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The Meeting

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Enter Gerard.

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“You look nice.” Brooke complimented Alice as she clambered into the waiting car.

Alice had spent the better half of her time making sure her blonde hair tipped with black was at a high level of perfection. Her eyes were surrounded by a generous application of eyeliner, and her skin was a smooth olive colour. Added to her outfit, Alice wore knee high lace up boots that complimented her calves.

“Thanks, you too.” Alice replied. Brooke wore a frilly purple dress with sheer black stockings and small pair of shiny heels.

As Brooke pulled out of Alice’s driveway, Alice connected her ipod to the cars stereo.

“No way! My car, my music!” Brooke exclaimed, trying to push Alice’s hands away from the controls, while keeping one hand on the wheel.

“Oh come on, it’s a short drive, let me have a turn!” Alice whined. “I’ll even put on something soft for you.”

“Yeah right. Your version of soft has at least some sort of screaming in it.” Brooke joked, returning both hands to the wheel.
Alice sniggered. Scrolling down her music list, she decided on The Used, knowing that Brooke was familiar with their most famous song “All that I’ve Got”.

“SO DEEP, THAT IT DIDN’T EVEN BLEEDIN’CATCH ME OFF GUARD, RED HANDED, NOW I’M FAR FROM LONELY” Brooke sang loudly, swerving around some poor unsuspecting pedestrian.

Alice laughed, secretly gloating to herself for corrupting Brooke to some of her music tastes.

Singing along, the girls made swift time and pulled into an empty parking spot near the entrance of the market grounds.

Still singing, even though the engine had been turned off, Brooke and Alice made their way to the entrance, shocking a few passer-bys with their loud singing. Taking particular relish in scaring people, Alice screamed “THAT IT DIDN’T EVEN BLEEDIN’… FUCK!!!!” A mother with two small kids jumped at the swear word and ushered her children inside the grounds quickly, averting her eyes from the spectacle the girls were making. Brooke laughed loudly and linked arms with Alice.

“Ahhh, it’s always fun swearing a small kids, isn’t it?” Brooke sighed, smiling broadly.

“Yeah you better watch out, next you’ll be wearing all black and screaming ‘fuck’ at everyone who goes past.” Alice sniggered.

“You wish!” Brooke answered.

The girls walked arm in arm in silence for a while until they were amidst the stalls and crowds of the festival.

“So who are you actually meeting here?” Alice inquired over the chatter of the surrounding people.

“ Eh, you know. The usual. Kate and Charlotte are here. As well as Ray.”

Alice giggled a little at the mention of Ray. Brooke had been crushing on him for the better part of the last few months. Ray was the epitome of popular. His laid-back nature and constant happiness made him an easy person to get along with. Alice could never understand how Brooke could be attracted to that much hair, though.

Brooke pointed somewhere amongst the crowd.

“There they are.” She said.

Alice saw Ray’s hair before she saw the two girls accompanying him. Honestly, he hair was like a person by itself. Big and fuzzy were the only two words that would describe it. On either side of him, were the girls that Alice tried her hardest not to be. Charlotte had a shock of red hair that was piled on top of her head in what was meant to be the latest trend. She was quite a voluptuous girl, her massive breasts being the target for many of the guys at school. Kate was polar opposites with Charlotte in appearances. Stick thin and dark haired, she resembled a swimwear model. Then again, she acted like she was a model too.

The two girls noticed Brooke pointing at them, and squealed in unison. Alice tried not to let out a groan, and instead just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms on her chest.

Running over, Charlotte and Kate jumped onto Brooke, smothering her with hugs, and an obligatory kiss on both cheeks.

“Oh my GOD, Brooke. Where did you get those heels? SO sexy.” Kate exclaimed in a high pitched voice that never ceased to get on Alice’s nerves.

“And Brooke, that dress is to absolutely DIE for.” Charlotte squealed, bouncing up and down in excitement.
Tuning out to their girly chatter, Alice turned to Ray who looked as awkward as Alice felt around their noisy complimenting.

“Hey, Ray.” Alice said, walking to stand next to him.

“Hey Alice, how ‘ya going?” He smiled. Such a nice guy.

“Not too bad. Just waiting for the girliness to stop.” Alice laughed.

Ray laughed along, pleased that he wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand what the hell the girls were talking about.

“Oh, and Alice is here.” Brooke said, emerging from the girly talk and turning towards her.

The looks on Charlotte and Kate’s face could have sent daggers. Charlotte attempted a small smile, which turned into a sort of grimace. Kate, however, didn’t even try to be pleasant, preferring to just look down her perfect nose.

