I ask another question.
Vicky rushed back to her podieum as Timmy smiled at her and she smiled back at him knowing that she knew more about Tootie being her sister.
Tootie: Next punishment is rubbing my friend Sonya's feet, and the next question is what is my favorite food and why?
Timmy quickly rang in as did Vicky and Tootie looked at Vicky grinning.
Tootie: You were first Twerpy so what’s the answer?, and you better get this right or Timmy will end up winning this round too.
Vicky: I know the answer is Pizza because you can put whatever your heart desires on it, especially pepperoni because their your favorite.
Tootie(Smiling) And Timmy what would your answer be?
Timmy: Uhhhhhhhhhhh candy because it all has different tastes?
Tootie: Aaaaaannnnnddddd the answer is Pizza because I can put whatever I want on it especially pepperoni because their my favorite.
Vicky: I know more than you because I was once her big sister and you were just a boy she stalked.
Timmy reluctantly walked up to Sonya as he saw the arms coming out and Sonya sighed happily taking her sneakers off.
Tootie: Now the scores one to one but there's still a bunch of game to be played so nobody's out yet.
Vicky giggled evilly as she saw Timmy plug his nose when green smoke erupted from Sonya's feet and she giggled evilly.
Tootie: I hope your used to her guys because whoever loses is going to be her babysitter client and that makes her your boss.
Sonya and Tootie raised their heads to the sky cackling as Sonya took her feet back rubbing Timmy's floppy ears.
Sonya: Nice job and the one that goes to me will become my sister so I suggest the boy to work harder or he'll be my little sister soon enough.
Tootie: Next question what is my obsession and why is it my obsession, and the punishment for this question is painting my toenails and fingernails.
Timmy gulped and quickly rang in as Vicky did the same and Vicky smirked knowing she had this question in the bag.
Timmy: Your obsession is Timmy Turner because he's cute as a button and stinky Trixie doesn't deserve him.
Vicky(Shaking her head no) Noooooooo your obsession is fairy wands because you want to be a magical fairy someday.
Tootie: And the answer is my obsession is Timmy Turner because he's cute as a button and stinky Trixie doesn't deserve him.
Timmy smiled as Vicky walked down to Tootie who handed her nail polishes cackling at her.
Tootie: And Timmy is ahead two questions to one, now like I said a bunch of game to be played so let's get to it when your done painting my toenails Plum and my fingernails Sparkly Blue.
Vicky sighed as Tootie put her toenails out first and wiggled her toes at Vicky as she took the brush to the Plum nail polish out and started spreading it on her toenails.
Tootie: Good job now for the other foot and then my hands as Timmy takes a break and Sonya admires him as a sister.
Sonya giggled at Timmy as his eyes grew with fear and she stood up looking at his traits and smiled seeing his puppy pajama's.
Sonya: I used to have a pair of bunny pajama's just like those at your age, and pretty soon tea parties, dollies, bubble baths, and stuffed animals are going to be all you think about.
Timmy: I haven't lost yet girly I'm still in it for the long haul, and as for you making me your daughter good luck because after I win I'm getting funboxed.
Vicky finished painting Tootie's hands as she then joined Timmy at his podium and Tootie grinned down at both of them.
Tootie: My favorite animal, and the punishment for this is painting Sonya's toes and fingers any color she likes.
Timmy had to think as Vicky quickly buzzed in sticking her tongue out at him.
Tootie: And we have a winner Vicky what is it and I'll give you extra points if you can tell me why I like them.
Vicky: It's a Unicorn because you want to be a magical princess riding on land and also flying through the air with your prince by your side.
Tootie: Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddddddd your absolutely right Vicky, two points for you and that puts you in the lead by one.
Sonya cackled as Timmy walked down the aisle to her as she pulled her socks off and pulling out nail polishes.
Sonya: Hot pink for the toes and the fingers, and it looks like Vicky just took the lead little sister.
Timmy painted Sonya's toes and fingers as Sonya grinned the whole time taking Timmy's measurements.
Tootie: With the game almost over Vicky is in the lead and Timmy could catch up with this question.
Timmy quickly grabbed his buzzer as Vicky did the same and they both waited for the question.
Tootie: What is my fondest memory of Timmy and why?, punishment for this is swimming in a tankful of piranhas.
Timmy jabbed his buzzer as Vicky and his both went off and Tootie stared at both of them.
Tootie: Since your leading Vicky what is your answer?
Vicky: Him giving you Fairies for your birthday party, because you felt like a princess and he was your prince.
Tootie: Interesting and Timmy why don't you give it a whirl?
Timmy: Me giving you my Crimson Chin action figure, because it was the only gift I ever gave you.
Tootie: Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddddddd the answer is him giving me his fairies for my birthday party because I felt like a princess and he was my prince great job Twerpy.
Timmy made to scream as Sonya grabbed him and threw him into the tank as Vicky, Tootie, and Sonya laughed at his screaming.
Tootie(Pulling Timmy out) All right now for the final question and it's worth ten points so to win Timmy you need to get this right, if you don't then it's Sonya ahoy.
Timmy was determined as was Vicky not to go to Sonya as she rubbed her hands together evilly and Tootie knew a question Timmy couldn't answer.
Tootie: Final quest Twerp and Squirt, I have a birthmark on my behind what is it of and how did I get it?
Timmy saw Vicky's buzzer go off as Sonya pulled a backpack from her back and smiled at Timmy.
Vicky: It's of a kitty and you got it on 4th of July when daddy set a firework off and it hit your butt.
