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Gerards gone to the club to see Frank again.. What will happen when Frank talks to him?

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Gerards P.O.V

I took my usual seat right next to the bar.
and waited, I knew he would come out some time soon.

"Red Bull"

I saw this really weird looking guy give me a terrorfying smile. That kind of smile a mass murderer gives someone before they kill them
I gave one of my please dont hurt me smiles to him then turned around to find my red bull sitting there so i drank it like it was vodka

I never sat near the stage because i didnt wanna be one of them sleezy stalker people so i always stayed at the bar
Music came on really loud
And he stepped out from a black curtain. I finialy found my smile when he took center stage
and that creepy guy smiled again

I quickly looked back to this tiny boy with droopy black hair and a red fringe.
He had the best body i've ever seen. Well not today because he hadnt stripped yet

He smiled at me and it was beautiful. I stopped breathing

Hes just being coustomer friendly. He dosnt have the hotts for you like you do him
Just shut up what do you know
I know you want him, I know you need him, Mikey knows you need him and so does Bert
Just fuck up, If i want him then i would talk to him wouldnt I
Whats keeping you then?
Hes all the way over there on the stage and im sitting at the bar
So you do want him
Just shut up and leave me alone.
I would except theres one little problem. I am you

"Beautiful dancer"
"Hes a beautiful dancer isnt he"
"Yeah I-I supose so"
"His Name Frank"
"Oh right"
"You've been in here a few days any piticular reason?"
"Nope, Just out of my own free will"
"Ok then. I'll see you around if you come back"

god dam him. himself is even more scarier than his fucking smile.
No. no his music stoped and i didnt even see him dance.

Now you cant possiably tell me that you dont like him
No i dont hes just a good dancer
Yeah what ever thats what you first thought about Bert remember? Then you fell for him
Well just be quiet you have no idea how i feel about people
Of course i do. I tell you what you feel and you LOVE ummm whats his name
FRANK his names FRANK

"Excuse me is this seat taken"

It was a gay strip club of course im lible to get hit on

"No, Not at all" i steared down at my red bull not knowing what i felt for that tiny dancer
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