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Look inside you and be strong

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Gerard finds out whos making Franks life living Hell.... What does Gee do to protect the boy he loves?

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Gerards P.O.V

Who could that be?
I opened the door to find a very shattered Frankie standing there.

"Why did you knock" I asked standing back from the door so he could get inside.
"being polite" he said.

He sounded so shaken up.

I looked at his eyes to see them covered in water.

"Frankie, whats-" I looked down to his pretty pink top.. That on his wrist wasn't pink no more..It was blood
"Frankie what the fuck?!" I asked worriedly.

"I'm so sorry Gerard"
"Come here" I said pulling him into a hug.

"Lets clean you up" I said taking his hand up stairs to the bathroom.

I sat him on the edge of the bath.
Pulling a towel and a few face cloths from under the sink.

"Hold this on your arm, put pressure on there ok Frankie?"
"Ok Gee"

I tied another towel around his right arm.

"Why did you do this Frankie?"
"Because.. The jocks locked me in my locker.. Stole my key so I couldnt get out. At break they through a ham sandwich at me.
In home room they tripped me over, They put notes in my locker. They carve stuff into my desk. In History we had a pop quizz.
one of 'em said 'you'll get a F, F for Frankie the Faggot' then he slammed my head into the wall then I found your note and that made everything not bother
me, Untill I got meat throwen at me"

"Frankie, that was all in one day?"
"That was all in one morning Gerard"
"Well if its any help. I have a dirty little secret about every single person in that school"

Mikey gave me stuff on everyone in that place...
He knew everyone.

"You do?"
"Yeah... Mikey tells me everything"
"I still haven't met this Mikey boy yet"
"You wouldn't forget him if you did"
"Well, tomorrow... I'm gonna look for him"
"I think you should stay here a few days Frankie"

"Why?" He asked seriously.
"Because I dont want anything happening to ya"
"But, I'm use to it now"
"No, I mean self inflickted things"
"But they make me angry at myself for not fitting in an-"
"Frankie! dont EVER fit in... Be your self and stand out"
"But I want to be like everyone else Gerard" he said so innocently.

"You'll never be like anyone eles.. your unique in every single way"
"But I want to be like the other boys at school"
"Really?" I asked.. because fitting in's stupid.

"yeah, I want to be like them, and have people know who I am"
"Frankie" I said running my hands down his arms.
"Please dont change.. I like you how you are.. Who cares if they dont like you.. I do" I said trying to make him happy
"You like me?"

"uh- well yeah, your a cool kid, I've never met someone like you before"
"I've never met someone like you eather Gerard" He said through his smile.

I let go of his arms, Wetting the wash towels wiping away the blood from his wrist, Causing it to bleed more.
I wet some Q-tips wiping around the cuts.

"How do you know what to do Gerard?"
"With what?"
"This stuff"

"I was like you when I was your age"
"You were?"
"Yip... Except I was Fat.. and a loner, my only friend was Mikey"
"But you've turned out fine..." He said unsurley.

"Yeah now I am, but back when I was in school I didnt go because I knew what would happen to me"
"Gerard.. That really sucks, I'm sorry you we're picked on.. I'd love for them to see you now"

"Because... Your probably nothing like you were back then.. Right?"
"Yeah.. something like that... How do your arms feel now?"
"Alot better.. Thank you"
"Its fine Frankie.. Do want a bath and I could fix you something to eat?"
"I would like it alot.. Your far too nice to me Gerard.. Its like we've always knowen eachother"
"Thats excatly how it feels Frankie" I said getting off the ground.

"Well I'm gonna let you have your bath.. You wanna eat last nights dinner?"
"Ok Gerard"
"Or I could do something else"
"No, Noodles will be fine thank you"
"Ok. call out if you need anything"
"I will, Thank you"

I walked into the kitchen washing my hands..
Mikey should be home later.. soon, what ever.

I stood there thinking about Frankie.. did I actualy have feelings for him?
Or were they friend feelings.. I think I've moved on from friend feelings.. I like everything about him.

It upset me that someone could hurt him like that.. I never thought he would get picked on. Hes so amazing.
The sound of the water draining from the bath pulled me from my thoughts.

I heated our food up for five minutes.
Poured two glasses of Mountain Dew adding purple straws to 'em.

