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Lizzie's New Daughter

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Mushi's not very happy with Hoagie in this introduction and she has a plan to show him

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Hoagie was running down a dark hall as he was being chased by a girl that wanted nothing more than revenge for what he did to her.
Hoagie(Panting) I- never- should- have- got- her- grounded- for- a- century- she's- gained- speed- in- all- of- this- grounding.
The little girl cackled as Hoagie reached a dead end and as the little girl came out of the shadows we see that it's Mushi Sanban.
Mushi(Shaking her head) Hoagie, Hoagie, Hoagie do you have any clue what you did to yourself?.
Hoagie: Look Mushi I'm sorry about all the things you've had to endure this century but it wasn't my fault you stole the rainbow monkey.
Mushi: You shouldn't have played detective Hoagie it's not your best game or you wouldn't have fallen asleep.
Mushi giggled taking her purple sweatshirt off as face after face screaming in pain was on Mushi's tummy and she cackled at Hoagie.
Mushi: Their my souls and you're about to join them Gilligan, but no worries I'm not going to kill you I'm making you my boyfriend so hah.
Hoagie shoved past Mushi and ran off as her eyes became red with evil and she chased him down the hall gaining on him every second.
Mushi: You'll have to be faster than that slowpoke, I've been training for a century and now it's time for you to pay the piper which is me.
Hoagie: But you stole the Rainbow monkey not me so why should I be tortured?
Mushi(Filing her nails) Because it's your fault I got caught, you just couldn't leave well enough alone Hoagie.
Hoagie: My brother Tommy's your age, so's Joey Beatles why does it have to be me that get's tortured?
Mushi(Locking eyes with Hoagie) Are you really that dumb?, I explained why it has to be you about three times already Mr. Detective.
Hoagie: All right I get it playing detective was wrong, but it wasn't right for you to steal Kuki's rainbow monkey either.
Mushi(Applying lip gloss) You just be ready to taste your doom, it comes in the form of grape, grape popsicle, grape Kool-Aid, and grape Jolly rancher.
Mushi giggled as she applied the lip gloss and then pocketed it as she puckered her lips at Hoagie.
Mushi: Any last words before you become a girl crazed four year old in love with me?
Hoagie(Pulling out a bubble gum gun) Yea you're about to meet a sticky demise.
Hoagie shot the gun as Mushi got covered in bubble gum and he ran off in hopes to get away before he angered Mushi too much.
Mushi(Screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it got in my hair and you're going to pay for that, my mommy's going to kill me.
Hoagie snickered as he ran to the exit door to find that it was locked and a little boy was looking up at Hoagie with hopeful eyes.
Boy: Are you here to save me or are you going to let her catch me like she did the rest of my friends?
Hoagie(Getting on the floor) Hop on kid I'm getting you out of here, now let's see if we can find a key to open this door shall we?
Boy(Shivering) She has it and I'm not going after her so you can leave me here while you go looking for doom.
Hoagie shrugged it off and ran up the stairs as bubble gum met his feet and he was stuck on the stairs as Mushi giggled and grinned down at Hoagie and the other boy.
Mushi(Pulling gum out of her hair) Hoagie I think it's time I taught you the use of bubble gum, like my mommy taught me a long time ago.
Hoagie(Laughing) I thought it was for pissing little girls like you off, I mean look at you you're a human bubble ha, ha, ha.
Mushi(Grabbing Hoagie) No it's for chewing and for being a meanie I'm going to make sure we never lose track of each other ever again.
The little boy ran off as Mushi opened the door for him and he was back in his bed with no friends as her eyes locked with Hoagie's.
Mushi: You're not so lucky to be able to run away Hoagie, you got me grounded, made me a sticky mess, and lost me a soul but I will gain one.
Hoagie screamed as Mushi's lips neared him and reached his lips as she cackled puckering up and kissing him as Hoagie started shrinking.
Mushi(Smiling) I call to the powers of Heaven to the pits of hell make this boy my boyfriend until we're old enough to be married, then make him marry me.
Hoagie screamed as purple and pink smoke surrounded him and Mushi cackled seeing she beat him this time.
Mushi: I call to the angels and the devils make this boy obsess over me for all time.
More smoke erupted from the floorboards as in reality we see Hoagie getting smaller, and thinner as Mushi cackled.
Mushi: I call to the earth and all the planets align and make this boy never forget who I am ever again.
Millions of colorful lights surrounded Mushi as she giggled and kneeled on Hoagie grinning evilly at him.
Mushi: I call to the world and ask it to make Hoagie Gilligan and I become soulmates for all time.
The lights surrounding Mushi shot at Hoagie as she kissed him again and reality Hoagie and Dream Hoagie were both four and Mushi was an inch taller than him.
Mushi(Brushing herself off) Now new boyfriend there are rules you need to learn, rule one I'm the boss and your to do whatever I ask.
Hoagie shook his head no as Mushi batted her blue eyes at Hoagie and then kissed him as he screamed but they were cut short as hearts grew in them.
Mushi: Rule two kissing is a must we'll do it all the time and hold hands too that's what good boyfriends and girlfriends do.
Hoagie couldn't fight Mushi's silly rules as she knew it cackling and placing her foot on his chest.