“Oh HI girls” Alice said, trying to be as sarcastic as possible. Giving them both over-the-top kisses on their cheeks and smiling horridly at them. Alice laughed inside as she felt both girls flinch under her close proximity.
Brooke sent a small glare towards Alice, willing her to stop being so sarcastic.

“Oh hey Ray.” Brooke gushed, batting her eyelids and using her ‘sex’ voice. Ray smiled in return and engulfed Brooke in a bear hug.

Alice rolled her eyes again. She only hoped she could find Gerard soon to escape this hell. Sure, Brooke was her best friend, but even SHE can get irritating when surrounded by her kindred popular kids.

“So who are you with?” Kate sneered, still looking down her nose at Alice.

Alice was a little shocked at the exclusion. Obviously, Kate was making sure Alice knew that she was NOT welcome to be part of their little crew; as if she wanted to be.
Alice gave a huge false smile, and battered her eyelids for effect.

“Oh you know, just meeting some other people ‘like me’. You know, freaks.” Alice raised an eyebrow, willing Kate to retaliate.

Instead, Kate turned her back on Alice and started another infuriating girly conversation with Charlotte while they waited for Brooke to disengage her body from Ray’s. Alice smirked, glad she had won this little dispute.

Hoping for a glimpse of Gerard, Alice scanned the crowd, looking for any people wearing all black. Stopping herself, she frowned. She didn’t even know what he looked like.

Tapping Brooke on her shoulder, she asked, “What does Gerard look like?”

Brooke looked confused for a second before answering.

“He’s a little taller than you, black hair down to his shoulders, hazel eyes. Why? Are you meeting him here?”

Alice shrugged, uncertain if he was actually going to be here.

“Are you talking about GERARD?!” Charlotte interjected rudely.

Alice raised her eyebrow threateningly.

Brooke whispered, “Remember I said he hooked up with one of my friends?”

Alice nodded, understanding that this friend was Charlotte, and wondering why the hell Gerard would get messed up wit the likes of her. Starting to realise that she really didn’t know Gerard very well, Alice waited for Charlotte to say more on the matter.

“He is SUCH a freak, like, seriously.” She said obnoxiously.

Alice laughed.

“Well, thanks for your opinion, Charlotte, my dear, but I think we freaks have to stick together.”

Charlotte scowled in return. Not having an answer to that.

“Oooo can we go on the Ferris Wheel?” Kate asked the group, excluding Alice from the decision.

“Sounds good, eh girls?” Ray agreed, grabbing Brooke’s hand and walking towards the line-up in front of the Ferris Wheel.

“I might wait here, if it’s all the same. I don’t really like heights.” Alice said, finding the perfect opportunity to slip away from the group and find the elusive Gerard.

Brooke nodded and gave a little wave over her shoulder before turning all her attention back to Ray.

Sitting on a nearby fence, Alice settled down to search the passing crowd, wishing she had her pack of cigarettes to occupy her. Since her dad had found out about her habit, she had been unable to get away with coming home reeking of cigarette smoke, so she couldn’t smoke too often. Deciding that finding someone with a spare cigarette was better than sitting on a fence, Alice wound her way through the crowds, looking for the obligatory group of smokers.
Not surprisingly, Alice found them easily, leaning against a car between a pair of stalls. She walked up to the closest one holding a cigarette and put on her best smile.

“Do you have a spare cigarette that I can borrow?” She asked sweetly.

The guy laughed, flipping his fringe out of his eyes. He was a short guy, around the same height as Alice, wearing skinny jeans, a band shirt and sporting a lip ring and nose piercing.

“Sure, although, I don’t really want it back when you’re done with it.” He laughed at his own joke, pulling his pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket and handing one to Alice.

She smiled politely and looked around the group.

“Is it too much to ask for a light?” She inquired to the group.

The short guy spoke again, still smiling from his earlier attempt at a joke.

“Yeah, Gerard has one, I think.”

Alice paused. Gerard? GERARD?

Slowly spinning on her foot, she came face to face with a mane of black hair and piercing hazel eyes.

“Good evening, Alice.”


Alice jaw had dropped and her eyes were wide in shock. He was….beautiful. Everything about him. Her eyes quickly scanned his body and took in every detail of skin she could see. His black hair parted on the side and swept in a slight wave to brush at his shoulders. His skin was pure and white, which accentuated his bright hazel eyes. His gaze was just as mysterious as his personality was online. His hands were perfectly formed, and rested limply against the sides of his thighs. The rest of his body was shrouded in dark clothing, tight black jeans, and a loose fitting band shirt that read ‘Metallica” across the top. He was surprisingly skinny, as if he didn’t eat as much as he should, but his skin still glowed healthily, which made him all the more attractive to Alice. He had a small smirk on his lips.
Reaching out to Alice’s face, he pushed upwards on her chin, forcing her mouth shut with a snap.
He had a look of superiority, which didn’t bother Alice in the slightest. Hell, he had reason to be arrogant.
Alice blushed and looked down at her feet, embarrassed to be caught staring so blatantly.

