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Fanny's Triumphant Return

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Fanny Fullbright has decided to make a name for herself in peoples nightmares

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Nigel Uno was happy these days because he thought that Fanny Fullbright his nightmare monster was gone at least he thought she was.
Nigel(Flopping down on his bed) No more nightmares of living with Fanny, her becoming my mother, or her becoming my wife/ girlfriend life couldn't be any sweeter.
As soon as Nigel closes his eyes we're brought to a graveyard where Fanny Fullbright's bones resided and they were reconstructing themselves.
Fanny's POV: Look out Nigel Uno because I'm coming for you and this time nothing's stopping me from taking your sweet little soul.
Nigel slowly turned in his bed moaning as Fanny's cackle erupted into his room and a heart was making blood flow into her skeleton.
Fanny's POV: This time will be different Nigel, now I can live forever and it's about time I took you from your cushy life.
Veins and muscles bulged on Fanny's arms and stomach as her eyes snapped open her evil laughter rising into the dark night.
Nigel on the other hand was half asleep and had no idea that his nightmare of being Fanny's plaything was going to come true.
Skin formed as did a purple bra and panties as Fanny stood up grinning and laughing evilly.
Fanny: Time to call upon my friend Nigel Uno, it looks like he'll be here any second.
Nigel gently closed his eyes as a black hole swallowed him up making him fall into the graveyard where Fanny was waiting for him.
Fanny(Stretching) Man it feels great to be back Uno, I mean I've been gone for what seems like an eternity and here you are sleeping on waterbeds and breaking hearts all over the place.
Nigel went to run as skeletons guarded the only exit from the place as Nigel gulped and Fanny grinned with a purple backpack slung across her back.
Fanny: Seems to me like there's two choices, one you go and try fighting my legion of the undead, or two you become my sister and I raise you the same way I was raised Uno.
Nigel: I have a third option Fullbright and it comes in the form of me beating your ass again just like last time.
Fanny: Go ahead and try it Uno I've been granted eternal life and that makes me hard to beat.
Nigel ran at Fanny as she smiled and lifted him easily resting him onto a headstone.
Fanny: Lucky for us my inner child and newborn soul is buried deep inside me, not so lucky for you this graveyard happens to be the backdrop for something more.
Nigel(Gulping) Something more?
Fanny: Oh yes I need the graveyard to resurrect myself plus my baby sister munchkin face, we just need to find another boy to play in my dangerous game of cat and mouse.
Wally Beatles fell into the graveyard as Fanny rubbed her palms together with an evil look in her eyes.
Fanny: This couldn't be more perfect I mean we practically sound the same don't we Nigel?, I've been blessed by the Gods of hell.
Fanny's arms came up spraying Wally with green, stinky, swirling, smoke as he fainted and Fanny grinned carrying him to the next headstone.
Fanny: Not to worry Uno this procedure should take but a few seconds and when it's done your going to be the cutest munchkin in nightmare world and reality.
Nigel's eyes became filled with fear as Fanny's lips neared his cheek and he could already feel weakness going into him.
Fanny: Now once I kiss your cheek your going to be a little girl, and that leaves me to make Wally me so any last words?
Nigel(Weak) Yea- I'll- see- you- in- hell.
Fanny(Kissing his cheek and laughing) Tell em Fanny sent ya, and tell the devil hi for me.
Nigel shrank as Fanny cackled and forced purple booties on his feet her eyes flaming with evil as she also forced a purple onesie, a plaid dress, a diaper, and some purple bows in his now flaming orange hair.
Fanny: Welcome to the corner of pay and back Uno, now you have to live with fear for a good eighteen years before you can leave and live your own life.
Nigel was handed a rattle as Fanny walked up to Wally with a grin a mile wide on her face.
Fanny: Looks like your life is taking a turn for the worse Wallabee, because your the lucky one who's going to become preteen Fanny with a little sister named Lillian.
A necklace swung back and forth on Fanny as it turned red coloring the sky along with it as Fanny body, soul, and all jumped into Wally's body as he moaned and Fanny giggled girlishly.
Fanny: Being a teenager is so boring so seven is I believe where preteens start and seven is what I'll be.
Wally quickly jumped up seeing a green sweater, an orange skirt, long red hair, freckles all over his face, big brown boots, and plaid underwear with a white training bra.
Fanny(Smirking) Just think Beatles your going to be praised by everyone as the boy who brought fear back into the boys of the KND, and you won't have to deal with my flirtatious come ons anymore.
Wally winced in pain as the underwear became just Fanny's size and the bra disappeared being replaced with an undershirt as preteen Fanny was making her appearance inside of Wally.
Fanny: You little pukes thought you could forget about me and keep me at bay, well here's the deal you thought wrong because now I can't die and the boys of the KND are doomed to live under their own fears of me forever.
Wally screamed again as his nails turned from boy nails to sparkly purple girl's nails and Fanny's triumphant laugh echoed throughout his head as she picked Nigel up.
Fanny(Grinning) Come on Lilly I'll show you all the tricks of the trade, and also how to hate boys just like your big sister.
Nigel cooed and rubbed his head against Fanny's as she rubbed her head against his and a white force shot into her body.
