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Fight for the Right.

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We must Fight.

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Alice woke disorientated to her phone ringing. I should really put it on silent, she thought. Opening her eyes, she realised she wasn’t in her room, she wasn’t even in her house. Astonishment turned into understanding as she saw Gerard sprawled across his bed, his head lying on Alice’s stomach. Alice smiled at his peaceful pose. His eyes were closed, his lips parted slightly in relaxation. His hands were folded across his chest loosely.

“You going to get that?” Gerard asked, his eyes still closed.

Alice jumped, not realising that he was awake.

“Uh.. Yeah” She mumbled, reaching for her pocket.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Alice, where are you? I was meant to pick you up from the shops 5 minutes ago.” Her dad answered, sounding slightly pissed off.

“Oh sorry, dad. I’m on my way now. Be there in 10.” Alice said, hanging up.

Groaning and stretching her hands behind her head, Alice felt Gerard shift off her stomach and sit up on the bed.

“Was that Daddy?” He asked, the familiar smirk lighting up his face. Alice sighed. He really was too good to be true. His hair was slightly ruffled from lying down, which made him look even more like a sex God.

Alice nodded in reply. Giving Gerard a small smile.

“I’ve got to get going. He’s waiting for me at the shops.” Alice stood up from the bed, brushing the wrinkles out of her shirt.

Gerard gave a small nod and grabbed his keys off his desk, also standing to walk out the door.

Climbing into the car for the second time of the day, Alice rubbed her eyes, trying to make herself look more awake so her dad wouldn’t be suspicious.

“ I can’t believe I fell asleep.” She sighed, rubbing her eyeliner back into place.

Gerard gave a chuckle, starting the ignition and pulling out of the driveway.

“I was going to wake you, but you looked so happy.” He said, glancing her way swiftly.

Alice chuckled back at him.

“I AM happy.” She said, staring at the side of Gerard’s face.

She saw his face light up in another one of his true smiles. Alice felt a surge of energy float through her body. Frowning at herself, Alice realised that she would have to get used to these new feeling of excitement if she were to hang around Gerard.

Gerard parked the car a short walk away from the shops. In the distance, Alice could see her Dad’s parked car.

Turning off the car, Gerard turned to Alice as she unbuckled her seat-belt.

“I hope to see you again.” he said soberly.

“I hope it’s very soon.” Alice spoke softly, drawn again to his hazel orbs, marvelling at the depth of colour and beauty.

Gerard leaned in a pecked Alice softly on the lips, then drew back slightly to look back into her eyes.
Alice was not satisfied with this, however, and touched her lips back onto his, holding the connection as long as she could.
His lips were soft and yielding to every movement her lips made. It made Alice want to kiss him for all of eternity.

Gerard pushed back, denying Alice the contact she craved.

“I think we’ll see each other very soon.” He said slowly, his piercing eyes drilling holes into Alice’s seductively.

Before allowing herself to take Gerard right there in the car, She hopped out of the car and all but ran towards her Dad’s car, hoping he didn’t catch the glimpse of lust rising through her body.


“So who was that boy you were with?” Dad asked as we drove steadily home through the afternoon traffic.

“A friend. He’s friends with Brooke too.” Alice said, knowing that he would drop it if he knew Brooke had approved of him.

Her Dad nodded, pleased that he wasn’t a stranger.

“I don’t really like the look of him.” He said, glaring at the road ahead.

Alice sighed in frustration.

“Dad, you don’t like the look of ANY of the guys I hang out with.” She said exaggeratingly. It was true, anyway. Alice knew that he was just being protective, but it still got on her nerves whenever he tried to talk her out of seeing her friends. Well, she thought, he isn’t going to talk me out of seeing Gerard. No way on this planet.

“Yeah that’s true.” Her Dad agreed. “ But I mean, what’s with all the black hair?” He asked, sneering a little and waving around his hands to prove his point.

Alice rolled her eyes. According to her dad, anyone wearing black who had long hair and/or piercings was ill-equip to being a friendly or decent person.

“Dad, just because he looks different doesn’t make him vampiric.” Alice groaned, cursing him for ruining her high emotions.

Her dad just waved off her protests and continued on his rant about the boys Alice hung out with.

“I mean, it’s great that you have friends, but why can’t you choose any normal ones? It’s always doom and despair with you, Alice….” He droned on and on.

Alice pulled her ipod out of her pocket and put one earpiece in carefully, not letting her Dad know that she wasn’t planning on listening anymore.

As the music drowned out her Dad’s rampage, Alice allowed her thoughts to drift back to the day she had shared with Gerard.

There was something about Gerard that Alice couldn’t quite place. She had never felt this way about anyone before. It felt like her stomach wanted to leap out of her throat every time he spoke in his smooth voice. Alice knew she was smitten; but was he? It was impossible to see behind those stunning hazel eyes. His mysterious nature was intoxicating, but it was also making Alice a bit scared. If she couldn’t read his emotions and intents through his personality, how was she going to get to know him properly?
Even though Alice was apprehensive about Gerard’s intentions, she wasn’t about to stop seeing him for anyone.
Yes, his mystery is what drew Alice in, but it could also be her undoing.


Way has signed in.

Blood Orchid says: Hey!

Way says: Good evening, once again.

Blood Orchid says: Long time no see =P

Way says: I only wish that you could have stayed longer.

Blood Orchid says:
Yeah me too. My dad can be a bit crazy, though.

Way says: Indeed. I suppose he didn’t like the look of me?

Blood Orchid says: Yeah that’s right. How did you guess?

Way says: I’m rather used to people judging me from my appearance.

Blood Orchid says:
Me too. I’ve gotten used to it, though.

Way says: Alice?

Blood Orchid says: Yes Gerard?

Way says: I think I’m falling in love with you.

Blood Orchid says:
Honest? I thought it was just me?

Way says:
Honest. You draw me in, I don’t know what it is. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

Blood Orchid says: I can hardly contain my excitement!!! I feel the same!

Way says: You have a knack for making me smile.

Blood Orchid says: …..

Way says: What is bothering you?

Blood Orchid says: Do you think we’re rushing into this? I haven’t known you very long.

Way says: Do you suggest fighting this feeling?

Alice thought for a moment. Could she really say no to this magnetic love they were both feeling? This is what she had always wanted…It was almost love at first sight, but she was still scared.
His beautifully haunting eyes burned Alice’s memory. Could she really stand wondering what was behind those eyes for the rest of her life? Was she getting herself involved in something that would be more strain than pleasure?
But then again, COULD she fight this feeling? This joy, bliss and total adrenaline that was pushed through her body at the very mention of Gerard. Could she give up potential happiness because she was frightened of what was behind those eyes?

Blood Orchid says: I can’t fight this. It’s meant to be.


Short chapter this time. The next chapter is going to be a big step, so I thought I would leave it here for now.
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