I tipped Frankies out on a plate.. And did the same to mine.

I took the drinks into Frankies room first.
Then went back to the kitchen taking the plates and forks up with me again.

I sat on Frankies bed.. Just waiting for him.
The door opened and he appeared from behind it.

"Oh, HellO" he said
"Hope you dont mind.. I thought we could just hang out in here"
"No, Not at all" he said sitting on the bed with me.

"You'll get to meet Mikey soon" I said
"I cant wait"
"he might have his Girlfriend with him"
"Is she pretty?"

"...Not at all" I said looking down.
"Oh.. Well I guess thats good for Mikey?" He said cheerfully
"Hows that?"
"he wont have to worry about you moving onto his girlfriend"
"Yeah, I spose"

I handed him his noodles.

"Oh, we're not Asian anymore?" Frankie said through a smile
"uhh Nah I thought we could give that American culture a try"
"Oh yeah.. I've always wanted to be one of them" He said with another smile.

I wanted more smiles damn it!

Gerard I think you like him.
I think I do too.
tell him.
No, I want him to feel more at home before I tell him.
ok, if you think that will work.
yes.. I think it will.

"So, Mikeys not gonna attempt to beat me up is he?"
"..No hes not like that"
"Oh, good, cause I get enough of that at school"
"Im still amazed you havnt come across him yet"
"Yeah, Me too. When I see him I'll probably recognize him"
"Yeah, of course you will" I said lifting his hopes.

We sat there eating in silence.

is it normal to like a boy?
is it normal to be normal? I don't think so.
well there you go. Gerard, you cant help what you feel. So you get turned on by dicks.. alot of people do.
but Frankie might not.
Ask him..

"Hey Frankie?"
"Yes Gerard?"
"what has your previous history been like with girls?"
"Fucking shit!"
"Really, how come?"
"Every girl I would talk to, they'd just walk away"
"Thats so much like me!" I said smiling at him.

"Guess we're more alike then we thought"
"I guess so" I said happily.

"What about your history with boys?" I asked, I didn't mean to ask it.. It just fell out.
"Uh Ok I think" he said
"I-I'm really sorry Frankie, I didn't mean to ask that"
"No, Its ok.. I dont mind"
"Ok then"

I looked at the time, It was twenty to four.

"Well I'll put these down stairs and then I'll be back I guess" I said picking up our plates.
"Ok, I'll be here" he said drawing on his leg with his fingers.

I walked down the hall and into the kitchen.
I washed our plates dried them and put 'em away

I could hear Mikey laughing. And then heard Frankie walked down stairs.

I turned to look at Frankie
"Gerard I was wondering-" His face all of a sudden became struck with fear when Mikey walked in.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!" Mikeys friend yelled.

At that second I saw Frankie drop his cup. turn. and run up the stairs.
Mikey and Jaxon following him.

I had no idea what was going on. So I chased them.
They were bashing on the bathroom door yelling at it.

"What the fuck do you two think your doing?" I yelled at them.
"What the fuck is he doing here!" Mikey yelled back.
"He a fucking loser Gerard"
"What and your not? we're all losers Mikey"
"Not me Gerard, I'm a king"
"No your a fucking idiot"

"When he comes out, I'm going to beat him up" Jaxon spoke out.
"So its been you two harrasing him?"
"course it is" Jaxon said sounding tough.
"You locked him in his locker today?"
"He came home crying to you about it?"
"THATS NOT WHAT I FUCKING ASKED!!!" I screamed at them.

"Yes, We did. do you have a problem with that?"

I slapped them both in the head.

"YOU CANT HIT ME" Jaxon yelled.
"And your not suppose to pick on people younger than you, but you seem to do that with no problem"
"Its not our fault hes a faggot" Mikey said.

"Oh, so your homophobic Mikey?"
"..Yes.. I'd say I am"
"Im disappointed in you Mikey. Our Dad was gay for a few years"
"shut up Gerard" he said in a hushed voice

"YOUR DAD WAS GAY" Jaxon laughed at Mikey.
"Yes, he was.. and he was very proud" I said.
"Now you two are going to FUCK OFF AND LEAVE FRANKIE ALONE" I screamed at them.
"Same with Alicia.. You dont pick on anyone or I will hurt you all in ways you can ever imagen.. now fuck off from my sight!" I said calmly
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