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Now he's playin detective

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Franks out of his coma and Gerard wants answers... how far will he go? Franks P.O.V

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"Yeah Gerard?" I asked hesiantly.
"Why was it.. you did.. what you.. Well did.. Why couldn't you just talk to me?"

Fuck! I was dreading that question

"Because... I was scared"
"what of Frankie?"
"losing you" I wispered
"Frankie. I told you, you wont lose me.. but you nearly did with that stunt you pulled"
"I'm sorry Gerard.. I never ment to hurt you" I said looking down.

His hand found mine and his lips followed his hand.

"Next time you think your doing something wrong Frankie, Talk to me ok?"
"Ok Gerard"
"you have to promise me"
"Promise me Frankie"
"I promise Gerard"
"...Promise what?"

"I promise that next time I'll talk to you" I said rolling my eyes
"Thank you"
"When can I go home?" I asked wanting to get the fuck out of this place.
"They said you have to stay in for a few days"
"Well I beg to differ"
"Honey, I think you should stay"
"But I wanna be with you Gerard"
"I'm staying here while they take you hostage" He said smiling.

"that is very sweet Gerard... But what if Mikey goes home?"
"Well he'll be locked out wont he"
"You can look after me, I dont need nurses or no one else"
"I'll have to deal with needles"
"I'll do that myself"
"Your not gonna give in are you?"
"Not till I get to go back to your home"

"I think they want to keep you here"
"Well what they think and what I think are two different things"
"so I've noticed" Gee said looking at the 'bed' I was in. It felt more like I was laying on the floor

"I'm gonna tell them your awake"
"Ok Gerard" I said watching him walk out.

I looked around the room when alot of flowers took my attention.

"What the fuck?" I said picking them up
They smelt real. They looked real. I didn't want to know if they tasted real or not.

"Oh, you found them"
"They wernt very well hidden.. Where did they come from?"
"I went and got them for you"
"well you shouldn't have"
"But I wanted to"
"well thank you very much.. they are very beautiful"
"Just like you" He wispered as some people walked in.

"Frank, My name is doctor Hugh Goodman. This is Randy, Alex and your nurse Lalia"
"Hi. This is my Gerard" I said holding his hand up
"Yeah, we've met"
"Oh right, I've been asleep. Stupid Frankie" i said hitting my head again
"So what can I do you doctors for today?"
"We are coming to see how your doing?"
"I'm doing fine.. I think I can go home now"
"I'm sure as good as that sounds to you, we do need to keep you in overnight. Maybe even two"
"But, I want to sleep in my bed with my Gerard." I said gripping his hand tighter. He gave my hand a squeeze
"If you like we can bring in a matresse for Gerard"
"Can't he just sleep with me"
"Honey, No its ok, I'll manage to stay awake"
"if you think you can manage with Gerard in your bed"
"I'm pretty sure we will both manage that"
"Frankie, No. I don't want to invade"
"Please Gerard.... It'll be fine"
"uh... Yeah.. ok then" He said un sure.

"well we just need to check your arms"

I was dreading this part so so so damn much.

"Its ok Frankie" Gerard said kissing my hand.

I didn't want him to see it.

"are you sure you wanna stay here Gerard?"
"Frankie, Its ok. I can handle it"
"ok Gerard"

I took my hand off Gerards and the doctors began releasing pressure off my arms.
I didn't want to look.

I turned to Gerard and my eyes started watering.

"I'm so sorry Gerard, This is all my fault, I'm sorry" I wispered to him.
"no, come on Frankie" he said pushing my hair from my face.

It really hurt when they took off the bandages.

"sorry Frank"

I hated people calling me Frank. It reminds me of those two who should not be spoken of.

"Frankie" I corrected them quietly.
"Ok Frank we-"
"Frankie" I corrected again
"Sorry, Frankie. We haven't stoped the bleeding"
"What does that mean, Your gonna let him bleed to death" Gerard said fastly

He cares about you so much Frankie, I bet he loves you.
Well I think I love him too. I really think i love him.
Let him know.
I will

"No, It just means that if we can't stop the bleeding, We will have to eather take him to theater, or put stiches in him"
"Please dont hurt him" He said looking into my eyes
"We'll try our best"

"This might hurt abit Frankie"
"Ok" I replied looking into Gerards eyes. Nothing would hurt me there. Nothing could get to me once I was lost in Gerards eyes.
I think.. No, I know I'm falling, This is the greatest feeling in the world.

I took in one deep breath as they rubbed something very fucking powerful over the vigirous slashes over my wrists.
Along with my deep breath was Gerards scent... It was enough to take me to Heaven. Enough to take me right around the world a billion times.
I wish everyone gets to experience this.... This is what falling in love is all about, I Think.
I'm not too sure. I never have 'fallen' for someone before in my life.. I'm just guessing this is what it is, Its the only new feeling to me. It has to be love

"Your so brave Frankie"
"... no, thats you Gerard"
"I could never have needles in me. Or let them put that stuff on me"
"And I could never get help when I needed it"
"I'll Help you Honey. I'm going to try make everything ok"
"Just stay around, Everything will be ok"

"So are you two in a relationship?" The doctor asked... I couldn't answer that, I was unsure of what we were.
"We're experimenting" Gerard said taking my hand
"So what does that mean?"
"..I'm not really sure" Gerard said looking at me.
"We're kinda just going with the flow"
"Well, My son is gay"
"Really, How old is he?"
"Hes, 18"
"Does he go to school?" I asked curiously
"Belleville High"

"Really... I go there. And Gerards brother goes there.. What kind of people does he hang around?"
"Uhh Muso's"
"oh.. Whats his name?"
"...Bert...... Bert.... Bert, nope I don't know him"
"Oh, well thats fine then"

She seemed like a nice person.

