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Haley's Revenge

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Haley Long has had it with her older brother and now she has the greatest evil plan to get even with him

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Haley Long cackled as she looked into her crystal ball and saw a boy running down a dark alley with a necklace that would seal his and her brother Jake's fate and she couldn't help but giggle her head off.
Haley: That was almost too easy once John comes like a good puppy he is he'll be a puppy literally, a Pomeranian named Clover to be exact he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeee.
John Ward heard alarms piercing the night from the museum and flashing red and blue lights flooded the alleys as he jumped fences to dodge them.
John: Must get to Haley, must get this necklace to Haley only she can use it.
Police officer: Hey you come quietly and there doesn't need to be any trouble.
John dashed off as Jake heard the commotion and thought he should try to talk to John himself.
Jake: Dragon up, let's see how he deals with the American Dragon Jake Long.
Jake became a big red dragon and flew to the scene as John dashed off and Jake flew after him hoping to get the necklace and John's source all in one sitting.
John: Have to hurry, Haley's waiting and we must not keep her waiting.
Jake: Kid where do you think you're going with that necklace.
John quickly turned jumping because of Jake's form and the necklace glowed blue and ice surrounded Jake as Haley stepped from a side alley giggling and clapping her hands.
Haley: John I've got to say you are a very valuable asset to my organization and for being so loyal you deserve a treat just like a cute puppy gets when their good.
John handed the necklace to Haley and Jake suddenly saw what the necklace was for as she put it on and she rose in mid air with colorful lights shooting into John.
Haley(Cackling) All right John now be loyal you know all puppies are and by the look of those paws you're becoming a puppy.
John looked down as he saw Haley was right and he grew brown fur with pink paws and a stubby tail wagging it happily.
Haley: See loyal's get the royal treatment from me, now let's see what fighters get shall we?
Haley's fire breath melted the ice Jake was in as she ran off and Jake flew off to find her hoping it wasn't too late to save John's body.
Jake: He was only half dog when Haley got to him maybe I can save him from being a full bodied dog for Haley.
Haley giggled as Jake flew towards the giggle not knowing he was sealing his fate.
Haley: All right Jakey come to Haley, saving John is impossible he's growing whiskers as we speak.
John could feel himself becoming Haley's loyal puppy as she pet his head giggling.
Haley: Looks like Jake is losing you John, once he get's here you'll be a full fledged Pomeranian named Clover with a diamond studded collar and everything.
Jake flew to the sound of Haley's voice as fur surrounded John and he grew a small black nose barking happily at Haley.
Haley: Good Clover now sit and be a good girl while I tie up some loose ends with my brother.
Jake took his human form as Haley tossed a treat to John who gobbled it and went in the corner to lay down.
Haley: Pretty loyal huh?, I'll be sure to reward Clover with a comfy bed as soon as I do away with you.
Jake: Haley stop talking crazy what can you possibly do to me I'm the American Dragon and you're just an apprentice to Grandpa like I was once.
Haley: Yea the only thing different is Grandpa see's a lot of promise in me whereas you well he made you work for years and me I graduated to full fledged dragon today.
Jake ran at Haley as she grabbed him and pinned him against the wall blowing dragon breath in his face and his head drooped.
Haley(Dragging Jake away) You don't deserve to share a room with my Clover yet Jakey but you will in due time.
Haley blinked and a door in front of you opened as she skipped up pulling Jake with her pictures of young Haley drawn, taken, and imagined up were plastered all over the walls.
Haley: Now to get him in the tub and clean him up because he needs a good scrubbing and he'll get it.
Haley grabbed light purple underwear, a pink nightgown, a fuzzy Marigold towel and little dragon slippers giggling as the underwear and nightgown were also made for a little dragon.
Haley: When I'm done you'll be the perfect little sister ever, a mini me if you will and run you ragged from ballet classes to gymnastics like I had to take.
Jake moaned as Haley giggled leading Clover to the foot of Haley's bed and Clover stretched and settled down on it as Jake slowly opened his eyes.
Haley: Well look who's up and just in time, we need to clean you then you'll suffer a nightmare all boys have.
Jake: What're you going to do give me cooties ohhhhhhhhhh I'm real scared.
Haley: Dragon up.
Haley took the form of an enormous pink dragon and her eyes met Jake's as she grinned.
Haley: You'll be perfect Jake just perfect, now let's get you into the tub shall we?
Haley's tail inched around Jake's stomach as he was picked up and he started pounding on Haley as she giggled.
Jake(Struggling) Dragon-
That was all he could say as Haley's tail engulfed his mouth and she cackled leading Jake to the tub.
Haley: Naughty, naughty Jake you need to learn to not steal another person's thunder.
Purple, light blue, marigold, pink, and glitter colored the bubbles as Jake wondered how she got glitter bubbles and Haley could read his mind.