Mushi(Getting nose to nose with Hoagie) Rule three those puppy pajama's your mommy spent a long sleepless night working on is now your only wardrobe.
Hoagie screamed fearfully as his teen clothes dropped to the floor and he grew into fuzzy puppy pajama's intact with puppy paws and a working tail. Mushi: Rule 4 any violation to these rules is a cause for making you my little brother, then I can blame everything on you so you choose.
Hoagie knew how the big brother/sister little brother/sister worked and he groaned as he puckered his lips and Mushi kissed him giggling
Mushi: I knew you'd see things my way eventually, I mean sooner or later you were going have to anyways cutie pie.
Hoagie: Sweetie If I'm your boyfriend than what are we going to do with Tommy my brother and Joey Wally's brother?
Mushi(Smiling evilly) You leave those two to me, you just deal with loving me forever and ever.
Hoagie hugged and kissed Mushi as she could feel power rising inside of her and knew she finally had Hoagie right where she wanted his tattling butt.
Meanwhile Mushi dragged Hoagie to a graveyard and they stopped at a girl named Lizzie Gordon's grave as Mushi giggled knowing Tommy was doomed.
Mushi: I call to the angels and the devils resurrect this evil babysitter and show her the path to being devious, angry, vengeful, and want a little girl.
Mushi poked her finger with a thorn on Lizzie's grave and splashed the blood on the gravestone as it split in half and the ground shook.
Mushi: Tommy will have his work cut out for him with this little number, it's his fault she died and she's going to show him what happens when she comes back.
Bones reconstructed themselves under Lizzie's casket as laughter rang throughout the night both Mushi and Lizzie's as Hoagie just watched.
Mushi: Marvel in it Hoges this is your little or should I say now big brother's nightmare vixen just like I am to you except without the nightmares on my part.
Hoagie saw the casket open by Mushi and veins and a heart appeared on Lizzie pumping blood into her body.
Mushi: She's the evilest babysitter there is and Tommy seems like he needs a step in the right direction babysitter wise.
Hoagie liked the sound of Tommy becoming tortured by Lizzie and becoming her daughter as he smirked and Mushi kissed him with grape passion lips.
Mushi: That's more like it now let's see just how big the skin grows onto Lizzie shall we?
Lizzie's skin grew all over her body as a yellow sweater, a blue skirt, blue hairties, glasses, white high tops, white socks, brown hair, and an evil smile grew on the skin.
Mushi: I present to you Lizzie Devine or Elizabeth Lauren Gordon to her clients, now for her payment.
Mushi slid a backpack to Lizzie that held millions of dollars as her eyes grew dollar signs and Mushi knew she had Lizzie where she wanted her.
Mushi: Here's the deal Lizzie, do whatever you can to become Tommy Gilligan's babysitter, then you can be his mommy if you catch my drift.
Lizzie(Hugging Mushi and Hoagie) Are you kidding I'll do whatever you want seeing you saved me from the troubles of being gone forever.
Mushi(Filing her nails and blowing on them) Good because I want to see that meanie brother slither in pain for not saving his big brother.
Lizzie(Packing a backpack) I'm going to need Nigel Uno's address first, he's going to become undies for my little girl for watching me die.
Mushi cackled happy to have the old Lizzie back as she slid a paper with all of the agents names on them and addresses.
Lizzie: If I can' have Nigel I'm sure Rachel can, he has a little brother ripe for training agent in the KND, he may not see another day again.
Lizzie cackled as both Nigel and his little brother Jackson fell asleep and Jackson was targeted by Lizzie as she grinned becoming a mass of smoke and getting into Jackson's head.
Lizzie: Jackson Uno time to meet my needle, thread, and powers that you'll never understand.
Lizzie threw the backpack on the ground and smiled down at Jackson and she crawled into bed next to him hoping to wake him or Nigel up.
Nigel shot up seeing the lump in Jackson's bed as Lizzie giggled and stapled Jackson's blanket closed as Nigel tried lifting it and saw Lizzie's true strength.
Lizzie: Sorry Nigey but we're through, but Jackson and I are just beginning so have fun watching him turn into a piece of clothing.
Jackson screamed in his bed as he saw there was no way out and Lizzie grinned closing her eyes using her imagination on Jackson.
Lizzie: Fell my imagination Jackson, Nigey always said it wouldn't take me anywhere but right now it looks like it's working.
Nigel(Screaming) Jackson use your imagination against her, it's the only way to stop her you have to imagine like there's no tomorrow.
Jackson felt himself growing smaller and rounder as Lizzie cackled scrunching her eyes tighter making him grow pink material for skin.
Lizzie: This is what you get for helping Nigel kill me, Nigel will get his by Rachel but he'll never see it coming.
Nigel gulped at this as Lizzie placed her massive arm over Jackson's neck taking all the air out of him and a skeleton remained as Lizzie lifted the blankets cackling.
Lizzie(Skipping off) Well Nigey sweet dreams, or should I say sweet nightmares I took your brother and Rachel has plans for you.
Lizzie giggled as Jackson's soul shot into the underwear and she neatly folded them and placed them into the backpack.
Lizzie: You'll serve your purpose sooner than you think undies he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
What happens when Lizzie targets Tommy read part 2 Lizzie's New Daughter to find out
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