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Drawing can take my mind off alot of things

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Gerards P.O.V what does he have to say about Frank?

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I watched him walk up the stairs.
He was weird, But a cool weird.

I don't know why his parents did what they did to him... But I guess its something I'll never go through.
I think I'll go draw for a little while.

I sat on my bed looking through my book.
I think im gonna draw about a family of superheros.

I was drawing the daughter... I think im gonnna call her Magenta.
And her power could be... Mind reading.

I was drawing her as a goth.
A long black dress. With red and black gloves covering her wrist that she'd cut up.
With deep purple hair.

I think that makes her complete.

I was drawing her face.. she was going to have a black eye, From constaintly being beaten up..

A ear ringing scream made me jump.
There was only Frank in my house.

I stumbled off my bed landing on my hands and knees, Then ran to his room.
I knocked just in case and walked in to find him screaming... He was still asleep.
Tears came from his eyes too... This was not good.

"Frankie... Frankie" I said as I approached him.

I knelt down next to him.

"Frankie... Wake up.. Please wake up"

I layed in his bed stroking his hair.

"Frankie, Its ok now, I'm here"
"Gee, Gee please dont leave me" He said but he was still asleep.

I was freaking the fuck out... How did he know to call me Gee? I never told him about that... Freaky fucking Frank.

"I wont Frankie, I wont"

His screaming soothed right down....

I lifted his blankets and slid in there.
I didn't care if he had a problem with it.

I put his neck on my arm leaving my other arm to drape over his chest.
I was on my side so I could look at him... I wasn't tired... And wasn't being a perve, Just wanted to make my friend comfortable.

"Frankie, your always going to be welcome here" I wispered.
"Thanks Gee" He said rolling over so his arm sliped over my waist.

This was not right... Im straight.. Not Gay....
Maybe you like both Gerard?
No, I dont think i do.

Well what do you feel for Frankie?
Dont lie to me!
I'm not... I dont think I feel anything for him.
You don't think.. Or you don't know?
I'm not sure...

I think you really like him.
Maybe its you that really likes him?
uhh Gerard... Hello... I am you.
Oh... Yeah.. Fuck

So are we going to come to a joined acception we like him..
I.. dunno... do we?

Just abit of change for all you readers. Brit xoxo
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