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Its Not Confidential I've Got Potential

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Franks a stripper and Gerard falls in love with him... What happens next? They get to know each other

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Franks P.O.V
I was dancing around my one bedroom apartment making up a new routine to Britney Spears
It really didnt matter because once i get up there its all just spontanious

3 of my dance's are to Britney bitch. I dont like her just love stripping to her music
its probably how she wrote it.

There has been the most perfect guy comming into the club the past 2 days.
Havnt talked to him yet, Havnt exctatly had the chance

When and if he comes back i'll just dance by him.
I've got an Hour untill i got to go to work.

Maybe i'll go pack my bag. If i can find it.
My rooms way to messy i've got 3 tops fluttering around the floor and my c.ds are out of place its getting on my nerve

White Top, Black Tie, Black Skinnys a gay persons best turn on. See this is why they employed me because im sexy
With a quick fluff of my hair my perfection is complete

I took my sweet pink man bag and car keys and headed for my car.
I drove across town listening to nothing but the misfits. Jeez i love Belleview especialy if that hott emo comes back today

I pulled into my usual car park to see Larry leaning up against his car

"Hey ya Frank" He called threw my car window
"Uh Hi Larry" I really didnt enjoy being alone with this Guy. Like were all gay here but this guy takes gay to a new level
And it creeps the Fuck out of me

"You think hes hott?"

Yeah Frank do you like him?
Shut up head
I cant nob hand im you and i know you do so you cant deniy it

"The Guy thats been comming in for the past few days?"
"Oh well yeah hes Cute but i dont really get a chance to talk to him so yeah"

Jeez he nearly mouth raped me

"Yeah i just said so didnt I?"
"Well i bet hes taken"
"Probably, But i can still think hes hott"

Larry looked so super sad but i cant help who i think is hott

You dont think hes hott, You like him and wanna fuck him
What, No i just think hes hott
Lie to me
What im arguing with my self this is stupid i know i dont like him
Really, so thats why you want him to come back

I looked around to see that all the other boys were looking.

"Just pratcing for my play, Its the only line i have" Wheather or not they believe me i couldnt care less
"Ok" Larry said un surely

The club opened and i went up on the stage and waited for my songs
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