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The Two Angels.

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For in the end, only one angel will be left.

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It all starts with the internet. It all ends with the internet, too. A hurried conversation on a friend’s IM messenger, is all it took for the seeds of romance to be sown.

Way says: Good Evening, my name is Gerard.

Blood Orchid says: “Hi! I’m Alice”

Way says “I hear you like Metallica? “

With that question, a spark of excitement shuttered throughout Alice’s heart. A kindred spirit! A fellow Metallica worshiper! In a world surrounded by rich, self-obsessed popular kids, It was rare for Alice to find a person (let alone a male! ) who enjoyed the same taste in music. Alice had found herself to be a black sheep amongst all the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton look-alikes in the area in which she lived.
After drilling each other mercilessly about the facts of Metallica, as if testing each other with knowledge, Alice signed off, feeling excited about a new friend who obviously adored the same bands as she did.

“Are you done talking to my friends yet?” Brooke entered the room, drying off her long brunette hair.

Alice had known Brooke pretty much her whole life, which is why she still managed to be friends with her. Alice and Brooke were about as different as two people could be. While Alice preferred wearing as much black as possible, Brooke stayed up with the trends and fashions. While Alice liked dark and sinister music, Brooke enjoyed rap.
Yet, despite their differences, they acted like they were joined at the hip. They had even been compared as sisters countless times.

“Hah, sorry. We just got along well. Where did you meet him? “

“He hooked up with one of my friends once. I believe I saw him naked too.” Brooke laughed.

Alice was shocked for a moment, a look of disbelief on her face.

“Why the hell did you see him NAKED?” Alice demanded, also laughing.

“ To be honest, I still don’t know why he was naked. I guess that’s just how he rolls.” Brooke scrunched up her face in confusion. “Anyway, it wasn’t a bad sight..” She gave Alice a sly wink.

“So… is he a nice guy?” Alice asked slowly, looking at her feet.

Brooke burst into laughter, pointing at Alice gleefully.

“Thinking of trying to get into his pants, are we?” She asked through her laughter.

Alice threw a pillow in reply. “Do I really look like the type to bang a guy I met over the internet??”

Brooke gave a sceptical look.

“Shut up you!” laughed Alice, throwing another pillow.

“Hey, I know stories about your love life that would shock even the most seasoned whore!” Brooke sang gleefully, prancing around the room.

“Now you’re just being cruel!!” Alice whined, throwing another pillow. “And besides, I know stories about YOU that would make me seem like a catholic virgin!” Alice retorted.

Brooke sank down next to Alice on the bed and slung an arm around her shoulders.

“Lucky we’re friends then, eh? Otherwise half my personal life would be over the internet by now.” She smirked.

“Mine too, and we do NOT want that” Alice agreed. A pause filtered the room, each girl pondering having their deepest secrets plastered somewhere where everyone could see.

“So… IS he nice?” Alice prompted.

Brooke paused for a moment, thinking her answer through.

“I wouldn’t call him nice, I’d call him a freak. But you like freaks…so I guess so?” Brooke answered.

“That was the worst description ever, you dweeb.” Alice laughed.

Brooke poked her tongue out and rolled off the bed and towards the hallway.

Still laughing, Alice thought about what Brooke had asked her. No, she would not like to get in Gerard’s pants… yet. But she WOULD like to get to know him a whole lot better.


Way says: Good Evening again

Blood Orchid says: Good Evening!!

Way says: How do you fare this fine evening?

Blood Orchid says: Ehh. Not too well. Just kind of sick of people and their cliques.

Way says: Ah yes, the toils of the human race. I guess you and I have escaped ignorance.

Blood Orchid says: =S Elaborate?

Way says: If you were ignorant to the uselessness of humans and the filth we excrete as words, then you would still be happy. However, you seem to have fallen into the truth of humanity.

Blood Orchid says: I’m starting to wish I was like everyone else, blindly happy with lip gloss, or a boyfriend. But I honestly can’t see how those are items of happiness.

Way says: Happiness, Glee, Joy. What are these sins in compare to the power of apathy? The void of indifference and hopelessness? The destructive force of inaction? YOU know these feelings.

Blood Orchid says: I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

Way says: All that is required for Humanity to fall is to succumb to the sterile rot of security. That we need do nothing if we believe it does not affect us.

Blood Orchid says: So us, the ones who are not ignorantly happy, will be the ones to prop up Humanity?

Way says: In a sense, sure.

