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The Big Badolescent And Laura's Second Strike

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Laura Limpin and her alter ego has come up with the best plan ever and Wally's the biggest part of it

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Wally tossed and turned in his bed as a little girl's laughter rang throughout his room and he moaned not liking this little girl one bit.
Girl's POV: You led the gang of agents who beat me Wallabee Gregory Beatles, now suffer the consequences.
Wally moaned again as his door opened and his brother Joey closed his eyes smiling not knowing he was giving fuel to this little girl to be resurrected and get revenge on Wally.
Little girl: That's right sleep little angel it just gives me more powers and your brother less he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Wally tried his best to stay awake but his daily nap in Study hall was interrupted once again by this little girl who knew he was getting sleepier and sleepier.
Little girl: Looks like somebody's ready to fall asleep but their afraid to and they should be, because if you thought my powers in reality were bad my powers in dreams are a million times worse.
Wally slowly drooped his eyes as The Big Badolescent images flashed into his head and he saw how angry she looked as he screamed fearfully.
Laura(Giggling) I knew you'd make it here sooner or later, my mommy and daddy said I needed anger management but I found it already.
Wally(Fearfully) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You have and just where might I ask is it?
Laura: With you of course you silly goose, you're going to be my little sister and I'm going to transfer my powers to you and then you can learn to live with them.
Wally(Eyes growing wide) What wait a sec you're going to make me a cruddy girl, your sister no less, and I'm going to fly off the handle whenever I feel like it?
Laura(Giggling) Yea cool huh, and you forgot about your love for birthday parties and your sessions with DR. Monroe who is the quack my parents hired for me.
Wally: But what about all my friends?, my parents?, my brother?, everybody in this world who knows who I am what are you going to do with them?
Laura(Cackling) I took care of your friends as for your family and brother well it seems that there in a rush to get rid of you.
Laura cackled again thrusting Wally's birth certificate into his hands as he read through it and saw his new name was Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd.
Laura(Smiling pridefully) My mommy and daddy thought that since it was my idea to torture you it was only fair that you get named after your big sister.
Wally screamed fearfully as Laura grabbed him and dragged him across the floor to a plastic box in a big playroom with a sheet over it.
Laura(Removing the sheet) Taduhhhhhhhh you asked about your friends and here they are as my dollies all except you.
Wally got pressed against the plastic case by Laura as she giggled at seeing Wally's eyes full of fear.
Laura: Fanny, Nigel, Rachel, Kuki, Hoagie, Abby, Sonia their all dollies now and the reason your not is because you shoved me.
Wally: You were nuts and throwing us around like we were rag dolls in Operation Caked what were we supposed to do?
Laura: I couldn't help it I mean it's not like I can control The Big Badolescent to not come out, and now I can thanks to your sleepy ways.
Wally made to scream again as Laura got a weird look on her face and she fell to the floor becoming a giant as Wally made to run but he was grabbed as Laura laughed.
Laura(As Big Badolescent) Don't you get it yet?, you're my bully and my mommy always said the best way to deal with a bully is by making them disappear.
Wally was thrown against the wall as Joey ran up with a tranquilizer gun that got snatched by Laura.
Laura: Goodie another dolly to add to my collection.
Before Joey could speak he was yanked from the floor floorboards and all and he became rubber and was thrown into the case with the rest of Laura's victims.
Laura(Cackling) Hah, hah, hah It feels great to be The Big Badolescent but it'll feel better to be rid of her.
Wally screamed as he was yanked from the ground and flipped upside down as his jeans slipped off and Laura grinned down at him.
Wally: Please you don't have to do this I mean you like being The Big Badolescent can't you just keep her inside of you?
Laura shrank as she shook her head no giggling and Wally knew that this time he was in a lot more trouble than he thought he was in.
Laura: Now you can take that sweater off or I could become The Big Badolescent again and force it off of you.
Wally: You mean you can control her?
Laura(Nodding) And you'll learn to once you use her enough, soon she'll be all yours to control and I'll love to see how you control her as a three year old.
Wally got pinned against the case as Laura smiled counting down on her fingers.
Laura: Like my mommy I'll count to 5 young man and if you still have your clothes on when I get to five The Big Badolescent will take over get me?
Wally: Wait Laura there has to be something I can do to change your mind anything I'll be your slave, your boyfriend, your kitten, puppy anything but your sister please.
Laura(Smiling and counting down) 1-2-3-4-and 5 and guess what it looks as if you're still wearing the clothes so meet your doom The Big Badolescent.
Laura got the weird look again as Wally started ripping the clothes off of himself and Laura smiled controlling her soon to be gone alter ego.
Wally: There everything but the underwear off now maybe we can make a deal or something like that to not make me your little sister.
Laura(Pretending to think) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope I'm going to love being rid of The Big Badolescent and there's nothing you can do about it.
Wally: But you have power as The Big Badolescent wouldn't you want power?
Laura: Undies off soon to be sister or do we have to meet our friend The Big Badolescent again?
Wally: You know you're just transferring all your power to me right?, I mean why would you do that?
