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Two pizza's, two boys. trouble? nah...

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Gerard makes sure Frankies eaten before he leaves for art

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I followed him out to his car.. it was getting dark.
I sat in the passanger seat of his car, It was very warm.

I knew I liked Gerard.. I like this boy alot.
I'm sure I was going to be fine with out him for three hours.

We pulled up out side Luigis.
haha. Fucking Italians.

"So do you want cheeze. Or vege pizza Frankie?"
"eather.. it doesn't really bother me" I said smiling.

"Your not fussy are you?"
"Nope. I guess your lucky"
"I think I'm very lucky" he said getting out of the car.

"Coming" he asked opening my door.
"Yeah" I said un doing my seat belt.

He gave me his hand, i gladly took it.

"Thank you"
"Your welcome Frankie"

we walked in the palour and the heat was so comforting.
It smelt good, Was rather warm, Gerard was there and i was going to be eating soon.. What else could I ask for?

I sat on the seat while Gerard went to the counter.
I looked at the little kids menus.
They had coloring, Jokes, statements.

I picked up a green coloring pencil and started writting on the take away menu

'When Gerards around... Frankie feels NOT frightened of the places or the people..Untill we're in Detriot' I wrote

I felt Gerard behind me.
I quickly covered up what I'd written... I didn't want him thinking I was stupid or anything.

"they said that its gonna be about fifteen minutes"
"Ok" I answered him.

"So what were you drawing on there?"
"...Nothing... Its nothing" I said... I didn't want him to read it.. Imagen what he'd think.. He'd think I was crazy.
"ok Frankie... you'd tell me if you wanted to right?"
"Yeah" I said looking down.

I felt his face cheek to cheek with me.

"Smile Honey" he said.
I looked up to see what he ment.

I smiled, Just cause he said. Then a huge flash hurt my eyes.

"What was that Gerard?"
"I do believe it was my phone"
"I took a picture.."
"oh. Cool"

"Im gonna set it as my backround"
"so when im at art I can look at it and actualy know that your gonna be there tomorrow morning"

"Ahh Your pizzas ready"

Fine I can wait for the fucking Italians to finish!

I walked out to the car waiting for Gerard.
Did he really like me?
I felt wanted. and liked.. By Gerard

I looked into my lap and Gerard got in his car...

"Two pizzas?"
"..Yeah, you didnt know what you wanted.. I got a cheese and a vege"
"thank you Gerard"
"Your welcome Frankie" He said pulling out and driving home.

"So I have to be a big boy at home yeah?"
"While im in my big boy art class... Yes you will. But im positive you'll manage" He said smiling at me.
"Yeah, me too"

We pulled into the drive.
Once we were inside we oppted to sit on the floor, eating pizza, drinking soda. Feeling like true Americans

Me and Gerard ate about a whole pizza each.
Eating eight pieces each.

Four of each.

"Thanks Gerard, but if I eat anymore.. Im gonna pop"
"I feel abit like that too"
"I'll clean up while your gone.. I'll have something to do"
"ok. Well I had better go now"
"is it time to go all ready?"
"well yeah.. Its quater to eight now"
"Oh ok then"

He went up stairs. Comming back with a whole lot of art things.

"I-I'd love to see your drawings sometime"
"I'd love to hear your music sometime" He said smiling at me.
"ok, Im sure we can arrange that"
"Yeah, well I'd better go. I'll ring you in an hour or so. If your awake still"
"Maybe" I answered walking him to the door.

"I've got a house key.. Mikey doesn't.. Dont answer the door for anyone ok?"
"You deffiantly have a key"

He pulled it from his pocket.

"Lock the door ok?"
"Well have fun, I'll be home later"
"Bye Gerard"
"bye Frankie" he said kissing my cheek.

That was just a friendly kiss.
Nothing like todays.

I locked the door as soon as he pulled it shut.
I turned for the floor to clean up our mess.

Gerards image just wouldnt get out of my head..
We'd shared two kisses now... What were we..
Boyfriends... I think that was a bit much.

I'll just go with friends with privilages.
Yeah, that sounded right...
Sounded excatly right.

This chapters short, I know... AnyWay. thanks for still reading this story. I know its boaring at time but It's worth it in the end..
Love, Brit xx
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