Tootie: Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd that's our game ladies and gent, Squirt it's been fun but Sonya deserves you.
Sonya(Grabbing Timmy) Looks like your mom's home, we just need to get her signature and then your all mine Squirt.
Mrs. Turner walked up as Sonya met her at the door smiling with dimples and all.
Sonya: Hi Mrs. Turner I'm Sonya Mcdaniels and I helped Tootie babysit, there's no need to pay me I just want your son to make him my sister if you don't mind.
Mrs. Turner: Of course not I always told him he was a cute girl, so what do I have to do?
Timmy couldn't believe what he was hearing as Sonya handed Mrs. Turner a new birth certificate.
Sonya(Handing her a pen) Just sign on the dotted line and I'll be out of your hair forever.
Mrs. Turner(Signing) Will you need his things because I can give them to you if you want them.
Sonya: Yea give me his things I'll find something to do with them, Now come on Timmy you and I are going to be the best of friends and sisters for life.
Mrs. Turner lugged all of Timmy's things downstairs as Sonya grabbed it and led Timmy out giggling at him evilly.
Sonya: It's going to be great having a little sister to do things with, I mean I'll be driving soon and my sis will never leave my side.
Timmy's eyes grew fearful as they walked to Sonia's house with Vicky giggling waving goodbye to Timmy.
Tootie: Aren't we forgetting something twerpy?, you get funboxed because you won and Timmy lost so hah.
Vicky was thrown into a cage as Tootie closed the door locking it with padlocks as she cackled.
Tootie: Good luck getting out of that Twerpy, and meet Ravage my new puppy and don't let the name fool you he's a friendly puppy, to me anyways.
Vicky screamed as a puppy version of Doidles was thrown into the cage and Tootie pushed it back and forth much to Vicky's screams of stop.

Tootie(Whistling to herself) La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaaaaaaa, I can't hear you and that makes it go faster.
Tootie gave a might push as Ravage growled at Vicky and started attacking her as she screamed and Tootie laughed.
Tootie: I guess he's only nice to me huh Twerpy, man this is the best day of my life.
Vicky(Panting) Please- take- Ravage- out- I'll- be- good- honest.
Tootie(Shaking her head) You and Ravage have to grow a bond because you're my sister and Ravage is my puppy, and besides you made me become friendly with Doidles.
Vicky screamed as Ravage held her ponytail in his razor sharp teeth and Tootie grinned at them.
Tootie: I had ponytails that became Doidles chewtoys when I was your age too, it hurts when the doggies pull your hair.
Vicky screamed as Ravage shook her back and forth until he got bored and tossed her to the other side of the funbox.
Tootie: Happy babysitter day to me, happy babysitter day to me, happy babysitter day to me, happy babysitter day to me, and none for you he, he, he, he, heeeee.
Vicky looked like a war hero with cuts and bruises all over her as Tootie cackled bringing her foot up and kicking the funbox.
Tootie: Round, round, round it goes when it stops only I know, how does the corner of pay and back feel now little sister?
Vicky(Crying) I'm sorry I was so mean to you, I just wish I could take it all back and we could be normal sisters again.
Tootie: Well you can't and now I'm going to take your torture bedroom and you can have my old room.
Vicky shuddered knowing Tootie's room was girly and she hated girly things even if she was a girl as Tootie smiled letting Vicky out and leading her to her new room.
Tootie(Opening her bedroom door) Taduhhhhhhhhhhh welcome to the corner of pay and back Twerpy, this is Beary and he'll be the only thing that sleeps with you.
A purple bear was thrown Vicky's way as she caught it and Tootie giggled walking Vicky around the room.
Tootie: This is the tea party part of the room, and if your going to live like me your going to look like me.
Tootie wiggled her fingers as Vicky grew black hair with ponytails and Vicky's clothes turned into a grey plaid skirt, a black vest, a white shirt, black socks and pants, blue eyebrows and braces and glasses.
Tootie(Raising her arms) And me I'm going to embrace your clothes so there.
Tootie grew black pants, a green sweater that barely hid her stomach, pink eyes, red hair with a pigtail, black eyebrows, and pink lips as she cackled skipping from Vicky's new room.
Tootie: Now I'm the torture master and your the torturer Vicky, so just remember mommy and daddy will be out all the time seeing their both working all the time and I'm here to give you the hell you gave me.
Vicky gulped as Tootie skipped away humming the funbox song Vicky created under her breath and Vicky was even more scared.
Tootie(Singing) I'm the big sister, I'm the big sister ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa, let's see her say no to me now and she'll get all the pain she gave me when I said no.
Vicky wept as she hugged Beary close more of Tootie and less of Vicky coming out in her as she shrank some more and found a purple nightgown and pink underwear waiting for her on the bed.
Vicky(Slipping out of Tootie's clothes) I guess I should just get used to being the little sister now, I mean I don't have a choice anymore.
Tootie walked up giggling as she saw Vicky put the nightgown and underwear on and Tootie purposely let Ravage run into the room and hop onto Vicky's bed.
Tootie: Awwwwwwwwwww isn't that cute he wants to sleep with you, and I wouldn't move him if I were you he's not the happiest puppy if you wake him up.
Vicky(Moaning) Hey you stupid dog this is my bed yours is with my big sister now move it.
Ravage slashed Vicky's arm as she cried and made a bed for herself on the floor.
Tootie: Sweet dreams Twerpy, I wonder if Timmy's this sad he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
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