Haley: I got them at Bath and Body Works cool huh?, their called dream bubbles and well their supposed to make every girl's dreams come true so we'll see.
Jake shrank in the tub as Haley and Jake's mom walked up handing Haley more of her clothes she wore when she was three including her dance and gymnastics costumes.
Haley: Perfect thanks mom now I'm going to have a sister and nobody can stop me this time.
A boy ran into the Long's house determined to save Jake from becoming Haley's sister as she sensed this and giggled getting dressed up in her sundress white shirt with pink overshirt and sandals giggling.
Jake(Weak) Why- are- you- doing- this- Haley?, I- mean- I'm- your- brother.
Haley(Giggling and thrusting Jake a magazine) Haven't you heard sister's are the new brothers.
Jake shrank even more as Haley giggled enjoying seeing Jake in his worst nightmare.
Jake(Popping the dream bubbles) These dream bubbles aren't working.
Haley(Shaking her head) Jake, Jake, Jake I told you their for girl's not boys, you'll learn to listen when you're a little girl.
Jake screamed as he grew a small tummy, legs, feet, and Fingers and toes as Haley knew his chest and butt were coming next.
Haley(Pouring more dream bubbles in) Glittery things and girls go together like bread and butter.
Jake: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm having girl thoughts.
Haley: Princess's, tea parties, stuffed animals, kittens, puppies, and being smart in school for thought Jake, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa.
Jake's chest and butt formed until they were small and Haley giggled finally being able to overshadow him as he gulped.
Haley: Now you know why I was scared of you when I was smaller than you Jake, you looked bigger than me and that was scary to me.
Jake(Gulping) S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sure Hale whatever you want you got it, just turn me back.
Haley(Cackling deeply) Turn you back I think not, I'm bigger, stronger, cuter, and altogether smarter than you and that's how I'm going to stay.
Jake(Whining) B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but you can't keep me like this you're not being fair.
Haley(Tickling Jake's tummy) You're not fair either Jake, you had a chance to get to know me but you chose not to.
Jake: I'll get to know you Hale just turn me back I promise I'll get to know you.
Haley: Hah hah very funny Jake but I don't buy broken promises.
Jake gulped as Haley's shadow covered him and she poured more dream bubbles into the tub.
Boy: I'm here to save the day Jake let's see her fight me the dream master.
Haley slowly inched herself to the boy sure to swing her hips and shake her butt and show cleavage in true flirty girl style.
Haley(Grabbing the boy's chin and making his eyes meet hers) All righty boy why don't you let me keep Jake and you can have me as a girlfriend.
Jake(Screaming) Lee don't fall for that she's flirting so you won't save me.
Haley(Wrapping her hands around John) Now would a sweet, cute, pretty, girl like me do that to you?
Lee was hypnotized by Haley as she slowly inched her lips towards him puckering up as Lee did the same and they kissed as Jake saw Lee failing.
Haley(Pulling from him) See now would a girlfriend like me get Jake hurt?
Lee: No I guess not Hale, I'll leave you to your work with Jake.
Haley(Kissing Lee) That's my boy now tomorrow I expect you to come with Lilacs their my favorite flowers, with chocolate covered cherries.
Lee nodded stumbling from the bathroom as Haley cackled at Lee's love for her.
Haley: I think I like flirty Haley a lot better than I like powerful Haley.
Jake: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh somebody please save me from my fate.
Haley: I hope it's another boy because Clover's lonely without a boyfriend which is my next mission.
Jake grew long black hair as Haley grinned pushing him deeper into the tub as he mumbled thanks to the water surrounding his mouth.
Haley: I couldn't quite catch that Jake what were you saying?
Jake: I said good luck making mom and dad forget me.
Haley held a smile of pride as she handed him a letter confirming his mom and dad put him under Haley's care.
Haley: I don't want a daughter yet so I'll turn you into a little girl me to be exact, and when I want a daughter I'll just make you a newborn and take you home with me Jakey.
Jake saw Haley grow bigger as she launched her hands onto him pushing him deeper as he saw visions of small Haley surrounding his memories.
Haley: Ha ha Jake now my memories are in you and you're too weak to resist me as a three year old.
Jake grew glittery finger and toenails and knew they were from one the dream bubbles and two Haley's makeup kit when she was a little girl.
Haley: Ohhhhhhhhhh glitter I have to say you overdid it Jake but so do I, I'm called glitter queen at my school.
Jake: I hate you Hale no matter if I'm a girl or a boy I'll always hate you.
Haley(Chuckling) Sisters have a certain bond Jakey, you can hate me all you want as a boy but as a girl I’m a hero to you a hero.
Haley's eyes swirled and became colorful like they were with Lee as Jake became hypnotized and Haley grinned.
Haley(Beaming) Boy's you gotta love them their weaker than weak and easy to manipulate into falling for you.
