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The Poem.

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You planned this?

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Alice tried not to skip down the path on her way to Gerard’s house. After their last meeting, Alice could hardly wait for the week to fly by and for the weekend to arrive. After their mutual agreement that they would pursue their feelings, Alice had practically begged her Dad to let her go to Gerard’s house once again.
Alice had carefully dressed herself in her usual black mini-skirt, black tank top, and a hoodie with the words ‘Don’t look back’ printed in red across the front and back. Her eyes were coated in an extra layer of eyeliner, and her hair lay straightened to perfection.
Alice watched her feet walk hurriedly along the road, smiling as the familiar butterflies filled her body. Her arms tingled in anticipation as she reached his door. Smoothing down her hair, and running a finger underneath her eyes to make sure her makeup hadn’t smudged, she knocked timidly on the door and tried not to grin.
The door was answered by a severe looking woman, aged in her mid-40s. The woman practically leered at Alice, staring down a hawk-like nose.

“U-umm. Is Gerard home?” Alice asked softly, secretly wishing that the bony old woman would stop looking at her like a bug.

‘They’re downstairs.” The woman replied unsmilingly, gesturing to a set of stair leading to the basement.

Trying VERY hard to suppress the reply she would have liked to have made to the woman, Alice shuffled past and fled down the stairs.
Loud and violent music was blaring out from underneath the door at the bottom of the stairs, so Alice assumed she had found the right place. Before Alice reached for the doorhandle, a burst of male laughter sounded from the room.
Alice creaked the door open and peered inside.
Gerard sat cross-legged on the bed, shaking with laughter at another boy sitting in the room. Alice immediately recognised him as the short guy who had given her a cigarette at the markets.
Gerard looked up at the sound of the door, and shook his long black hair from his face.

“Alice, you’re here. I assume you remember Frank?”

Frank turned from his position on the floor and gave Alice a small smile.

“The cigarette girl, right?” He asked.

Alice nodded and walked into the room, taking a seat in a vacant chair.

“Would you care for a drink, Alice?” Gerard asked, his voice spilling about Alice’s ear’s like music.
Alice caught herself staring once again into his deep hazel eyes, the same intense look held within them. He wore long tailored black pants, with a band shirt reading ‘Job for a Cowboy’ across the chest. His long black hair was its usual ruffled mess. Alice sighed deeply, forgetting momentarily that Gerard wasn’t the only other person in the room.
A small tap at her elbow brought her back to the present. Frank was holding out a cold beer for her.

“Alice? Thought you left us there for a second.” Frank sniggered and winked in a knowing way.

Alice shook her head slightly, trying to bring her focus away from Gerard’s beauty. Taking the beer, her eyes automatically zoomed back onto Gerard’s face. Gerard caught and held Alice’s glare, unspoken words of love and lust brimming between them in silent messages.
Frank glanced between the two, realising that he was an unwelcomed presence. Downing his beer in a few gulps, Frank stood up from the floor and clasped Gerard’s arm.
“I’m off, buddy. Have fun. Tell me all the gruesome details.” Frank smirked and walked out of the room, patting me on the head as he walked past.
Gerard and Alice didn’t break eye contact for Frank’s whole exchange.

“I apologize on Frank’s behalf for his crude humour.” Gerard spoke, his words laced with silk.

“Oh, no problem” Alice practically whispered, her body edging forward of her own accord.

Their gazes seemed to build up a energy inside each of them, which was like an unstoppable force with their hearts at the base.
Just before Alice was about to move off the bed and sit next to him, Gerard shifted to the side and reached under the bed.

“I wrote you something, I hope you enjoy it.” Gerard said, pulling out a few sheets of paper with hastily written words covering it.
Alice took the papers and bent her head to read the first few stanzas.

This is the story ov
The two angels trapped in hell
Alice, and the ol’e Gerard.
From grace into hell they forever fell.

A dark cloud thickened over the earth
Which begun to grow more darker when
Two un-knowing mother’s gave birth
Onto un-growing, dead, decaying turf.

Alice looked up from reading.

“Is this about us?” She asked in awe.
Gerard nodded his head once, his dark hair falling over one eye.
Alice continued to read, the many stanzas’s telling of religions lies and human faults, but a strong bond that held two people together.
Alice eyes threatened to spill tears at the utter beauty of the words. Every word of it spoke truth, every stanza created a picture that left a mental image plastered on the inside of Alice’s brain.
Alice came to the final Stanzas.

To be ov the land where beauty you shall forever see
Where tears no longer fall from your eyes
Where the worthy never dies.

For in the end there shall be only one lasting Angel,
The other shall rid away from this torment, this pain, this circle.
For the angel must forever leave the world’s delusion
And be free from the world ov everlasting pain and confusion.

The Angels shall forever roam this world
In search of beauty left from the paradise
We all yearn and forever fight for,
When one angel has already found it.

Alice looked up in confusion.
“I don’t quite understand the last few stanza’s, Gerard.” She said, still trying to figure out what he could mean by this. Obviously, the two angels were Alice and Gerard, and the paradise was a utopia that they were searching for (metaphorically) amongst all the filth of humanity.

“What don’t you understand, Alice?” Gerard asked.

Alice pointed to a particular stanza.

“For in the end there shall be only one lasting Angel?” Alice referred to the poem.
“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

“What do you think I’m trying to say, Alice?” Gerard asked, making himself seem like a teacher figure.

“Well, it sounds like one of the angels is going to die. But I know I’m not going to die... and well…Are you?” Alice inquired, now a little bit scared to hear Gerard’s answer.

“Very good, Alice. You’re completely right.” Gerard smiled, and clapped his hands twice.

Alice felt her jaw visibly drop and her eyes widen.

“You plan to die?” She asked, not daring to think of the worst possibility.

Gerard paused for a second, thinking his answer through. He squinted his eyes briefly and then turned to smile at Alice again.

“We all die, Alice. I just plan to die a bit sooner.”


Sorry for not updating, I know most of you don't read this anyway.
I would just like to point out now that this story is based on actual events, but with the characters changes =]
I would also like to point out that the poem 'The Two Angels' was written by a good friend of mine.
All will be become clear later on in the story =]
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