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Kids Next Door The College Years

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The gang's in college rated R for obvious reasons

Category: Codename: Kids Next Door - Rating: R - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Fanny,Hoagie,Kuki,Nigel,Wally - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-03-05 - Updated: 2010-03-05 - 2354 words

Hoagie, Wally, Kuki, Abby, Fanny and Rachel stared up at the big campus and saw that this was way above them, they were becoming college Freshmen.

“Wow that place has to be bigger than any school we’ve ever been to huh Nigey?” Rachel asked as Nigel could just nod and stare at the school.

“All right agents it looks like we’re going to have to split up for like a whole day, but we’ll meet up after dinner for a description of how our first day went” Nigel said running off as the other agents followed.

“Well Wally you still haven’t told her how you felt and here we are starting College and she’s engaged you stupid idiot” Wally said to himself as Kuki walked in front of him her black hair swaying in the wind.

“First day of school let’s give a shout, first day of school where we’ll learn about reading and writing and maybe math, first day of school today hip, hip horray!” Kuki screamed as a boy in a white T shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket met her at the doors.

“Aww Stevie you didn’t have to meet me but I do love the thought that you did”.

Stevie Washington was Wally’s competition for Kuki and so far Stevie was winning being her fiancé and all.

“Well you know me babe I’m just full of surprises, and what’s more surprising then a wedding date cutie?” Stevie asked handing Kuki a pile of invites as she squealed in excitement seeing the date for the wedding was her birthday.

“Cruddy goody goodie why does he have to be so smooth all the time?, I mean what does a guy have to do to get her to stare at them for awhile?” Wally asked as the rest of the students flooded to their classes.

Wally ran off and hid behind a corner of the wall as he saw Stevie and Kuki walking together.

“You better not have told anyone about my little accident Kuki, because like I said if you tell anyone there’s going to be another little accident” Stevie said his voice changing from happy to angry.

“You call hitting me every single day a little accident?, I’d hate to see what a ginoramus accident looks like you big bully” Kuki said rubbing her arms which Wally noticed had purple and blue bruises all over them.

“You know I think you and Beatles should stop hanging out too beautiful, he’s a boy and my wife will not be hanging with any boys if you get the picture”.

“If I’m so beautiful then why can’t I look at myself in the mirror anymore?, and why do you hit me?”.
Stevie laughed as Wally heard enough and emerged from his hiding spot and walked angrily up to Stevie.

“Listen pretty boy you have about three seconds to apologize to your ex fiancé or so help me God your going to hate what happens to you next” Wally said as Stevie stared at him with an evil sneer on his face.

“Your too good of a snoop for your own good Wallabee, now why don’t you run along and go learn something?, while me and my fiancé not ex fiancé but my bride to be talk some things out” Stevie said as Wally got in his face.

“Don’t hit him Wally he’s not worth the pain, I should have told everybody about his temper earlier It’s all my fault” Kuki said slumping against the nearest wall and crying.

“I noticed you were losing your peppiness Kooks so I came around to help you not knowing that king of the cruddy world over here thinks he’s marrying you” Wally said as Kuki angrily stood up and threw the invites in Stevie’s face.

“Come on Wally you can walk me to class and then we can go to lunch together later if you like, and by the way Stevie if you hadn’t figured it out yet we’re through and the weddings off” Kuki said as Wally picked up her backpack.

When Stevie was out of sight Kuki laid her head on Wally’s shoulder crying as Wally just stroked her beautiful, soft, shiny, black hair until they got to English.

“Wally how do you always come to my rescue right when I need you?, I mean who are you batman looking for the bat signal or something?”.

Wally laughed as Kuki gave a peppy laugh that Wally thought was lost with the abuse that Stevie dealt out to her.

“Actually I can feel when your in trouble, it’s like an intuition or some crud like that, my mind tells me to check on you and my body listens” Wally said as Kuki sat down and Wally chose to sit next to her.

“Good morning Freshmen and welcome to English Lit 101, first off have a pad and a paper ready then copy the notes from the board” A man said as the class slowly walked in and chose seats.

“This class is a joke everyone, I was in it last year and all’s you have to do is take notes and read take notes and read, then in the final you read this huge book and answer simple yes no questions” A boy with dark black hair said to anybody who would listen.

“Mr. Ward I’m honored you could grace us with your presence this morning, as a class veteran you would already know what to do first wouldn’t you?” The teacher asked as the dark haired boy nodded.

“For all of those who are new here which is everybody but Mr. Ward my name if professor Grant, and you can come and see me at anytime after class if you want help” the teacher said as the dark haired boy shook his shaggy head and went back to copying the board.

“John if you don’t want to be in this class then I suggests that this time you take my offer for help, that’s what landed you back here not asking for help”.

John Ward caught all the girl’s eyes except Kuki’s who was busy staring lovingly at her hero Wallabee Beatles.

“Hey Asian girl hows about giving me a glance before you start learning?, or is the blond, strong, silent, type your boyfriend?” John asked which caught Wally’s attention as Kuki looked back.

“As a matter of fact he is my boyfriend, and if you don’t watch it he’ll save me from yet anther abusive relationship I can see” Kuki said as all the girls giggled and looked at the board for the notes.

“Well pardon me Mrs. Asian but I just thought that maybe you’d like to get with someone who gee I don’t know talked back to you?” John said as Wally turned around and looked John square in the eyes.