Laura(Smiling and counting down) 1-2-3-4-and 5 now guess who's coming little sister.
Laura got the weird look on her face as Wally forced took his underwear off and Laura smiled keeping The Big Badolescent at bay.
Laura: Goodie now with all the clothes off we can start making you Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd.
Laura grabbed her old glasses, some hairties, a yellow shirt, her red jumper, a pair of purple underwear, white socks, and her white Mary Janes as Wally gulped.
Laura: No squirming, moving, pouting, crying, or begging because The Big Badolescent is just itching to come out little sister.
Wally: Yea and I'm not scared of The Big Bad seven year old creepazoid anymore so bring her out.
Laura got the weird look on her face again as Wally smiled until he saw how big her body was becoming, how her hands were the size of Mack trucks, and how she grew much bigger than him as he gulped and Laura grinned.
Wally: Uhhhhhhhh maybe I should be going I mean there's no use on me sticking around is there?
Laura wiggled her massive fingers as the door locked and boards grew on the windows as she cackled triumphantly.
Laura(Sticking her tongue out at Wally) Nah nah nah nah nah nahhhhh now there's no way out and The Big Badolescent is going to teach you a lesson.
After Laura said this another boy fell into the dream as Wally was relieved to see him and so was Laura as she grabbed him in her massive hands.
Laura: You want be my dolly John you're too cute to be a dolly, I'm making you my boyfriend and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Laura's big lips moved towards John as he screamed and they wrapped around his lips kissing him as her tongue lashed into his mouth and there were hearts in his eyes.
Laura(Kissing John again) And just to make sure you never forget me I'll kiss you a second time and we'll be soulmates forever.
Wally ran at Laura as her big leg came out tripping him and she cackled placing John on the bed and the weird look came on her face as she became Laura Limpin again.
Laura: Now as I said little sister stay still, no squirming, moving, pouting, crying, or begging because The Big Badolescent just came out and she just might again.
Wally hated being Laura's prisoner and when he saw no way out he laid down as Laura took the underwear and slipped them on over Wally's legs as they became brown Laura's family's color and smaller.
Laura: Goodie you're already becoming a small three year old, and like I said I'd love to see you control The Big Badolescent at three because that's when she came out the most when I was three and threw tantrums.
The socks were next as Wally's feet shrank and becoming as brown as his legs as Laura cackled knowing she had him right where she wanted him
Wally: But if you make a little sister I'll get all the attention is that what you want?
Laura: Yea and you're getting more attention now because you're two tomorrow is you're birthday where The Big Badolescent is introduced to you he, he, he, he, heeee.
Wally grew more fearful as the yellow shirt was forced over the top of him and Laura smiled having an early gift for Wally.
Laura: And my gift to you little sister is in two parts, one you'll meet The Big Badolescent tonight and not get much sleep due to the pain of being her, and you'll share a room with your big sister so ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, and another ha.
Wally shrieked in fear as he grew into the yellow shirt his hands, arms, chest, and stomach becoming smaller and brown.
Laura: You're going to love my presents, and I'll be rid of The Big Badolescent sooner than I thought.
Wally tried snapping his eyes awake but knew without his daily Study Hall nap he wasn't going to be able to wake up.
Laura: Now for the jumper it's my favoritest thing to wear ever, and you'll love it too then we need to have you fitted for A Big Badolescent suit like mine with an A on it.
Wally: Please don't do this I'm not as strong as you I can't control The Big Badolescent as good as you can.
Laura(Giggling) I knew that girl's are stronger than boys duhhhhhhhhhhhh, I just want to see you in pain for hurting me by banishing me from The KND.
Wally: But I wasn't the only one John did too, and so did Paul, Richard, Marcus, and Nigel.
Laura: I'm making Nigel from a dolly to my slave, he'll do everything for me for banishing me, and you also never helped me.
Before he could reply the jumper was thrown over Wally as he screamed and it molded to his body making him younger and smaller.
Laura(Unbuckling the Mary Janes) Next are the shoes and these will go perfect with your teeny, tiny, little feet munchkined sister.
Wally could feel girlish urges inside of him as Laura was in his head taking away all the boy thoughts and replacing them with girl thoughts.
Laura(Forcing the shoes on Wally's feet) See they fit perfect now to do you're hair, get these glasses on you, and then it's The Big Badolescent ahoy little sis.
Wally tried squirming as Laura got the weird look on her face and Wally screamed in fear as he stopped squirming and Laura giggled.
Laura: Soon I won't be able to scare people with The Big Badolescent anymore but you will, and you'll collect souls from dreamworld like me.
Laura got a brush as she forced it through Wally's blonde hair forgetting to mention there was a brown hair on the bush with Laura's DNA on it as she giggled.
Wally: John come on man help me, I mean she isn't even that cute and you're shrinking down to a seven year old from a thirteen year old as we speak.
Wally's hair became dark brown and longer as Laura made two ponytails and put the hairties in them and he could see that soon he was going to be another Laura.