"Ok Frankie, We need to put a drip in you, Your lacking iron"
"I'm a vegeterian"
"Do you take iron suppliments?"
"Well thats why. So we're going to put it in your hand ok?"
"Yeah.. how are you putting it in?" I Asked. Because if it was needles Gerard might want to go out.
"With a needle"

Once he said that I saw Gerard lean back in his chair and cover his eyes.

"Do you want to go out Gerard?"

He patted around my bed untill he found my hand.

"No, I'll stay with you"
"Ok Gerard"

"Ok Frankie, your going to feel a slight sting"
"Are you ready?"

My breathing fastened

"Just go"

They shoved it in and holy fuck! did it hurt.
I Squeezed Gerards hand untill I could possiably squeeze no more.

"I'm sorry I didn't get it in the right place. I'll have to do it again"

"Frankie are you ok?" Gerard wispered in my ear
"I'm fine why wouldn't I be?"
"You've lost all the color in your face"
"I'm just not use to getting poked by needles, Thats all"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Gerard... Im sure"
"Ok Honey"

"There we go, All done"
"Thank you very much"
"Can we get you some thing to eat?"
"no thanks, I'm fine"
"I'll Get him eating, Don't worry"
"Ok Gerard, We'll be in to check on the bleeding in about fifteen minutes"
"Ok, Thank you very much"
"Yeah, Thanks" Gerard agreed with me.

"I think seeing as I went and got you food, you should eat it"
"You got me something?"
"Yeah" He said taking something from the cubboard
"And you should really eat it"
"Is that so?" I asked as Gerard handed me over a sandwhich
"Yeah, thats so Frankie"
"Well seeing as you personaly went out of your way to purchase me food, I think I should eat it too"
"Yeah, see there we go. Told 'em I'd have you eating"
"Yeah. I guess" I said taking a bite of the food

Wow, This is really good.

"Whats in this Gerard?"
"uhh, I dunno. I just got it"
"Well its very good"

He gave me his sweet, sweet smile. I was so glad I was awake and spending time with Gerard.

Frankie, Your stearing agian
I cant help it.. Hes so fucking beautiful.
Frankie... Frankie..... STEARING!!!

"Gerard?" I asked noticed I wasn't the only person doing the gawking
"...Yeah Frankie?"
"I'll make you a deal"
"...What would that be?" He asked worriedly.
"I'll finish eating this sandwhich if..."
"If what?"
"If you eat the other half"
"..No Frankie, I got it for you"
"I know, But I would like you to eat"
"No, I'm fine, Honestly"
"Fine then" i said putting my sandwhich back in the wrapping. Folding my arms across my chest.

"What?" Gerard asked noticing my expression.
"You don't eat... I don't eat. Its as simple as ABC"
"Frankie" He said taking my hands

"No, you cant 'Frankie' Your way out of this one Gerard"
"Oh really? is that what you think?"
"Its what I know!"
"Oh yeah???"

Oh god.. Eye contact.. I can't look away.. OH GOD!!!

"Hey Frankie" He said so sexily.
"...Yeah Gerard" I said as softly as I possiably could.
"Kiss me"

He leaned over me and I took his face in my hands.
He gave my lips one little peck.

What. NOOOOOO i wasnt done!

"What the fuck do you think your doing Gerard?"
"You told me, I couldn't Frankie my way out of it yeah? well I just proved you wrong"

I sat there thinking.

"Fuck your an asshole"

He took my hands again.

"eat your food Frankie"
"No, I'm on a hunger strike now"
"You heard" I said smartly.
"Fine give me the fucking sandwhich" He protested.

"Oh, so you want to eat now?"
"If you will" He asked smiling.
"I'm sure we can come to some kind of agreement there"
"I think so too" he said biting the sandwhich

The doctors re appeared in my room.

"ok, how is the bleeding going?"
"Dunno, haven't had a chance to look"
"Well, we'll do that now"

I bit my bottom lip.
I felt so bad for Gerard having to watch me go through this, I feel like this is my battle and I'll eather beat it, Or get beaten. I don't want Gerard around
He doesn't need me to worry about, He's got his own shit.

"Yeah Frankie?"
"If you want to go.. Thats fine, I don't think its very fair you be around anymore. Well while I'm in here"
"What are you trying to say Frankie?"
"I'm not even sure.. I think I don't want you to witness all of this"
"Why would. You even say that?" he asked. Confusion struck his face

"Because, You have your own things to go through"
"Shut up Frankie, I'm not going anywhere"
"Well.. Ok then" I said smiling at him.
"...Excpet for right now"
"Im gonna go get you some clothes"
"Ok Gerard"

He lent over me kissing my forehead

"You'd better be here when I get back"
"I will be Gerard.. Dont worry"
"Ok, I'll see you soon"

I watched him walk out.

"So, Is it love?" My doctor asked.
"I.. I think so" I said smiling
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