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Will you come home and stop this pain tonite?

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How's Gee gonna take being re-united with Frank? Good? Bad?

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I wanted to go home, Crawl under a rock and die painfully.
As I walked up the drive with my head down I walked into something solid.

"Who put this stupid fucking car here?" I mumbled to myself.
Once I'd looked up I noticed it was Berts car.

Mikeys best friend.. Yay! Im gonna be sourrounded by My little brother and his little dweeb of a friend.
Im 28 years old. I dont need Mikey and Bert sitting around while I want to die.

As I sighed I walked through the door to see Mikey and Bert sitting in the room.
Ever get the feeling people have been talking about you for hours and when you walk in its completely scilent and completely awkward? Well thats what it feels like.
You could cut the tention with a knife.

"Hi Gerard" Bert said softly
I nodded to adknowlage him

Mikey just gave me a forced smile.
I cant take this.. I really cant.

I decided what would be best was to go and sleep... Maybe never wake up?

Standing at my bedroom door I noticed it shut... How ever when I left it was wide open
Fucking Mikey going in my room.

Once my head was on my pillow and the light was off. There was something different about my room.
The atmosphere was odd.
What the fuck?

Something made a noise in my room.. a noise I was familiar with.

"Frankie?" I wispered.
Nah.. This isnt happening. Frank isnt in my room.

"Gee?" I heard a wisper back.
I jumped in my bed.. Maybe now the horror films were getting to me.

"Gee?" I heard the wisper again.
My eyes flew open and I flicked on my lamp.

I saw Frank sitting on my art desk clutching onto a.. Shirt?

"Frank?" I asked getting out of bed and walking to him.

"Im so so so sorry Gerard"
His voice, His face, His eyes, His peircings. But it was his eyes that had me won over.
As I looked into his eyes tears spilled from mine.

Frank was right there.
my hand flew up to the side of his face.

his skin was still as soft as it had ever been.
His eyes were still as soft as they had ever been.
and his voice. That was as soft as ever.

"I didnt want to leave Gee." He cried standing up to look me in the eyes
"Why did you?"
"Im not sure, I wanted to be with my Mom"
"Mommas boy" I scoffed.
"Gerard please." He said taking my hand.
"Please I love you.."
"You dont love me Frank"
"I do. I fucking do Gerard.. I wish you could see that"
"If you loved me. You wouldnt have left"
"And if I didnt love you I wouldnt have come back" He said as we both spoke softly.

"Gerard I know.. I know I hurt you. And left you on your own. I know it but I didnt intend on hurting you."
"Frankie-" He cut me off.. He never could wiat his turn
"Gerard. I love you so much. I want you back. I need you back as much as you need me"

His hands cupped my face.
"Baby, I still love you. More then ever"
"Please Gerard.. Please take me back" He pleaded.

Frank pushed his lips against mine.
Tears once again fell from my eyes. I've been waiting 4 whole months for this to return.
For Frank to return.

Now I have it. There is a God after all.

"Absolutely" I smiled into the kiss.
"Just promise me one thing Frankie?"
"Mmm. Whats that babe?"
"Dont ever leave me again?"

He pulled away and looked into my eyes.

"Know how to prevent that?" He asked
"Marry Me" He said pulling a box from his hoddie pocket.

I kissed him softly once more.

"Yes".... "Yes I will marry you" I said. Yet again even more tears falling from my eyes.
Im so the bitch in this relationship

And now. That nightmares over.. Im back in Heaven.
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