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Mikeys determand

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Mikeys trying as hard as he possiably can to make Gee and Frank realize that he's really not what he's made out to be.

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"U..Uhhh hi, I'm looking for Frank Iero's room please" I heard someone say... I didn't bother thinking about who it was.
"I'm sorry hes in surgery right now. But his boyfriends in his room if you know him"
"Yeah... Thats him"
"Its my brother"

Thats when it hit me Mikey was here.... I didn't, Couldn't and wouldn't move.. I don't think I really wanted to see him right now.
I pulled my knees to my head and sobbed softly into them.

"G-Gee... I am truley so deeply sorry" He said falling on his knees infront of me.
"I nearly lost him Mikey.. I nearly lost the boy I fucking love!" I said looking up.
"I-I know and I am so sorry, I had no idea-"
"Thats right Mikey.. You've never knowen his situation with his life and family.. everyday you guys made it worse for him.. how dear you Michael. I thought
you were better than that!"
"Gerard...I-I never wanted to hurt him but Jaxon... he made me.. I really didn't want to. I kinda liked him" He cried falling into one big heap on the floor

I got down on my knees and hugged him tightly.

"Mikey I love you so so so much.. But I also love Frankie, If that means I have to come and knock Jaxon out then so be it.. That boy has had enough happen to him"
"I know Gee, but you have to believe me. I never ever wanted to hurt him.. I really did like him. I thought he was so stunning but Jaxon... he made me then
Alicia... Gee I had no escape" He said looking to me crying again.

I pushed his head against my chest like when he was a baby again.

"Mikey, be your own person.. Be who you want to be. Not who others want you to be"
"Gee. I-"

"uh, Mr Way?"
"How.. How is he? is he okay? is he awake?.. Can I see him?" I cried knowing Frankies doctor was here.
"Hes fine. He will be waking up in about ten minutes if you want to come up and wait while he wakes?"
"YES!!!" I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

"And are you another of Franks friends?" He asked towards Mikey
"..Frankie" I corrected.
"And no this is my little brother Mikey.. hes here to... be my support" I said.

Not really knowing why Mikey was here. But that sounded like a good enough reason.

"Oh. Hi well im doctor Hugh Goodman. Frankies doctor"

Mikey couldn't look him in the eyes. knowing this was partly his fault Frankie was in this shit hole.

"Well are you coming too Mikey. He will be waking up soon"
"no, I think I'll go"
"Please Mikey, don't leave" I begged.
"but, I don't really want to see him.. Like this"
"Please Mikey. Please, you said you had something to tell Frankie"
"Oh... just we have to write a speech for english"
"please Mikey, you have to stay.. I think it will mean alot to him" I said walking out hoping Mikey would stay.

"so.. how was his surgery?"
"..Good, he reacted great. We managed to stich him up and stop the bleeding, he's as good as new"
"thank you so much" I said wiping more tears from my face...

I was so excited about seeing him.

"When can I take him home?"
"About lunch time tomorrow. If he was a good night tonight"
"so will that be Lunch time... today... or two whole more sleeps?" I asked confused

"oh" he said giving out a fairly loud chuckle.

"Oh. Good, you had me worried there"

We walked through some white double doors and into the recovery room.
I sat on a chair.

"their bringing Frankie in now, he is still asleep" his doctor informed me after checking his pager.
"Oh.. cool.. I so can not wait" I smiled.

I sat on a seat getting nervous about seeing Frankie.
I had butterflies in my stomach.. The way I was feeling now was simply the best thing ever... It was so fucking amazing.
I watched some nurses wheel a bed in with a very unconscious Frankie on it.

I leaped up and ran to the other side of the room.

"Frankie... oh Baby" I said.. I knew he couldn't hear me but that was the first thing that came out of my mouth.
I looked at his arms that had bandages wrapped around them and his bare chest was so so so beautiful.
I pulled my seat right next to his bed taking his hand in mine.

I brushed his hair from his delicate face.

"Baby, I mean it so so so fucking much" i wispered. "I love you more than words could ever say.." I said with tears falling from my eyes.
"I want you.. and I need you.. I love you Frankie.. Please wake up..Please" I said wiping my tears.
his hand gave mine a slight squeeze.

"Hes waking up" I informed his nurses

Franks P.O.V

"...Gerard...Gerard" I wispered.. I could fell him here.. I could hear him. I just needed to see him.
"yeah Baby, I'm here"

I opened my eyes to see his beautiful face looking down at mine.
he'd been crying

"Baby.. You've been crying.. Don't be in pain" I said still being weak.
"no happy tears Frankie... very happy tears"
"ohhh..... I mi-"

He rammed his lips against mine.
his lips were so hot.. but yet his tounge so cool.
Especialy when it slid over my bottom lip.

I had nothing to do except push my tounge back over his.

Ohhh goddddd!!!! I moaned in my head.
his hands caressed my face and I took a handful of his hair and pushed his head closer to mine forcing the kiss harder.

Suddenly his lips pulled off mine.

"no... I'm not done" I protested.
"well, your gonna have to wait untill later sweet heart"
"I don't want to wait damnit!"
"Sorry" He said taking my hand and sitting next to me.

"I missed you while I was sleeping" I said trying to break the awkward silence.
"Missed you too.. some one came to see you though"

I didn't have friends so i didnt care who it was

"Who was it?"
"Mikey! what did he want?"
"I'm not really sure" He said looking to my eyes "But he came here very upset"
"W-why? he hates me"

"Thats the thing sugar, He doesn't.. He's forced to do it all by Jaxon and Alicia.. he actualy liked you when he first saw you.. I think he still does"
"But hes awful to me" I said getting really confused.
"But thats only an act.. He came here crying cause I told him it was partly his fault your in here"
"you told him!" fuck now I'm never gonna live it down.