“She said no creep, you do know what that word means don’t you, as in not going to happen, hit the road Jack, the opposite of yes, and the simplest two letter word in the English language” Wally said as Kuki hugged him and stuck her tongue out at John.

“All right take it easy Casanova it’s not like I want to date her, I just want her to notice me like the rest of the girls do”.

Kuki got down on her hands and knees bowing to John as the girl’s screamed with laughter.

“All hail king Jerk from Jerksville, how else may I serve you today king Jerk?” Kuki asked as Mr. Grant couldn’t help but laugh along with the hysterical girls.

“All right girl I get your point, not every girl is going to stare at me just half of them, and the half that stare are the girl’s I’ll talk to” John said as Kuki stood up proud of herself.

“Good now if you’ll excuse me some of us have an English Lit 101 class to ace, and some of us may repeat it for the second year”.

“You know Asian girl that hurt right here, I just may have to show you up someday”.

“Good luck with that, Kuki was Valedictorian of our High School, and she jumps every hurdle that comes her way” Wally said as John smiled.
“Funny I didn’t really pin you as a track star Asian girl, but if you want to tussle then tussle we shall” John said pulling out a pen and writing the notes from the board down as Kuki just finished.

“Your going to have to be faster than that to beat me king Jerk, I can write one hundred words a minute” Kuki said smiling as the bell rang and her and Wally headed to the cafeteria.

“Looks like you made a friend on your first day Kooks, and since when did you consider me your boyfriend I thought I was your hero?” Wally asked as Kuki stared deep into his eyes.

“You can be both Wally Beatles, don’t think I don’t notice the way you stare at me when you think I’m not looking cutie, I know you want me and the big secret is I want you too”.

Wally and Kuki kissed as Fanny, Rachel, and Abby walked up smiling as the kiss showed no signs of stopping.

“Hold up isn’t she engaged to Stevie Washington or am I losing my mind?” Fanny asked as Stevie walked up tossing the invites and noticed new prey walking up to Fanny.

“Hey Fullbright what’s been going on?, in case you haven’t heard Kuki called the wedding off which makes me available if your looking” Stevie said as Kuki quickly pulled out of the kiss and ran in front of Fanny.

“I had my reasons for calling the wedding off Fanny stay away from Stevie he’s not a good boyfriend” Kuki screamed as she shoved her sleeves up and all the girls saw Kuki’s battle scars.

“What the hell did you do to her Stevie?, and if you say it wasn’t you then I’ll believe you because Kuki has lied once or twice” Rachel said hoping to catch Stevie in a lie.

“All right it’ll get out sooner or later so why not sooner right?, I did hit Kuki but only when she deserved it which was everyday” Stevie said as Fanny, Abby, and Rachel’s jaws hung open at the confession.

“A guy has got to be in control of the relationship ladies, so if anybody dares to date me let them and I’ll show them where to go”.

Fanny heard enough as she pushed Stevie against the wall with Rachel, Abby, and Kuki keeping him there.

“First off your going to apologize to me for every scar you made, every cut that is on me is because of you, then your going to give me a mirror so that I can finally look at myself with pride” Kuki said as Stevie tried to fight Kuki but Fanny’s strength was stronger than his.

“Do as the girl says creepazoid or suffer the consequences” Fanny said pressing her muscled forearm into Stevie’s chest and he gasped for air.

“You better do as I say if you want to live to abuse another day you bastard” Kuki said as John pulled out a mirror and threw it to her.

“Now for the apology and make it good and sincere or I’ll make sure this girl crushes your Adams apple and you have to talk through a hole in your throat like cancer victims”.

“I’m sorry Kuki princess of the universe and stars of the sky, I had no right to hit you and I promise if you come back to me it’ll never happen again” Stevie said as Kuki snapped her fingers and the grip became tighter.

“I would never in a million years go back out with a creep like you, I have a prince on a white stallion now” Kuki said as Wally smiled and Kuki smiled back at him.

“I’m sorry Kuki princess of the universe and stars of the sky, I had no right to hit you and should be buried alive” Stevie said as Kuki motioned for Fanny to let him go.

“If I ever catch you near her again I’ll be the one doing the hurting, get the drift I’m throwing at you?” Wally said as Stevie slowly stood up and stared at him.

“Once you find out how many guy friends she has you’ll abuse her too, she’ll stay out all hours of the night and never come home, by the way keep the damn mirror I don’t want it with your hoey eyes all over it” Stevie said stalking off barely breathing.

“Come on Kooks let’s take a look in the mirror and you can see what we see” Rachel said grabbing the mirror and what Kuki saw was a battered woman who needed somebody to save her.

“What have I done to myself guys?, my hairs a mess, I’m wearing too much makeup, my arms look like I was in a rock throwing match, and don’t get me started on my clothes” Kuki said as Wally made Rachel take the mirror away and Wally kissed Kuki.

“Look at the guy you were with Kooks, he wasn’t exactly Mr. Kind and Gentle now was he?” Wally asked as Kuki hugged him and walked with her friends to lunch.

Well that’s it for now tell me what you think and I’ll write more, it’s rated M for the main reason that there are moments where Stevie’s going to go back to his old ways, and the College experience isn’t rated K if you ask me
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