“It is my pleasure to meet you, Alice.” He said in a soft voice, holding out his hand to shake mine.

She glanced up again and took his hand, feeling the almost cold contours of his hand, and liking his touch very much.

“You know this feline?” The short guy with the cigarettes asked. Alice blanched a bit at the strange pet name he had called her by. Feline? Who calls girls felines?

“She is an acquaintance I made, Frank.” Gerard replied to the shortie, still shaking my hand.

Alice was still long lost in the touch of Gerard’s hand, and the curiosity to know more and more about who he is.

Releasing her hand, Gerard rummaged in his pocket and produced a lighter, clicking the flame into life and holding it out to Alice.

“Thank you.” Alice whispered, putting the cigarette between her lips and allowing Gerard to light it for her. Taking a drag, Alice finally found some sense and composed herself, trying to be what she thought Gerard wanted her to be. Running a hand through her black-tipped blonde hair, she exhaled her drag and flicked the ash onto the ground.

“Would you like to sit down, Alice?” Gerard asked, motioning to the car they were all leaning against.

Alice nodded and starting moving towards the car when a loud squeal pierced the noise of the crowd.

“Alice! I’d though I lost you! You should have been on the Ferris Wheel, wow. It was SO cool.” Brooke’s excited voice seemed annoyingly loud after Gerard’s soft voice. She was pushing through the crowds, dragging Ray behind her by the hand.

“Oh.” Brooke stopped in her tracks, peering around at the small group of black-clad people. “I didn’t know you had friends here.” Brooke said, moving to stand next to me, still dragging poor Ray behind her.

“Good evening, Brooke. We meet again.” Gerard spoke in his silky voice. Alice almost melted at the music of his spoken words.

Brooke raised an eyebrow. “Hi Gerard. Nice to see you’re clothed this time.”

Instead of being insulted, Gerard smiled. Alice was about to collapse with his beauty.

“… And who are these people?” Brooke asked Alice, looking around the small circle of smokers.

Alice shrugged, looking as lost as Brooke.

“ I’d like you to meet my chums.” Gerard spoke, pointing out each member of his little group. “This is Frank, Mikey, and Bob.”
Each guy nodded when his name was said. Mikey was a little taller then Gerard, with framed glasses and similar features to Gerard. Bob was tall and solid, Blonde hair and blue eyes, yet still wearing black. Frank was the short one that had given Alice the cigarette.

Brooke nodded at each of the group and then gave a side-long glare at Alice holding her cigarette between her lips.

“You shouldn’t be smoking, you know. Your dad will have a fit.” She pointed out.

Brooke was just as against my smoking habits as my dad was. Hell, they will probably start an ‘anti- Alice- smoking’ group just to spite her.

“Yeah you’re right.” Alice agreed, taking a final drag and stamping out the cigarette with her boot. A little pissed of that Brooke had intruded on her first meeting with Gerard. This was something she didn’t want to share with anyone else.

Frank sighed in annoyance.

“There was at least half left of that! You’ve wasted my perfectly good cigarette!” He protested, sounding like a child deprived of his toy.

Alice grinned cheekily. “Well, you weren’t getting it back anyway, so suck it up.”

Frank grinned back, giving her a small wink.

Ray turned slightly and whispered something in Brooke’s ear. She nodded to him and then turned back to Alice.

“We’re going to go get some food, you coming?” She gave me a look. One Alice knew too well. She didn’t have a choice.

Alice nodded to Brooke and then turned to seek out Gerard’s startling eyes again. He smirked and gave a small bow, holding out his hand to shake hers again.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, Alice. I’ll see you very soon.” She held out her hand and was surprised to feel his lips press against the back of her hand swiftly. Alice lost her breath for a short moment before gathering her thoughts back under control.

“It was a pleasure meeting you too, Gerard.” His name came out of Alice’s mouth as a whisper. Her heart was beating irregularly and her stomach rolled around in excitement.

Without so much as a glance at any of the dark-clothed boys, Brooke grabbed both Ray and Alice’s hands and dragged them away from the parked car. Alice looked over her shoulder as she was dragged away, meeting Gerard’s eyes once again. He stood as if he was a glorious statue, looking longingly back into Alice’s eyes.
Alice turned her attention back to where she was walking, the spot that Gerard had kissed on her hand tingling pleasantly.

Soooo there you go, second chapter.
Again, just pointing out that this is all a true story, just with characters changed.
Please let me know what you thinks.
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