Jake: You'll be my hero as a girl.
Haley: Good now let's get you pruny and puny and then you can idolize me.
Jake laid back into the tub as he shrank even more and Haley giggled seeing lipstick smeared on his lips and mascara painted across his eyes.
Haley(Dancing around the tub) You're gonna be a sister, you're gonna be a sister, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Jake giggled as Haley heard her sweet angelic giggle in his and she beamed seeing his body mold into hers at three.
Haley(Grabbing the marigold towel) Bath's done now get out Jakey tomorrow is a new day of sister making for me, you'll also become a little dragon the color I don't know just yet.
Like a puppet Jake got out of the tub and was surrounded by marigold as Haley giggled seeing him hop trying to see his reflection.
Haley(Lifting Jake up) See you're losing and I'm winning, now get sleep tomorrow is dance class Star and I'm going to run you ragged you little tike.
Jake gulped as Haley got an evil expression in her eyes and she grabbed the clothes leading Jake to his new room which was her room when she was little.
Haley(Tucking Jake under Powerpuff Girl blankets) Dream of them munchkin I loved them as a kid and still do, now so will you.
Jake saw the complete Powerpuff Girl series in a box set as Haley grinned sticking disc one into a TV DVD combo and pushed play then laid next to him.
Haley: Sleep tight sis now let's get you changed munchy.
Haley put the purple underwear over Jake's bottom as she saw him sprouting a tail and she cackled seeing purple scales on Jake.
Haley(Spreading out the nightgown) see you're already taking a dragon form Jakey, now let's get this nightgown on you.
Jake put his arm's which were full of purple dragon scales and he gasped as Haley giggled seeing her reaction when she saw dragon scales on herself when she was three in Jake.
Haley(Pulling the nightgown over Jake) Taduh now let's watch the PPG's until you pass out munchkin, then I have to work a routine out for you and I tomorrow.
Jake: Wouldn't you rather watch cartoons tomorrow I mean tomorrow is Saturday after all.
Haley9Tickling Jake's feet) Yep meaning PPG marathon but that's after dance and gymnastics I mean you own the whole season now after all.
Jake shivered as Blossom met his eyes as the blankets that fell over him were all of her in different poses and faces as Haley cackled at him.
Haley: Meet Blossom the smartest, prettiest, and bossiest Powerpuff her being the leader of them and all.
Jake: I don't care about her.
Haley stretched her fingers out as Bubbles met him next by herself on the blanket in different poses and facial expressions.
Haley(Giggling) My favorite Powerpuff Bubbles the Bubbly, cute, flirty one of the group and I think she suits you nicely.
Jake: Next stupid super girl.
Haley stretched her feet as they became dragon feet and Buttercup the last Powerpuff met Jake along in different poses and faces.
Haley: Buttercup the toughest Powerpuff but as we see in episodes she's only tough when she has her special blankie.
Jake shook his head as Haley giggled seeing that she was going to have to decorate Jake's room herself as Jake saw Blossom meet his blankets, walls, shelves, stuffed animals, toys, books, walls, sheets, even his TV and lamp turned into Blossom as did other PJ's hanging in his closet and all his clothes showed Blossom's either in full body or just her face with red glitter for her suit and hair.
Haley(Stretching her arms giggling) Do you like it Jakey?, if not than tough because I like Bubbles and Buttercup's just not a Star Long Powerpuff, and as I said no bubbles decorations for you because I like Bubbles not you.
Jake also saw Blossom covering his curtains, rugs, extra bed sheets and blankets, underwear, socks, and play clothes as Haley giggled at Jake.
Haley: Boy when you obsess Jakey you obsess strong just like your sissy, now if you want a Bubbles obsession you should see my room.
Jake also found a life sized Blossom on his bed next to him as Haley grabbed it and pushed it into his arms as Jake grew as small as he could and was three as Haley's eyes were full of evil and happiness.
Haley: Tomorrow's a new day, I hope you like Blossom because tomorrow your leotards for dance and gymnastics are Blossomified if that's even a word.
Jake saw Blossom as his eyes lit up and Haley saw the same obsession she had for Bubbles in Jake's eyes.
Haley(Walking out) Nighty night Jake, and good luck turning the PPG's off because I tucked you in tighter than tight.
Jake tried moving as Blossom made the scene and Jake was mesmerized by her as Haley gently closed the door and giggled seeing Jake obsess over a Powerpuff
Haley(Walking into her room) All right Bubbles let's meet, and also we need to work a routine into the mix tomorrow.
A life sized Bubbles met Haley as she laid in her bed and pressed play on her DVD player and PPG's met Haley.
Haley: Tomorrow Jake everything changes starting with Blossom and ending with Blossom he, he, he, he, heeeeee.
What happens the next day read part 2 Dance and Gymnastics practice for Star and reply to part 1
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