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Chapter 5 Kuki Got Action Tonight Satasfaction All Right

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Kuki's in a singing mood and her night with Wally is described in her song choice

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Nigel and Rachel were making out in his dorm as Rachel was against his wall removing her blouse as Nigel slipped his shirt off.

“Oh my God I can’t remember the last time we did something this crazy Rache, now get ready because I’m going to fuck your brains out” Nigel said as Rachel smiled her black bra sweeping against Nigel’s chest.

Rachel removed her skirt as black panties greeted Nigel and he smiled as she threw the blouse and skirt halfway across the room.

“All right Nigey you make yourself comfortable I have a few kinks to work out before we screw, fuck, or have intercourse whatever you want to call it” Rachel said as she ran to the bathroom.

Nigel grabbed a condom from his top drawer as a smile crept over his face knowing that the fight between Rachel and him were over for the time being.

“Nigey do you mind if I invite some people over tomorrow?, I mean the dorm is again half yours and it’s your call”.

Nigel met all of Rachel’s friends and the only girl he loved more than Rachel was Lisa Macintosh who he thought looked better than Rachel in every shape and form.

“I don’t mind Rache I mean bring the girls over if you want, I may bring over some of the guys if you don’t mind, it could be a girl and guy night” Nigel said as Rachel poked her head from the bathroom.

“You are a complete genius Nigel, I mean Lisa’s been really hurting for a boyfriend, and Kuki’s met this girl Aphrodite that is interested in someone in her English Lit class” Rachel said as Nigel smiled at his idea.

“All right sweetie I’m ready if you are, now what do you say we have the best make up sex we’ve ever had?”.

Nigel quickly undressed as Rachel laid on the bed her white breast full of freckles and Nigel had counted exactly thirty of them love makers as he called them.

“All right Nigel your on top because I can’t get enough of your cute body with your sexy abs brushing against my body” Rachel said as Nigel laid down on top of her and her eyes were full of passion.

“Now for the music for the evening Rache, what do you say to Patience by GNR and we can go from there?” Nigel said as he pushed play on a remote and Patience flooded the room.

Rachel’s moans were sweet to Nigel’s ears as her breast moved up and down his body and the smile never left his face.

“Ohhhhhh Nigey yes Nigey yes Nigey yes, yes, yes give it to me faster Nigey faster” Rachel screamed in between breaths as Nigel’s body moved fast on her body and a satisfied smile was on Rachel’s face.

When the song ended Sex By Lyfe Jennings was what surrounded the room next as Rachel’s moans could be heard down the hall as people passed Nigel’s and her dorm.

“Nigel you are by far the best man I have ever met in my life, and I’ve met plenty of good men in my life” Rachel said once they finished.

I know you met a lot of boys in your life but I’m glad I’m the one you decided to stick with Rachel, I mean out of all the rich kids, the jocks, the Goths, and the smart kids I was the one you wanted to be with” Nigel said as Rachel cuddled up to him throwing the blanket over the both of them.

“I bet Hoagie and Fanny are enjoying their date seeing I haven’t seen Fanny leave his dorm once after they helped us get back together” Rachel said resting her head on Nigel’s chest as a knock interrupted their romantic moment.

“Whoever it is can’t it wait we’re kind of busy in here, I mean don’t you agents have your own lives to live and your own girls to satisfy?”.

“Nigel don’t be so mean they look up to you for comfort, I’ll be right there whoever it is I just have to throw something on” Rachel said throwing a sheet over herself as Nigel threw a blanket over himself and ran to the door with her.

“All right whoever it is this better be really good to interrupt our night, because if it isn’t there is going to be hell to pay” Nigel said as his mother greeted him on the other side and Rachel went red in the face with embarrassment.

“Well I can see that some things about the Uno men don’t change, your both fast workers, I mean what have you been here a week and your already screwing her?” Mrs. Uno asked as Nigel quickly led her into the dorm as she looked around and sniffed.

“Son if my nose deceives me and it usually doesn’t which is why your dad called me bloodhound your wearing women’s perfume”.

