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The Key

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Gerard is searching for something.

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“So what did you think of Gerard?” Brooke asked, twirling a strand of her dark hair around her fingers.

It was late at night, and the two girls were laying on Alice’s bed, chatting away to each other in their pyjamas. It was customary for Brooke and Alice to have a sleep-over at least once a weekend, or when in the holidays, a few times a week. They really were joined at the hips. Alice’s dad was so used to having Brooke over that he considered her his second daughter.

The rest of the night at the market grounds had been somewhat boring compared to the meeting with Gerard. Charlotte and Kate had gone off to trap some poor boys with their seduction, and Ray and Brooke were pretty much all over each other, leaving Alice as a pitiful third wheel. Alice was used to this, however, and she really didn’t mind being third wheel. Being third wheel meant she didn’t have to contribute to a conversation that would have no interest for her anyway.

“He was really nice. It’ll be fantastic to get to know him.” Alice answered, running her finger along her bottom lip in thought.

Brooke let out a high-pitched giggle. “You mean, get to know him in his pants?”

Alice sighed and poked out her tongue at Brooke.

“Is that honestly all you think about?” Alice asked.

Brooke thought for a moment, screwing up her face in mock concentration before answering,

“ Ummm. Yes!” She sang.

Both girls laughed, knowing that Brooke was probably right in saying that. Alice swore she had the sex-drive of a male.

“I’m seeing him next week anyway, so I guess I’ll get to know him then…” Alice said, still in thought about Gerard.

“IN HIS PANTS!” yelled Brooke, laughing madly.

“That’s it, you’re going down” Alice said in her most threatening voice, rising up to kneel above Brooke.

“Ahhh! You wouldn’t!” Brooke squealed, trying to squirm away from Alice. Alice was too quick, however, and grabbed both of Brookes legs, tickling her feet unmercifully.

Brook let out a huge scream of laughter and tried to kick her feet out of Alice’s grip.

“Noooo! She’s got me!!! Ahhhh!”

Alice released her and laid back down on the bed, panting and laughing from her tickling energy expenditures.

“You know, Brooke, for 17 yr olds, we sure do act like kids.” Alice gasped between laughing fits.

“We ARE kids, Alice.” Brooke said, grinning at Alice.

“Well I pity the 10 yr old who acts like YOU!” Alice joked, laughing harder.

“I act quite respectably thank you very much!” Brooke replied, “I didn’t even TRY to get into Ray’s pants tonight!”

“That’s because you actually LIKE this boy, you dweeb.” Alice laughed.

All the talk of sexual innuendos made Alice think about what Gerard had said about ignorance. Alice guessed he was right. Brooke was so blissfully happy because she lived in her own world of boys, lip-gloss and gossip. Alice and Gerard, however, saw the world for what it really was, a miserable, messed-up and unfair place. Alice wondered how the hell she was going to survive in a world that was not what it seemed, with Gerard the only link to the truth.


Blood Orchid has signed in.

Way says: Good Morning, Alice.

Blood Orchid says: Morning, Gerard. How are you?

Way says: Inspired after seeing you last night.

Blood Orchid says: What were you inspired by?

Way says: There is beauty in a mother’s affection, a friends heart, but your beauty spoke to me.

Blood Orchid says: Wow.

Alice was speechless. Did Gerard really call her beautiful? The butterflies in her stomach were growing at an alarming rate, and her heart thumped loudly in her ears. A warm tingling was spreading throughout her body.

Blood Orchid says: I find you to be very inspiring too.

Way says: Thank you, Alice. In what way?

Blood Orchids says: I find you utterly irresistible, if you don’t mind me saying.

Way says: Not at all, That is a very large compliment.

Blood Orchid says: Am I still seeing you in a few days?

Way says: It would be my upmost delight to see you again.

She grinned at the computer screen, ecstatic that he seemed as excited as she was.

Blood Orchid says: You’ve made me smile.

Way says: You’ve made me smile too. A true smile is a rare feat on my behalf.

Alice, still grinning, logged off and turned to face the sleeping Brooke on her bed. Looming over her, Alice poked her in the shoulder to wake her up. Brooke stirred and mumbled something incomprehensible.

“Brooke, guess what? Gerard says he would be delighted to see me again!” Alice exclaimed, too excited to keep her emotions to herself.

“ Tha’s good…” Brooke slurred, not opening her eyes.

Dampened by Brooke’s lack of enthusiasm, Alice turned to start combing her wardrobe for something to wear in a few days for her next meeting with Gerard.


Wearing tight fitting black jeans and a baggy band shirt, Alice stepped out of her dad’s car, giving him a quick peck on the cheek and promising not to do anything stupid. Alice left her duo-coloured hair slightly wavy today, but had straightened her fringe so that it hung nicely down one side of her face. Her brown eyes were outlined in a thick black and red eye liner, as per usual. Not one person other than her Dad had seen Alice without make-up since she was 13 years old.
The last few days had passed with ongoing thoughts of Gerard. It was like a never-ending train going around and around inside Alice’s skull, and all the while Gerard’s soft voice echoed around her thoughts, repeating every movement of his mouth when the words were spoken.

And finally, this was the day. The official meeting of Gerard. One on one. All alone together. Oh my God.

