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I'm staying with a complete stranger who's taking better care of me than my parents ever did

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Gerards making sure he's looking after Frank good.

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We pulled in his drive way.
Walking inside.
It was rather warm in here.

Gerard put the bag in the middle of the table.
Then went to a cubbord.

"Where are you going Gerard?" I asked starting to get scared.
"Just getting some cups Frankie"
"Oh, Ok. Silly me" I said.

I turned my back to him and looked around the lounge.
I heard a glass smash and I jumped, Turned around and ran to my room.
Sitting in the corner rocking myself back and foward.
Singing Life of Pain quietly.

"Frankie.. Are you in here" Gerard called.
"Please leave me alone, Dont hurt me" I said freaking out.
"Frankie, Its ok I'm not going to hurt you, It was just a broken glass. Its ok" He said trying to assure me.

I looked into his eyes.
Tears falling from mine.

"Fuck Frankie" He said kneeling next to me.
"I'm Real-Really sorry Gerard..." I broke down crying.

"Ok Now I'm not giving you the choice to tell me whats wrong.. Frankie whats the problem?" Gerard said wrapping his arm around my shoulder
"It-its just my parents fought all the-the-the time an-and would break things, An-and-and beat me. Then-then they raped me" I said crying onto his shoulder.
"Oh Frankie" he said pulling me right into his chest.

"Don't cry Frankie, Im here now, I promise you Nothing is gonna hurt you.. Not anymore. I give you my word Frankie"
"You can't promise me that!" I said. I knew he couldnt. I still had the jocks at school.

I still had EVERYONE at school.
Even the girls ganged up on me.
Its not my fault I want to be me!.

"Frankie, I'll protect you the best I can ok?"
"ok Gerard, But I dont think I should stay here"
"No, its ok. It really is"

"Lets go eat Frankie"
"uh. Ok then"

he took my hand and walked me to the table.
Then sat me on a chair.

"Wanna eat on a plate or out of the box?"
"You could be Asian and eat straight out of the box"

I giggled.
"Asian?.. Well are there chopsticks to go with that?"

He looked in the bag.

"Asian it is"
"Ok Frankie, Want Mountain Dew?"
"Yes please Gerard"
"Your manners are amazing Frankie"
"I had to use them.. Or else" I said looking down.

"Well, don't be affraid to not use them now" He said through his smile.

He placed a cup infront of me.

"Thank you Gerard"

He laughed again.

"Your welcome Frankie"

I sat there trying to operate my chopsticks.
I felt like I was being watched.

"So.. Whats your" I asked trying to get his glear off me.
"we call him Mikey, Mikes or Mike"

I began thinking off him.
I hadnt met him.
Not yet.

"How old is he?"
"Oh, A year older than me"
"Your only sixteen?" He said.

"Im twenty"
"Wow-" I laughed.

"thats old" I added.
"Your just young"
"yeah, iiam very much so."

"so when will Mikey be home?"
"Tomorrow after school, hes at his girlfriends"
"Oh.. Hes not gay?"

Oh god this family were homophobes... Fuck!

"Yes Gerard?"
"Are you Gay?"

I felt like there was a giant lump in the back of my throat. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't swallow it.

"Uhh-Uh-Um I'm not to sure..."
"Oh, Well thats ok Frankie"

I looked up to see him smiling at me.
I couldnt help but smile back.

"So, Hows your asian food?"
"...Excellent, Yours?"

"Thank you for dinner Gerard"
"Your very welcome Frankie"

I ate as much as I possiably could.

"I'm really sorry Gerard, I can't eat anymore"
"Its fine, How bout you put it in the microwave and then eat it tomorrow?"
"Ok then"
"Under one condition"
"Whats that?"
"I can put mine in there too?"
"Absolutely, Its your microwave" I answered him

I helped Gerard clear off the table.

"Would you like a hot chocolate?"
"....Yes please Gerard, I'll help you"
"You dont need to, its ok"
"Please, I'm not use to having someone do everything for me"
"alright then, you get the cups"

"Ok" I said.
"..And where would they be Gerard?"
"there" He said pointing by the sink.

I took two cups placing them on the bench

"And do you do marshmallows, cream, chocolate, sprinkles and ice cream?"

"Ice cream.. Really?"
"Theres times to try everything"
"Maybe we could leave the ice cream out"
"Ok then Frankie"

Once he a quater filled the cup he swirled the cream on it.
Grated the chocolate on it, tipped the sprinkles on them. and placed little marshmallows around the cream.

"Wow this is going abit out there isn't it?"
"Yeah, its Mikeys favorite drink. I make them for him all the time"
"Oh, Ok then. He sounds cool"
"Hes just like me only three years younger"
"..Oh cool, do you think i'll get along with him?"
"You should do"

"Well not to be rude or anything but i'm going to bed, I have school"
"Ok, well. Good night i guess"
"Night Gerard"
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