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Gerards P.O.V

When i was certain Frank was belted in the car we drove out the drive way and down the street

Gerard the hard parts comming up
Yeah i know... Saying good bye
Yip. Saying good bye

"I cant believe im not gonna see you untill tomorrow"
"Yeah I know it sucks"

"Am i getting a vist from you at work tomorrow?"
"As promising as that sounds watching you take off all of your clothes. Turning me on, i just dont think i'll be able to handle it"
"How do you mean"

"Well im gonna want to fuck you"
"Oh i see now"

I recognised Franks house as i went up the drive way and turned off the car

"Well i guess this is... Good bye"
"untill tomorrow" he quickly added in there

"you bet untill tomorrow"

He gave me such a sweet smile.
Then he leaned towards me and i knew what was comming so i met him half way
Our lips met and so did our tounges.

"i'll see you tomorrow Gorgeous"
"Yes you will"

He got out of the car.

"Ring me as soon as you get home"

"bye" He said with a little wave
"See ya"

Honestly how can some one so-so-so PERFECT be real?

I didnt remember the drive home i just remember walking in side and being bombarded by Bert

"so are you in love with him- Do you even go out with him?"
"Yeah Bert. I do go out with him and i think i do love him, Im just not sure"

"i really like him Gee, Hes i dont know theres something about him i just really like"
"thanks Mikes but HANDS OFF HES MINE" i said smartly

"i dont want him i have my Bert" He said pulling Bert into a bear hug
"Yeah he is super duper grate, I really like him"

"SHIT!!!" I said as i ran to the phone.
"No Gee thats a phone. Do you know what a phone is?" He said making it sound like i was some caveman

I gave him a few grunts
"Im not a retard Bert"

"I know, I know. Its just you ran to it and yelled shit at it"

God he could be an idiot sometimes but i found myself laughing.
A pretty funny idiot i might add
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