"Yeah, only cause he wanted to talk to you and we wern't home"
"bu- But.. the- Why?"
"You seem so flustered"
"I'm confused" i said beginning to get worked up.

"What happens if he goes and tells Jaxon... I'd be better off dead"
"No Honey, I wont let it happen, Please have faith in my baby brother... I taught him better than this"
"Ok..-I-I'm sorry Gerard"
"What for Hun?"

"For judging Mikey.. I didn't mean to its just he was awful to me"
"I know, I don't blame you"
"Thanks" I said forcing a smile.

"now Mr Iero-"
"Frankie please... Mr Iero is my father" I said not wanting to be called that. It was a huge insult.
"Oh, sorry. We have sucussfully stiched every wounded and you will be free to go at midday"

I squeezed Gerards hand and he squeezed back even tighter.

"Did you hear that Gerard??? I get to go home!.. with you.. to your home!"
"I know Baby, its amazing" He smiled at me.

When ever he calls me Baby or anything like that it feels like everything in my past has not been real, Like I've knowen Gerard this whole time.

"So your free to go to your room now.. Would you like to walk or-"
"yeah, I'll walk with my Gerard... But can I please have my top back?"

The nurse gave out a short but loud laugh

"Of course Sweetie".. ok that was just sick when she said it.

I looked at Gerard and screwed my face up

"Oh Frankie" he said wrapping his arms around me.

I kissed his chest knowing he wouldn't have felt it.

"You have amazing lips Honey" he said so sweetly to me
"You make an amazing kissing...Kissing...kissing....thing" I smiled looking into his eyes.
"Well...thank you... I think"
"your welcome Gerard"
"Come on, lets get you back to your room" Gerard said taking my hand and walking me out a door.
My bed following.

"We'll just meet you back at your room Frankie, We'll let you and Gerard have some time alone" my nurse kindly said
"Ok, Thank you very much" I said pulling Gerards plain black top over my head

he re took my hand and we set off.
I was still wearing everything I had been when I went into theater.
My socks, pants, boxers. the only thing missing was my top, that I thankfully had on now

"Yeah Gerard?" I asked curiously
"Mikey should still be in your room, please dont freak out"
"Oh.. Well.. Ok then" I said taking my hand from his.

"now we cant hold hands?" he said sounding disappointed.
"well Mikeys here, he allready hates me, I dont need you to add to that list"
"Don't be silly Hun, I want to hold your hand.. Don't you want to hold mine?"
"Of course I do"
"well, Hold it then" he said holding his hand out to mine.

I couldn't help but smile and gladly take his hand.

"see Honey."
"Its just if Mikey-"
"stop talking about Mikey" He said causing him to walk faster.

"Yeah Honey?"
"your gonna pull my arm off" I said with a stupid smile spread across my face.
"Sorry, I just dont want these people looking at my Frankie" he said smiling back and slowing his pace to mine.


"Honey... You ok?"
"huh- Yeah.. nah I'm just..was just thinking" I said smiling stupidly again.
"ok" he said as I clutched his hand tighter.

"Yeah Honey?"
"I think I want to go back to school"
"W-Why would you wanna go back, your having a break aren't you?"
"I just want to get back to normal Gerard, thats all"
"You sure? if thats what you want Honey, then you can go back to school"
"Yeah Gerard.. as long as I know I get to come home to you I don't care where the fuck I go" O said kissing his hand
"Ok Honey" he said as we walked into my hospital room.

Where a very shattered Mikey sat with his head in his hands.

"h-h-Hello Mikey" I said scardly
"oh, Hi Frank.. h-how are you?"
"I'm-I'm not really fantastic.. but you know" I said sitting down on Gerards knees.
"I am really turely deeply honestly sorry about everything I.. I don't even know. I- if I could turn back time Frank, I would to make up for everything
Gee taught me so much better than that.. I-I never ever wanted to hurt you Frank. I wanted to be friends and know you.. But Jaxon. he was so mean.
I'm so so so sencerly sorry, please you have to forgive me. please Frank"

Just seeing him cry and hearing Gerard cry was enough for me to completely forget about everything that had happened.

I got up and so did Mikey. I had never been around him without being attacked.
I through my arms around his neck and cried into his neck.

"Mikey, I wouldn't not accept your apology. of course. I'm so sorry for putting myself here"
"Its ok. I hope we can start all over again"
"Hi my names Frankie Iero. Im 16 and I'm gay" I said putting my hand out to shake Mikeys.
"Hey. I'm Mikey Way, I'm 17 i live with my big brother and I've done some not nice things to people" He said smiling shaking my hand back.

"well I'm glad to meet you Mikey"
"You too Frankie"

I smiled at him and he smiled sweetly back.

I resumed my seat on Gerards knees.

"Here you go Mr Iero-"
"Frankie please"
"Oh, well here you go. You can have your bed back now"
"Thank you" I said pulling Gerard from his chair onto my bed.

"So Gee?"
"Yeah Mikes?"
"Are you and Frankie, something?" He asked smiling
"Uhh no Mikey, we're not" He said

it hurt him saying so, I want him and me to be something.
I lay in Gerards arms as he brushed my hair from my face.

"Oh, well thats ashame" Mikey said walking towards us.
"Why so Mikey?"
"You guys look amazing together" he said hugging us both.

"I have to go, Nice meeting you Frankie. By Gee"
"Bye Mikey"
"nice meeting you too Mikey"
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