The place of meeting had been agreed to a small group of shops near where Gerard lived. Luckily, it was only about a 10 minute drive to get there. As Alice walked towards the shops, she scanned the buildings carefully, looking for the shock of black hair.
Noticing a smudge of black across the road, Alice braced herself, knowing it was Gerard. He was sitting on a bench with his back to her. Alice could see a sliver of his neck and sighed at the smoothness and perfection of his skin, his hair, everything.
Drawing herself up, Alice walked confidently over to the bench and sat down next to Gerard, smiling broadly. Gerard snapped his head around and smirked, pulling his earphones from his ears.

“Good Afternoon, Alice.” He spoke, sending shivers down Alice’s spine.

Trying not to let her emotions run wild, Alice smiled at Gerard in answer, not trusting herself to speak.

“Shall we?” He asked gesturing towards a beaten up old car with rust being the prime colour.

Alice nodded, and smiled again. Still not trusting her voice, fearing that when she spoke she would blurt out something about the way he was making her feel inside.

Climbing into his car, Alice tried to stop herself from worrying so much. He had said she was beautiful, hadn’t he? He had said he was inspired by meeting her. What’s there to worry about? He can’t have changed his mind so soon.

Switching on the ignition, Gerard turned to Alice before backing out of the car park.

“You look rather nervous, Alice.” He purred.

Alice blushing, knowing that keeping her emotions in check would be hard to achieve. Besides, she had so MANY emotions concerning Gerard that she was glad he only noticed how nervous she was, not how attracted she was to him, or how much lust and wonder burned through her whole body.

“Sorry, I guess I am a bit nervous.” She apologised, wringing her hands and trying to hide the blush creeping up her neck.

Gerard raised an eyebrow and lifted one corner of his mouth into a smirk.

“No need to be nervous, my dear.” he whispered, placing his hand on top of Alice’s and rubbing circles on her wrist with his thumb.

At his touch, Alice’s body seemed to explode. Her arms were tingling with such an unexplainable feeling and her lungs filled up with one large gasp of air.
Gerard pulled back his hand, tilting his head to one side and surveying her through slightly frowning eyes.

“You aren’t scared, are you , Alice?” He asked in his silky voice.

“Never.” Alice whispered, overcome by his presence. She lifted her head and met his eyes. Gerard locked his eyes on her face and stared entrancingly into her brown eyes, making Alice’s heart flutter around her chest. Alice couldn’t have said how long they looked at each other, she was too lost in the beauty of him. His eyes were the purest hazel she had ever seen. In this light Alice noticed that his deep eyes were flecked with green and blue.

Breaking the gaze, Gerard gave a short clearing of the throat and swivelled in his seat to back the car out of the car park.

Alice looked back at her writhing hands. It seemed that he was just as nervous as she was, although he was much better at hiding it then she was.


Walking into Gerard’s room for the first time was like walking into a small dark hole underground. One small window offered the only light in the whole room. The walls were plastered with band posters of almost every alternative genre, and a small desk showed stacks and stacks of CD’s that Alice was familiar with. His small single bed was shoved against one wall, covered in a guitar and sheets of lyrics that looked to be hand written.

“ You sing?” Alice asked timidly, walked over to lead through a few of the sheets of paper.

“A little. I mostly just like to write, though.” Gerard replied, moving the guitar and paper from the bed.

Alice sank gratefully down on the end of his bed, her body so full of adrenaline that standing up exhausted her body.
Gerard sat at the head of his bed, his slim legs crossed underneath his body. He gave a small smirk before asking:

“So, you think I’m irresistible? He asked.

Alice blushed a deep crimson, wishing he hadn’t brought her confession into conversation. Staring determinedly down at her lap, Alice nodded her head.
Alice felt Gerard shift closer to Alice on the bed.

“ No need to be embarrassed. It is a very high compliment, and one I can return.” He spoke, putting a hand to her chin and lifting her eyes to his.

“Really?” Alice asked, shocked that he would have the same lustful thoughts that seemed to always be in Alice’s mind.

Gerard nodded. His eyes darting back and forth between each of her eyes. Alice thought it looked like he was searching her eyes for some hint of the feeling she was trying hard to suppress.

“What are you looking for?” whispered Alice, watching his eyes search hers.

Gerard paused for a moment and stared deep into Alice’s brown eyes.

“A key to your lips.” He whispered in reply.

The words were barely out of his mouth before Alice smashed her lips against his, the adrenaline pumping around her body in rapid waves, making her feel light-headed and lost in the moment.

Gerard started moving his lips against hers, grasping the sides of her head with both hands, as eager for this as she was. He deepened the kiss and gently probed her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

Alice greedily accepted, and moved her lips against his franticly, trying to get as much of him as she could. Placing a hand on his chest, Alice felt her shoulders tense and her breath gasp at the effect Gerard was having upon her mind. Her mind was totally blank except for the feeling of his cool mouth on hers, the gentle swirling of their tongues, locked in a dance.

An indeterminable amount of time later, Alice broke the kiss, rocking backwards slightly to study Gerard’s reaction.

His eyes were closed and his lips parted slightly. His beauty was insurmountable. Locks of his raven hair curled around his face, accentuating the soft curves of his cheekbones, his chin, his lips.

“What is it?” Alice whispered.

Gerard slowly opened his eyes.

“I’m trying to memorize every second so that I can remember kissing you forever.”

Alice leant forward and pecked him softly on the lips.
“Hopefully our kisses will not turn into just fond memories. I know I’m not going anywhere” Alice said, shocked at herself for committing herself to this guy who she had barely seen in person.

Gerard gave the first true smile that she had seen. The effect was alarming. It changed his mysterious and closed face (albeit sexy), into an open and approachable look. It was at that moment that Alice fell irrevocably in love with him.

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