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Franks scared of Berts smiling and winking.. what can he do to stop him? Pizzaria anyone?

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Franks P.O.V

The things that my eyes would not de-attach from happened to be Gerard.
Just random things of him.
The way his hand structure was.
The way his hair kinda just hung over his face. And i could just tell he really dosnt care about his apperance

We pulled into a house that was a lot smaller than mine was.
It was just like a normal family home.

"ok so inside is my brother and his boyfriend"
"Mikey and?"

I gave him a nod.
Gerards hand took mine. Im not really sure why but i just knew it felt right.

"Uhh Guys hello"

two random people appeared from the sofa

"Mikey, Bert this is Frank Iero"
"Hey" A tall thin person called
then the other winked at me, Kinda freaked me out a bit

"And Frank this is Bert McCracken" he said with a point to M.r Winks
"And my Baby brother Mikey Way" With another point to the tall hot one

"Hi, Its nice to meet you both"

They seemed nice for two kids
and the one with glasses resembles his brother.
Except Gerards just a bit bigger than Mikey
Didnt bother me thought. Theyr both hott

Frank no you cant go there with Gerard
Why not?
Because things probably wont work out and you'll just look stupid AGAIN
Thats it ive had enough of your opinion
What the fuck do you mean Frank. I AM YOUR OPINION
Ok what ever you think you are thats grate but please just leave me to be with Gerard now

"Frank, Frank Hellllloooooo Anybody home?"

My cheeks started to burn blood red

"sorry" i managed to wisper
"what.. for?"
"Going off into my own little world"
"Its ok Frank, Pretty sure we all go there at times"

His smile glissened in the little beam of sunlight that was comming threw the curtains.

"Your Pretty Cute for a stripper"
"Well Your Pretty cute for a stalker"
"I am not a stalker"
"oh ok then what would you call someone who goes to your work every day to see you"
"Well..... Abit obsessive"
"Ok then or that"

He gave me another smile and up untill now i didnt realize i had feelings for him but i do and i dont know why.
I was sitting on Gerards bed just stearing around his room trying to figure out what he was when a Black Flag top on the floor caught my eye

"Black Flag no way"
"Black Flag yea way why?"
"I Fucking love Black Flag"
"So Do I"
"Gees Thats so weird"
"I Know" he said threw his smile

There was a knock at the door and a beautiful face with shoulder length hair poped around the corner of it
Im pretty sure this was Bert

"Gerard, Were going to the pizzaria. Do you guys wanna come"

His face turned to me and his eyebrows went up
"Wanna Go?"
"Uh Yeah Sure"
"Kay Bert we'll be right out"
"OK" He said but before he left he gave me a little wink.

God i wish he would stop doing that, Its really really fucking scary.
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