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Gerards P.O.V

I pulled out my phone and taped in Franks number it rang like twice

"Hi its Gerard"
"Hi Gerard, I wondered when you'd call"
"well its now"

"Frank, Do-do you wanna come over... today or som-?"
"YEAH i mean Yeah. dude Yeah that would be grate"
"I'll Pick you up?"
"Ok Do you have pen and paper and i'll give you my address"

I scuttled around my house trying to find paper
C'mon Gerard hes trying to give you his address and you cant find paper
Just fuck off you, Im busy and now is no time for lectures

"Right im back"
"ok its 44 Mikey James Way"

I laughed so spasticly

"What, What did i say?"
"Nothing the street you live in, Its my baby brothers name Michael But we call him Mikey, James Way"
"Oh Dude thats so wicked"
"yeah, Well i'll pick you up in half an hour?"
"Sweet see you then"
"Bye Frank"
"See ya Gerard"

The sound of a beep left me on cloud 9 No no no this was bad.... Very very bad
Whats the matter Gerard, Falling again?
No. Im not 'Falling' I 'll have you know im just Friends with a hot stripper
Yeah, What ever you say, Just imagen all the other pretty boys that he comes across every day.
Just shut up, Hes just doing his job to get his hard earned money
You bet its HARD earned money
ok now you've pushed it see you later

I approached the lounge to find Mikey and Bert sitting on the couch

"uhh guys im just going to get my friend i wont be long"
"Do i know him?"
"No Mikey, You dont"
"what about-"
"you dont eather Bert"
"Oh.. Fine"
"and his names Frank, He'll be here soon"

"Good Bye Gerard"
"Are you trying to get rid of me?"
"Yes Gerard i am"
"me your own Brother?"
"Get out god dam it"
"all right, All right God keep your boots on"

The car was warm and the drive to Franks was plesant
When i got closer to Franks i realized that it was the rich part of town and i pulled in his drive way and it was nearly a mainson

Why was he a stripper if he was all ready loaded.

"hi" his face greeted me after i steped back from the door to give him some space
"Ready to go"

He took a bag from the door and led me to my own car.

"Your house is very nice Frank"
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