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Gerards P.O.V

Mikey and Bert are out Gerard you have the whole house to your self
No, No way. Well not yet
what do you mean not yet?
I Dont want to rush things god dam it i like him alot
Your in love with a stripper oooo Not a good thing to be in love with
i am not in 'Love' with him i just really like him

Gerard, Im your feelings more than you are, i think i know
But i've only just met him
I know you have, But Gerard its love at first sight.

My hands worked there way to his stomach. I was left just feeling his stomach.
Tracing the bones of his ribs

Your about to get hard Gerard
take him to your room. Bert and Mikey will be a while

I kissed Franks neck but he turned his head so the kiss ended up on his lips.
He turned around so he was stradiling my hips
My hands were still under his top but now on his back pushing him closer to me

Our lips were locked and he had clumps of my hair in his hands

"C'mon Honey, We'll go to my room" i said against his lips

He got off me and led the way down the hall and into my room.
i shut the door and Frank turned around and was kissing me again

I undid his shirt as i walked him to my bed

"Are you sure Honey?"
with no response he pushed his lips back onto mine

Once Frank was on my bed he took my hands and pulled me with excessive force
I was ontop of him and he pushed his mouth against mine.

His legs straddled my waist.
I took his boxers off and kissed him all the way down untill i got to his dick

I put it in my mouth.
I could hear him letting out a few soft moans, They got louder and louder untill finialy he let out one last one

i went and layed with Frank.
Even though his face was all sweaty he still was the most beautifulist person i have ever seen

"thank you Gerard"
"What For"
"I dont really know, But thanks anyway"
"Your Welcome Beautiful"

He kissed my lips again

"Yeah Gee?"
"Why do you do what you.. well do?"

"Because after my family went away, i needed something to have and Mom allways use to tell me i was a good dancer so i just
did something i knew she would be happy with me doing"
"Well shes right, Your an amazing dancer"
"Thanks Gee"

Bert barged in my room, thank fuck we were under the blankets.

"Uhh hi Bert"

Frank laughed at his enthusiasm

"Me and Mikey are ordering pizza, Keen?"

i looked to Frank to remember he was a vegeterian.

"yeah Bert we'll go Vegeterian"
i felt Frank smile on my back where he was leaning

"so are you two like going out?"
"We'll see Bert, We'll see"

Okay, thanks for reading. Its not finished yet. Got about 2 or 3 chapters left.
Thanks so much for reading, Hope you like it.

Bruce xo
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