Laura(Picking up her glasses) There we are now you're me as a three year old but something is still missing, ohhhhhhhhhh yea time for the exchange.
Laura cackled loudly forcing the suit she wore at the Delightful Children From Down The Lanes birthday party on Wally and he screamed in pain.
Laura(Raising her arms) By the power of God I call upon thee make my alter ego leave me and go into my newly acquired little sister.
A light shot from the sky as if God heard Laura and she grinned pulling Wally to one end of the new light and she took the other continuing her ritual.
Laura: By the power of Earth I call upon thee and ask that you make my new sister Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd become my alter ego The Big Badolescent.
Wally screamed as the light hit him and Laura cackled not finished with the ritual yet.
Laura: And lastly from the power of hell I beg that Wally can never be rid of The Big Badolescent and that he become the newest edition to the Limpin family.
Lights shot at Wally from everywhere as a growling was heard inside of Laura as The Big Badolescent left her and settled inside of Wally as she cackled triumphantly.
Laura: Have fun with her Wally I sure did, now to make Nigel from a dolly to my slave and all will be right in reality again he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Wally moaned as the lights left him and he saw he was a little girl and he had a bed with his new name on it next in Laura's room as she giggled at her Nigel dolly.
Laura(Wiggling her fingers) You said you'd save Wally Nigel, let's see how much you saved him shall we?
Wally screamed painfully as Nigel was brought back in human form and saw it was too late to save Wally and Laura's eyes swirled into his.
Laura: Now you will do whatever I say Nigel and the first thing I want you to do is rub my aching feet.
The rest of the agents became real again as Laura hated losing her dollies but knew Wally would take care of them as The Big Badolescent.
Wally got the same strange look Laura got when she was The Big Badolescent and she screamed with laughter as Wally grew huge and all the agents gulped and stared in fright.
Laura: Meet my new sister and her new powers, I gave her The Big Badolescent because I have enough dreampowers and I'm always one to share.
Wally: Dollies my sissy wants her dollies, dollies, dollies, dollies, dollies.
Before the agents knew what was happening Joey and the rest of them became dolls again and were thrown in the plastic case excluding Nigel who was waiting for Laura to kick her shoes off.
Laura: Now what are you going to do Nigel?, I have John as my boyfriend, Wally as my sister and The Big Badolescent, and you as my slave, I think tomorrow I'll put my application back into the KND for agent training with my sister too.
Nigel looked scared as Laura giggled kicking her Mary Janes off purposely hitting him and placing her stinky socks under his nose and he passed out.
Laura: I lose more slaves that way he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Tommy Gilligan knew what was up as he like Joey tried sneaking up on Wally with a tranquilizer gun but not knowing that Wally was still The Big Badolescent because he couldn't control her.
Tommy(Loading his gun) I hate to do this Wally but the world must be free from this monstrosity.
Wally grabbed him as Tommy screamed and the gun was broke in two by Wally as he hugged Tommy and Tommy grew short of breath and started growing fur and glass eyes.
Laura: Meet The Big Badolescents teddy The Big Teddylescent he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
Tommy let out a final scream as Wally got a weird look on his face and became small, cute, sweet, and the newest edition to the Limpin family once again.
Laura: Get some sleep little sis tomorrow's a big day for you because you're turning three and you'll have a monster inside of you ready to show the party guests.
Wally like he was Laura's puppet grabbed Tommy the new teddy from the floor and hugged him tight closing his eyes as Laura's parents came upstairs to tuck them both in.
Laura: No more Big Badolescent for me mommy and daddy, I gave it to the boy I made into my little sister because I have enough dreampowers and am good at sharing.
Mr. Limpin: Good job munchkin and I'm glad you aren't The Big Badolescent anymore, that boy who won't let you into his club deserves her.
Laura: He got everything he deserved and so did the other one I made him my slave.
Mrs. Limpin(Kissing Wally) Gooding Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd, and good luck controlling the person your sister gave you.
Wally: Mommy this person's scary I don't want her anymore.
Mrs. Limpin: You should have thought of that when you were a boy and wouldn't let your sister play in your club.
Wally: But I was a boy then and I didn't know how strong she was and what she would do if she found me.
Mrs. Limpin: You'll keep The Big Badolescent forever, at least I think that's what your sister was babbling on about up here.
Laura(Nodding) Yep and now you have to deal with her just like I did little sister.
Mr. Limpin(Kissing Laura's forehead) Goodnight my little glow worm and I'm glad you found a way to get even with this boy.
Laura(Yawning) Yea me too but revenge really takes a lot out of you, unless it was me getting rid of the Big Badolescent that made me so tired.
Mrs. Limpin: I think it was both, now goodnight my two princesses.
The door closed as Laura's eyes became evil and made John lay next to her as he became a life sized teddy.
Laura: I'm just not ready to date yet and little sis good luck sleeping he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Wally's eyes grew fearful as more girly urges wrestled with him and The Big Badolescent cackled deeply from inside his stomach and Laura giggled knowing she was finally going to beat Wally like she wanted to for so long.
What happens next read part two Wally's last stand and reply to part 1
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