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Franks P.O.V

Wheres Gerard?
Why does it matter?
Because I like him
He'll be fine, Its his house

I threw the heavy blanket off my body and rolled to the edge of Gerards bed.
My feet were planted firmly on the floor.

I lifted my own body weight from his bed and threw on his Black Flag hoddie.

I wondered the hall way untill i got out to the kitchen. I stood in the door way to find Gerard sitting at the table and the other two..
Who i didnt really care about.

"Mornin' Beautiful"
"morning Gee"

He waved his hand towards him self so i walked over.
As i stood in front of him he put his arms around my waist and pulled me so i was sitting on his knees

"Have a good sleep?" He wispered in my ear.
"i did"
"Thats good"

"Mikey! Coffee... Please"
"Ok Gerard, Just hold on"

"Is there anything you wanna do today Frankie"

a smile took over my face

"Not in particular but what ever im not fussed"
"Ok then Honey"

Mikey placed down two coffees for me and Gerard.
I had only just met Gerard, But its like i've knowen him my whole entire life. There was just something about him i liked and loved
Im still unsure on what it was.

There was no convosation as we drank our coffees

"Yeah Frank"
"I wanna know more about you"

"Well, My names Gerard Way. Im 24 i live at home with my bab- Lit- Brother"

Look Frank he likes you so much hes trying not to call Mikey his Baby brother
I know Its cute

"And his boyfriend, My Grandma died not so long ago"

"oh im so sorry Gee, What was her name?"
"Thats such a beautiful name. shes lucky to have such a wonderful Grandson like you"
"Thank you Frankie"

"its ok Gee, How long have Mikey and Bert been together?"
"Forever, Well atleast as long as i could remember. I met him in a pizzaria and i just thought Bert was just really strange, when i first met him"

I giggled

"and now hes doing your baby brother"
"yes he is"

i looked down at the table

"i bet if Aaron was here, he would be gay"

Gerards hand went up the inside of my shirt. He rubbed my back like i was a kid. It turned me on

"i bet he would be proud to have you for his brother"
"Yeah, Maybe"

Its amazing how much Gerard seems to care about me
it really is
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