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I look at you and your perfect

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Gerard and Frank could be perfect.

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I woke up to Frankie drawing on my hand.

"What ya drawing?" I asked him.
"..i-i'm not sure"
"Oh, Well it feels good, you should keep going"
"Are you sure.. I-i can stop if-"
"Honestly.. It feels good"

He keept drawing..
It felt weird having another boy in my bed... But it was a good weird, Not a creapy weird.

"So you didn't have that dream again?"
"Cause I was around" I said smiling.
"I think so"
"what are we gonna do for morning food?"
"uh, I dunno. What ever"
"Eggs on toast?"
"sounds good" Frankie answered me.

"are we gonna do it now?" Frankie asked.
"Do you wanna do it now?"
"yeah.. I guess"
"well lets do it then" I said.

He pushed the blankets off us stood up and helped me out of bed.

"no problem" he said through his gorgeous smile.

"Yeah Frankie?"
"Thank you"
"..What for?" I asked worried
"letting me sleep in your bed last night.. I've never had that before"
"Well your welcome in here anytime"

"cool. I have to go to the bathroom" he said smiling again.
"I'll be in the kitchen"

He nodded and walked out.

I walked into the lounge opening the windows and curtains.
Once I was in the kitchen I took a fresh carton of eggs, a pot, some milk, butter, salt and pepper.
and began making scrambled eggs.

"Smells good" Frankie called from the door way.
"Thanks... I think"
"bet it tastes even better"
"Yeah... Hopefully I don't burn it"
"I Think You'll be fine Gerard" he said smiling at me again.

"you know Frankie?" I said pouring milk in the pot.
"Yeah Gerard?"
"I fucking love your smile.. I dunno why but its fucking gorgeous"
"... well Thanks.. I think"
"Its a pretty random thing to be attracted to you by.. But no, I do.. I fucking love it"
"well, I'm sure it loves you too" he said smiling again

"do you want me to do the toast?"
"uhh Yes please Frankie"

He walked to the pantry

"Do you want Wheatmeal bread.. or white bread?"
"uhh One of each... so we're not racist"
"Ok then" he said laughing.

I began beating the eggs while Frankie buttered the toast.

"Ready Frankie?"
"When you are"

I seperated the eggs, Giving Frankie more cause he is so tiny.

We sat at the table with orange juice.

"This is really good Gerard. Your a great cook"
"The toast is just... Perfect" I said.

he gave me that smile I love.

"Yeah Frankie?"
"Would you teach me to cook, someday?"
"Yeah.. I dont see why not"
"Cool" he said putting another piece of toast in his mouth

"So how was your art whats it last night?"
"it, was different."
"why so?"

I didnt really wanna tell him why.
I pushed my eggs around some more.

"I couldnt get you out of my head" I said looking down.

I looked up to see him smiling.

"I couldn't get you out of my head last night eather"
"Yeah.. I thought there was something wrong with me"
"I thought there was something wrong with me!" I said

We were both smiling.

"its so weird" Frankie said putting more eggs in his mouth.

There is no way I was telling him about what I drew for him... He'd think I was obsessed or something.

"Yeah Gerard?"
"Was I in your dream last night?"
"..." he looked down like he was scared or something.

"Frankie.. You can tell me, It doesn't bother me"
"Yeah, I was in your dream?"
"Yeah" he said looking down again.

"So are you gonna tell me what happens?"
"Ok Frankie, Thats Fine."
"thank you Gerard"
"What for?"
"Respecting what I want"
"Its ok Frankie, Honestly it is"
"ok. but I will if it happens again. I promise"
"Ok Frankie"

we cleared the plates, Washing and drying them.

"I'm gonna have a shower kay Frankie?"
"Ok Gerard"
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