Blood Orchid says: You sure have an odd way of looking at the world, Gerard.

Way says: As do you, Alice.

Alice stopped typing and smiled at her computer screen. Each conversation with Gerard had been the same. Each time talk had sprung between them over the IM chat, it had broadened Alice’s mind to a different view of the world; and it intrigued her to no end. Gerard was so mysterious, so dark, so SEXY, and she hadn’t even met the guy yet.
Although, if Alice had her way, she would get to meet him soon.

Blood Orchid says: I’d like to meet you in person.

Way says: It would be my pleasure, Alice.

Alice grinned ear to ear. She could hardly stop her heart leaping out of her throat. Her excitement was swiftly followed by nerves. Oh my God I’m going to meet him. Oh my GOD. What if he doesn’t like me? What if they had nothing to say to each other in person? What if he was actually a rapist? What if-
Alice calmed her thoughts. It was all going to be okay. But what am I going to wear? What if he thinks I’m ugly? Alice calmed her thoughts once again and scolded herself for thinking so stupidly. What does it matter what she wears? As if he would care. Or would he?

Alice’s whole body was humming with energy. After writing down the details of their meeting ( the very next week!), Alice signed off IM chat and walked down the hallway to lie on her bed.

Closing her eyes, Alice realised that many sleepless nights would occur before the set date of their meeting, her mind was too clouded with thoughts of Gerard.


Alice woke to sunlight streaming through her window and groaned inwardly. It was going to be another hot summer day. It was difficult to continue wearing Alice’s usual black clothes when the sun tried to drill heat exhaustion into her body. Rolling over to her side, she reached for her phone, checking the time. 8:45. Alice had only slept for a few hours. The whole night, Alice had been questioning herself about meeting Gerard. Images of his potential looks swam through her mind. Not that it would matter if he was particularly ugly, but wouldn’t it be wonderful he if was the perfect guy?
Rubbing her tired eyes, her phone gave a vibrating pulse and starting singing out the tune from her favourite black metal band, Cradle of Filth. Checking the flashing screen, Alice saw that Brooke was trying to call.

“Sup, man.” Alice answered sleepily.

“Hey Alice…Oh, I didn’t wake you up did I?”

“Nah I was up. What’s going on?”

“There’s a festival on tonight at the market grounds. Rides and stuff. You keen?” Brooke asked.

“Ummm. Sure, why not. Are you picking me up?” Alice slurred through her exhaustion.

“Of course. I’ll be there around 5pm. I want to get their early.” Brooke answered.

“How come? You meeting someone?”

“Yeah. This one guy. He seems alright. A few other people are going too.”

Alice paused. Brooke’s group of friends weren’t exactly people Alice wanted to be associated with. These people cared more about their looks and sex than anything else. Not to mention they talked like the cliché` popular people you saw on movies. However, Alice guessed that they didn’t like her anymore than she liked them.

“Yeah alright. I’m going to try and sleep some more, see ‘ya then.” Alice agreed, hanging up the phone.

Sighing back into her pillows, Alice tried to will her body back to sleep, knowing she would need the extra energy to get her through Brooke’s insufferable friends.


Surprisingly, Alice HAD gotten back to sleep. When she had finally woken, she realised it was 4:30pm and she only had half an hour to get herself up and ready before Brooke came to pick her up. Blinking away the sleep, Alice felt deliciously refreshed and cured of her sleepless night. She had even momentarily forgotten to think obsessively about Gerard for the time being.
Hauling herself out of bed, she clambered over to her wardrobe and started shifting through the piles of black clothes, looking for something suitable to wear to a festival.
Deciding on a black miniskirt, fishnets and a simple black singlet, Alice pulled them on hurriedly, wanting to spend more time on her hair that seemed to be going a thousand different directions at once. Turning on the hair straightener, Alice signed onto msn, surprised to find Gerard online.

Blood Orchid says: What’s going on?

Way says: Procrastinating.

Blood Orchid says: From what?

Way says: Leaving my abode with my chums.

Blood Orchid says: Where are you going?

Way says: To the market ground. Apparently it’s an excellent place to become inebriated.

Alice stopped. This coincidence was too good to be true.

Blood Orchid says: I’m going there too.

Way says: I hope to see you there, Alice.

With that, Gerard signed off, leaving Alice’s insides to start squirming in anticipation and nervous energy.
Suddenly a lot more excited about going to the market ground, Alice started straightening her hair with renewed vigour.

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