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Franks opening up about his past. Whats happened to his parents and why he's a stripper

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Gerards P.O.V

When we got to Antonios pizzaria Frank could have praticly held my hand.
I Know he likes me and i think he knows i like him but untill i physicly tell him he knows nothing
Me Frank Bert and Mikey stood in the queue.

"Frankie, What do you want?"

His smile caught my eye then i was drawen to the fact that his eyes were watering

Now look what you did you called him the wrong thing

"Frank im so sorry, If you dont want me to call you that then its completely cool"
"No it-its not that. It just no ones called me that since my parents did. and i just miss them calling me it"
His smile lifted the mood and his eyes met mine

"But im vegeterian so just a vegeterian thing will be fine"

Somethings wrong Gerard go talk to him and find out about it
But he just told me what he wants he'll be fine
C'mon Gee he wants to tell you
Ok then

"Yeah Gee"
"get me and Frank a vegeterian pizza please" My brother looked towards Frank and nodded his head then took Berts hand again

"Follow me" i took Franks hand and we went and sat in a booth thing

I sat down and Frank slid in next to me

"tell me everything because i know i upset you, and now i want to know everything"
"Are You Sure you wanna know?"
"Yip so start talking"

"Well last year My Mom and Dad were going away for there 20th wedding anniversary in New York.
i stayed home with one of my best friends Craig and it was just us and my dog Bella.
Just before Mom and Dad left we went and hired some horror movies and got some junk food and what not.
Then they droped us at the end of the drive way and got out to say good bye.
My Mom and Dad hugged us and i rubbed her stomach and kissed it-"

"she was pregnant?"
"Yeah 8 months a little boy Aaron"
"Ok sorry continue" He gave me a smile and went on with his story

"My Mom said just before she left
'We'll be back sunday night....... I-I love you my Frankie"

I saw a tear fall down his little beautiful face and his head looked up from his lap.
I couldnt help but feel pain for Frank and his story hadnt even finished.

I Didn't even know if it had began.
I found myself wiping away Franks tears with my sleeve. My hand felt the bone structure of Franks face as it traveled down his face more and more

Franks hand was placed on mine and then he came closer and closer to me my eyes shut and our lips meet.
His lips moved in time with mine and then i felt his tounge enter my mouth and i returned the favour.
My hand went onto Franks thigh

There was a thump and Frank quickly moved from our position.
I just sat there smiling at nothing

"Gee. Gee, Gerard, GERARD"
"yeah" i was still smiling and i saw Frank turn towards me and smile. He was going red
I turned around to see Bert and Mikey smiling as well.

"Any time Gee"

Me and Frank were sitting pretty close together and i noticed he was happily eating then he waved the pizza in my face.

"you know Gerard its gonna get eatin if you dont help me eat it"

I took it out of his hand and smiled at him

Just do it your never gonna know how he reacts if you dont do it, C'mon hes eating its not like hes gonna get up and leave

I put my hand at the top Of Franks thigh and he quickly looked down at my hand and then up at me.
I smiled at him, To let him know i didnt wanna hurt him. and he smile back at me
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