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Franks P.O.V

Its gotta be him
"Hey Gee"
"Hey Hon, i miss you already"
"I miss you too"

"So what are you doing Frankie?"
"Im lying in bed watching t.v. You?"

"Im sitting on my bed, Just thinking about how fucking gorgeous you are"
"Aww Your so cute"

Frank did you just aww?
What are you on about you are me, Well so you keep telling me so its half your fault what i do.
Frank your so-

"Still there Frankie?"
"... yeah sorry, i was just... Thinking, Yeah thinking"

"what about?"
"What we can do tomorrow when i see your beautiful face again"

"can you hear me smiling as i say these words for you, and only you"

Oh my god he says the cutest of things

"And what are those words?"
"You.... Frankie. Mean the WORLD to me"

Oh god no Frank dont cry, Not now anyway wait untill you get off the phone.

"Yeah im sorry"

"What for?"
"I had to take a minute because that is the cutest thing i've ever heared in my life"
"But i mean it Frank"
"I Know, And you mean the world to me too"

I could tell he was smiling, I mean if i was then of course he was

"Yeah honey"

"im lonely in my bed, i wanna be in your bed with you"
"well you could have been, But you had to go to work tomorrow"
"I know"

"but your fucking cute Frank"
"not as much as you are"

"well Honey i better let you get some sleep"
"Ok then"
"I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Straight after work"

"Bye Gee"
"Bye Frankie"

he left me with just the beeping

i flicked off my light and layed in bed with the memory of Gees face and voice
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