Fanny(Rubbing her stomach) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm agent souls can't get enough of em he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Wally was able to fight back as his once green sweater and skirt turned back to blue jeans and an orange hoodie as Nigel smiled burping up green smoke into Wally's face.
Fanny's POV: Beatles you should know that Fullbright sisters always stick together, you may think he's Nigel but that's impossible because I have his soul.
Wally moaned as Fanny made a comeback Wally's Kangaroo undies once again becoming plaid and the undershirt making it's second appearance.
Fanny(Spinning around) I dunno I think your body makes me look festive what do you think Beatles?
Wally moaned in pain as Fanny giggled and seeing more of herself come out in Wally.
Fanny: Now I could use a bath, and then all the boys of the KND will become younger again thanks to me and my little sister.
Nigel cooed as Fanny gently rubbed his flaming red hair and Fanny's mother walked up looking like Fanny to put Nigel in his crib.
Fanny's mom: Come on Lilly it's time for bed, you'll have all day tomorrow to play with your sister.
Nigel yawned as Fanny's mother rubbed his head and he giggled as Fanny mom kissed his cheek.
Fanny: Now Wallabee I'm going to take a nice hot bath, and you well you're going to join me in a creepy sort of way.
Fanny grinned as she threw her clothes on the floor leaving them where her mother could get to them and jumped into a tub of pink, sudsy, girl smelling water.
Fanny: Comfortable hey Wally?, this is how I get my kicks kicking back in a bathtub of sweet smelling soaps.
Wally's screams were drownded out when Fanny's body touched the tub and she laughed letting the suds rise to her neck.
Fanny(Sighing) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I've been waiting an eternity to relax in a sudsy bath and it was so worth it.
Back in reality we see Joey Beatles Wally's brother trying to wake him up and Fanny wasn't having it.
Fanny(Giggling) Time for me to make an unscheduled visit to Joey Beatles' dreams.
Fanny became a mass of smoke as Joey kept shaking Wally trying to wake him up.
Joey(Shaking him) Wallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wake up I had a bad dream and I want to know if I can sleep with you?
Wally and Joey's mother walked into the room with a solemn expression on her face tucking Joey back in his bed and looking at him.
Mrs. Beatles: Joey when you have a bad dream you just have to tell yourself that's what it is while your having it, just a bad dream.
Joey(yawning) I guess your right mommy, it was just a really scary dream is all.
Mrs. Beatles shut the door as Joey closed his eyes and his blankets and sheets became Fanny's green sweater and orange skirt without him noticing.
Fanny's POV: Look out Joey Beatles your about to meet your doom, and it comes in the form of the KND boy torturer herself Fanny Abigail Fullbright.
Joey twisted and turned as his bed was becoming a full bodied Fanny and her arms slowly reached around Joey's midsection hugging him.
Fanny(Smiling) Joey Beatles looks like you qualify for the Fanny Fullbright babysitting club, it's a boys only club and they all have scared memories of me.
Joey(Groggily) Heyyyyyyyyyy who's hugging me and where did my sheets go?
Fanny(Cackling triumphantly) I am the shadow that strikes the boys hearts, I am the fear that corrupts their minds, I am the girl with all the powers, I am Fanny Abigail Fullbright.
Joey(Shivering) I heard stories about you from Wally and he says that your the worst bully to cross.
Fanny(Laying down next to Joey) He was right now let's talk about us Joey, as in you and me because I need a boyfriend and guess who the lucky duck is who's dating me?
Joey(Jumping up) This is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream.
Fanny(Inching closer to him) I always wanted to date an Aussie, I mean they have that accent that makes my heart melt and all that stuff.
Joey screamed as Fanny's lips came closer to him and Wally moaned still in his own nightmare of being Fanny.
Fanny(Puckering up) Come on Joey just one kiss is all you need to fall in love with me, I guarantee it.
Joey moaned as he started sweating and fell to the floor where Fanny's biceps shoved him down to the floor.
Fanny(Kneeling on Joey's knees) Now you can't run and I can kiss your lips all I want while your stuck here in my grasp.
Joey closed his eyes crying as Fanny grinned her body coming on top of Joey and her lips connecting with his and her tongue lashed into Joey's mouth as his eyes changed from fear to love.
Fanny(Pretending to brush a fleck of dust from herself) Now I have both of the Beatles, one stays home the other finds my body as a home.
Joey: Fanny will you be my babysitter too, I mean you said that I was going to join the babysitting club after all.
Fanny(Grinning) That's right I did, all's you have to do is sign here, here, here, here, not there, here, and here, then initial here.
Joey signed as Fanny's eyes grew evil and she sucked the love out of Joey grinning at him.
Fanny: If your becoming a client then your not going to be my boyfriend too, I learned to never mix business with pleasure.
Joey(Becoming scared) What do you mean business with pleasure?
Fanny(Rubbing his hair too hard) You'll see my little piglet you'll just have to wait and see.
Joey looked scared as Fanny walked into Wally's body and his body became a skeleton and Fanny cackled going back into the nightmare realm.
What happens to Joey read part 2 Mixing Business With Pleasure and reply to part 1
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