“It’s not me wearing it mom see Rachel and I are rooming together just like you and dad did, pretty small world don’t you think?” Nigel asked as Mrs. Uno smiled and nodded.

“Before you know it you two will be fighting over every little thing you can think of, and then you’ll get married, have a kid, and that kid will grow up to resent you” Mrs. Uno said as Nigel shook his head.

“First off I don’t resent you mom I love you and your down to Earth and sometimes insane ways of living life, I think you resent me more than I resent you”.

“I doubt that Nigel seeing you haven’t called once since you got here, and it seems that we’re growing apart with every inch that we take towards each other” Mrs. Uno said as Mr. Mckenzie walked up the hall and saw Rachel’s predicament.

“Well, well, well look who it is my daughter and your son Maggie who would have thought?” Mr. Mckenzie asked with a gloomy smile on his face.

“All right Nigel so let me guess your having so much fun playing the snake in the grass with this girl that your mind slipped when you were supposed to call?”.

“I’m not him mom no matter how much you make me out to be dad I’m not dad I’m different, and the reason I haven’t called was because I didn’t want to bring you down from your hangover you drunk bitch!” Nigel said as Mrs. Mckenzie slapped him her whole body shaking with anger.

“You think this is easy do you?, raising a son who’s biggest accomplishment is a piece of paper in a frame that says class of 2007?” Mrs. Uno asked as Nigel rubbed his face his anger for her erupting.

“Dad would have been proud of me and he warned me about you, I should have listened when he said you were unappreciative of the little things in life”.

“Did he also mention that the little things in life are the things he cares most about, he didn’t care that he was throwing our money down the drain, he had no fucking courtesy when it came to me but he dropped everything for you, I bet if you asked him he would have given you all the money in the world”.

Nigel’s anger grew even more as he could still see his mom with prescription pill bottles all over the table and her lit as a candle.

“Yea and your going to win mother of the year anytime now, Chantix bottles, Vicatin bottles, and every other drug under the suns bottles lying on the kitchen table” Nigel said as Mrs. Uno flinched like the words were going to hit her one after the other.

“Let me tell you something you’ve never lost the person that you love so much that it hurts to be without them, your blonde bimbo of a girl will never stick around long enough to become a loved one” Mrs. Uno said as Rachel heard enough and let Mrs. Uno know that she was still in the room.

“You have no idea what you did to your son Mrs. Uno, I mean what good memory does he have to tell his sons and daughters about their Grandma?, the memory of her drinking her life away?, or the memory of her taking drugs to feel better?” Rachel asked as her father backed off knowing this side of Rachel too well.

“I’ll tell you what I told him you’ve never lost the person that you love so much that it hurts to be without them, you’ve never had to deal with an empty space in your heart and in your bed”.

“Actually I have and her name is mom, see I stayed with my dad because he was headed in the same place your in now, I care for my dad and I want him to know that I will always be there for him”.

“Yea now only if you could teach my son to care for me that way we’d be in business, he could care less if I live or die most of the time” Mrs. Uno said with tears in her eyes.

“That isn’t my fault I mean how would you feel if we swapped lives and I was the one popping pills like candy and drinking like a fish?” Nigel asked as Mrs. Uno sniffled and stared at him.

“I just don’t know what else to do Nigel, I mean for once I’m at a total loss for words and I need to find them so I can raise you” .

“Mom the divorce hasn’t been easy on me either, I mean I loved dad too but the fact of the matter is he’s never coming back no matter how many pills you take or how much Vodka you can drink”.

“I really fucked up this time didn’t I Nigel?, I mean what kind of role model am I to you sweetie?” Mrs. Uno asked as Nigel just hugged her and she bawled on his shoulder.

“Well mom I’m not going to say that you didn’t fuck up but there is a way to fix it, I want you to get into my life a little more” Nigel said as Mrs. Uno nodded drying her eyes but still clinging to Nigel.

“Young lady what have I taught you about walking around half naked?, I mean have some decency” Rachel’s father said as Rachel laughed.

