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They don't understand him... Why do they try?

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Gerards P.O.V.... Frerard moments inside!

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God hes so beautiful when hes sleeping.
I wish he did fuck me last night.. i want him so bad

"Good morning Gerard"
"Good morning" i wispered to his nurse trying not to wake him
"How was he last night?"
"He was fine.. he stirred abit but no, he was good"
"Cool. well there bringing in the breakfast soon.. Would you like anything?"
"no, I'll wait till I go home thanks"
"Are you sure?"
"Positive, Thanks"

"Gee Baby, you need to eat" His angel voice called up to me.
"Oh I didn't know you were awake Hun"
"Well I am and I want you to eat please"
"Your gonna eat some of my food then"
"Ok, what ever you say Honey."
"Yeah" He said his hand finding mine..

I put my left arm over his leg and held it against his ass.

"Yeah Gerard?"
"I love you too"
"I know, I heard you"
I kissed his head.

Just hearing him say it gave me butterflies.

We sat there not saying anything but still it was so amazing..

"Yeah Baby?"
"Can we go home now?"
"No, you've gotta wait Hun"
"But I want to go home, I hate it here"
"I know you do.. but apparently its for the best"
"says who?"
"Says the doctors"
"well what would they know?" He asked beginning to get angry
"Whats best for you Babe"
"No. You know whats best for me Gerard.. I know you, I don't know these people who are stuffing me with drugs and trynna keep me from you"
"oh Honey, they're not keeping you from me.." I said hugging him tighter.

"They are so" he said breaking down
"Oh Baby boy dont cry" I said pulling him so he was directly looking into my eyes
"I just want to go to your home Gee, I want to go back to school and be normal. I hate it here. I cant fuck you... and I want to" he said wiping tears from
his face

Hearing that made me grin so much.

"Oh, Baby. I'll wait for you always, No matter what. So don't worry about that"
"You mean it?" he said looking to my eyes.
"Fuck yes I do. I want you more than anything"

He lifted his head and touched his lips with mine
His partly open lips were just enough to slid my tounge in his mouth.

I felt Frankie stradle my hips I couldn't help but push his ass. Forcing him on me more.
He ran his package along my leg.

Ohhhh god....

he began kissing my collarbone.
A few moans escaped my lips.

"oh fuck Frankie!"
"Like it?"
"...fuck... fuck... fucking love it"

I could feel my pants tightning.

"Frankie, You need to stop now"
"Repeat of last night"
"Oh.. I was just getting started"
"Well we'll finish when we get home"
"Ok Gerard" He said putting another kiss on my lips

He climbed off me just in time for the nurse to walk in.

"How are you doing Frankie?"
"Not very well"
"Why, whats wrong?"
"I want to go home... and have privacy with my Gerard"
"we under-"
"no! no you don't. You dont know a thing about why I did this to myself and now I want to go home and foget about it all with the comfort of my boyfriend"
He said with tears falling down his face.

His hand squeezed mine.

"Baby, come here" I said pulling him into a hug.

I gave the nurse an apoligetic look causing her to leave.

"I mean it Gerard. I just wanna go home and feel like its all gone away"
"I know, I know you do Baby, But they are only trying to help. Just like me."
"But I dont want their help! I want yours" he cried some more into my chest.

"How about I make you a deal Hun"
"what would that be?"
"We go to the cafeteria have some breakfast and make sure your aloud to go home?"
"...Well, maybe.. If you want"
"I do, so lets go Babe" I said eagerly to get him out of this place

He took my hand and was ready to go.

"uhh Honey?"
"Yeah Gerard?"
"You might want a top"
"But then you cant perve at me?"
"Yeah and neather can those sluts people call girls"
"Ohh Is Gerard jealous?"
"Fuck yes I am.. I wanna be the only one to look at you"

He smiled and I felt like I was melting.

"You can look at me all you like once we get home"

Ohhh god!!! just hearing him say we was enough.
Tears formed in my eyes. I didn't want Frankie to see so i turned away.

"Are you coming Gee Gee?" He said sounding like a little kid.

I grinned hearing him call me that... It sounded so natural.

"Yeah Baby I'm coming"
"Well not right now your not, Member? you told me I had to wait and now so do you" He said clutching my hand.

I sighed in relief.. Frankie was just my fucking princess, I can't believe I have him. and it all started with my smoking habbit.

"yeah Gerard?"
"I'm thankful for your parents"
"Why I'm not, I fucking hate 'em"
"I know. but you wouldn't have run away if they were different I wouldnt have taken you inside and we wouldn't be together now would we?"
"Well... no, I guess your right"
"yeah... But anyways it got me you... right?"
"Left" He said so fastly.

"you said right... I wanted to be different"

It took me a while to get what he ment...

"Ohh I see.. I get it now"
"Good god, it took you a while Gerard"
"yeah.. it did" I smiled at his angel face.

We walked into the cafe where the smell of waffles and pancakes smacked me in the face.

"mmm, smells so good Gerard"
"it does... it really does, What do you want Baby?"
"I want everything!"
"Everything?" I asked repeating his words.
"Is that including me?" I asked cutely, (If I dont say so myself)
"Your at the top of my list Gee Gee" he smiled then walked away

I was left in the middle of the cafe completely gobsmacked.

Fucking sexy little mother fucker!
Gahh. I want him... the things I would fucking do to have him... are just un bearable.
A buldge in my pants began to get bigger.
My blood had rushed all the way down south.


"Frankie Baby, I'm just going to find a bathroom" I said turning around so he couldnt see me standing out
"Ok Gee Gee, I'll be here" he said taking a seat.
"Ok" I called over my shoulder.
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