“You taught me to wear a towel and if it wasn’t see through that meant that I was doing something right” Rachel said still laughing as her father laughed along with her.

“Don’t let her go Nigel not this time, you two may fight like dogs and cats but remember the feeling you get when she’s around Nigel, and you Rachel remember the way he makes you feel in the heat of the moment” Mrs. Uno said as Nigel and Rachel heard Kuki singing down the hall.

I want action tonight
Satisfaction all right
I grab my hat
And I grab my shoes
Tonight I’m gonna
Hit the streets and cruise
Down the main strip
And check it out
With those schoolboys
A hanging around
Now I’m a sucker for a pretty face
And I don’t care if he’s in a hoodie at my place
Cause I’m just lookin for a little kiss

“That’s one of our regulars Kuki Sanaban, she most likely just got off a good session with her boyfriend Wally Beatles good for her” Rachel said as Nigel’s mother and Rachel’s father stared at a barely clothed Kuki in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

“That song brings me back to my days in College rubbing up to your father and him blaring this song in his Ford Esscort” Mrs. Uno said giggling as Mr. Mckenzie laughed along also bringing back memories.

“This song takes me to my girlfriends dorm when I was 18 and fresh out of high school, see she had this thing for Brett Michaels so I wore a cowboy hat and sang this song for five hours straight until she decided to give in and date me” Mr. Mckenzie said.

I want action tonight
Satisfaction all right
You got the love I need tonight
Ripped Jeans and orange hoodies
These guys hit me where it hurts
I can’t wait to get my hands on them
I won’t give up until they give in
Now I’m not lookin for a love that lasts
I need a shot and I need it fast
If I can’t have him I’ll take him and make him Kuki sang in between brushes as everyone bobbed their heads

“I wonder if she knows any Bon Jovi now there’s an all American band that got through hard times back in school, I mean Livin On A Prayer tell me that doesn’t tell a story” Mrs. Uno said as Kuki started swinging her hips back and forth as she brushed.

“Rachel please tell me he offered to have you tonight sweetie, at least give me that much Rache” Her father said as Rachel shrugged and smiled at Nigel as he smiled back.

“Well let me put it to you this way daddy I let him have me if that’s what your asking, now the idea behind the screwing was Mr. Uno himself” Rachel said as Nigel smiled back at Mr. Mckenzie.

“All right as long as you didn’t have her against the wall we’re good, I mean if she was against the wall that would mean that it was a night of passion”.

“Well we weren’t exactly on the wall the whole time daddy, just when we got back and we didn’t as Mrs. Uno said want to forget the heat of the moment” Rachel said as Mr. Mckenzie just shook his head laughing

I want action tonight
Satisfaction all right
You got the love I need tonight
Hey Wally slide on in here
No not in front jump in the back
Cause there’s something back here I want to show ya
I want action tonight
Satisfaction all right
Ah come on Wally I wasn’t that bad
Oh well
I want action tonight
Satisfaction all right
Yea Wally you’ve got the love I need tonight
Ohh yea tonight

After the song Kuki noticed she had an audience and she blushed until she was red in the face.

“Aww don’t stop now Kooks we’ll never know how your night ended with Wally” Nigel said as Rachel, Mr. Mckenzie, and Mrs. Uno chuckled.

“Ha ha very funny Nigel but actually I just felt like singing, I mean I’m a peppy soul and us peppy souls have to get our feelings out somehow” Kuki said as Rachel was still laughing.

“I didn’t know Poison was your band of choice when you were in a peppy mood Kooks, I’d hate to see what you sing when your in a bad mood” Rachel said as Kuki’s Ipod Nano swung across her neck.

“FYI Rachel I sing whatever I hear on my Ipod at the time, and since Mushi borrowed it all’s I hear are the 80’s greatest hits” Kuki said as Nigel laid back on his bed and Rachel joined him.

“Well I have to get home I have a meatloaf in the oven and I don’t want it to burn, and I also have to call your father and tell him the song Kuki learned to sing tonight” Mrs. Uno said skipping off as Mr. Mckenzie joined her.

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