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I feel wanted!

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Frank talks to Donna for the first time ever. What an awkward conversation that is... Franks P.O.V

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I watched Gerard praticly RUN out the cafeteria.
God he must be busting.
Well he has only been by my side the whole fucking time.
God, I fucking love that boy.. I want and need him more than I fucking know.

It ment alot to me having Mikey come and see me, Would that mean that the tourment was over?
Or was this just an act like Gerard had really said?
It was an act around Jaxon and Alicia.

I guess I'll see when I'm back at school.

I sat with my head resting on my arms on the table waiting for the return of Gerard.
Maybe he was lost?
He wouldn't leave me this long...

I sat there thinking about what we would be... What we could be.. together.
I mean, I wanted him. He wanted me so surley we could be something.. right?"

He just seemed all not real. like seriously? I want him so so so so bad.. God how I want to feel him. To be with him.. To love him.
Good god he was taking so long...

Gerards phone started ringing.

Should I answer it?

"hello" a soft spoken voice spoke, It reminded me so much of Gerard.
"Is Gerard there please?"
"Uhh hes run off to the bathroom... If you don't mind, can I please ask whos talking?"
"This is Donna"
"...Donna, I'm very sorry I don't know who you are"
"Oh love, are you Gerards boyfriend?"
"No..Not quiet, I'm sorry how do you know Gerard?"
"I'm his Mom love"

"Oh my god! I'm so so so terriably sorry Mrs Way"
"no Love, don't be. its fine. I'm sorry I should have told you who I was"
"no, Oh my God. I'm such and idiot" I said putting a hand over my face.
"So your not a boyfriend of Gerard"
"No, I'm not.. hopefully.. I'm sorry I shouldn't be telling this to you"
"No Love, its fine. me and Gerard are very close he'll tell me eventualy.. I'm sorry I didn't get your name"
"Frankie.. my names Frankie Iero"
"Well its been very good chatting, could you please tell my son I called"
"I'll try my other son"
"could you tell him I say hi please?"
"Sure thing love"
"Good Bye Mrs Way"
"Good bye Frankie" she said hanging up.

Oh god I feel like such a fucking idiot.
I jumped to conclusions on my Gee Gee.
I cant believe I was such a idiot to Mrs Way, she'll probably hate me now.

"God, I'm so sorry Baby" Gerard said sitting down.

He was all red and sweating.

"Gee Gee, are you ok?"
"What.. yeah why wouldn't I be?"
"You look.. flustered. but releaved"
"no, I had to run to the bathroom, but I got lost. so I was running around like a lost soul"
"Oh understandable"

"Oh and Gee Gee?"
"Yeah Honey?"
"I think your about to hate me"
"Your Mom rang and I was a bit of a dick to her"
"What.. She rang?"
"Yeah you left your phone here and I just answered it"
"oh well thats fine Honey"
"But I had no idea who she was and I kind of was rude"
"I'm sure she would understand Babe"

"Then she asked me if we were boyfriends"

He looked up with a smile spread across his face.

"What did you say?"
"I said not quiet but..."
"But what Baby?" He said taking my hand.
"but hopefully" I said blushing.

"Very soon my Baby" he said walking past me.

Oh god!!! my heart stoped beating...
No! this was not good... No this was very good. the fact my heart wasn't beating.
but did Gerard say what I thought he did?

"Baby, are you coming?"
Still in shock of what Gerard had said I couldn't move, let alone talk

"Honey?" he breathed in my ear
Gerard moaned in my ear.

"I can't wait to get you home" he said biting my earlobe sexy enough to turn me on
"No, Gee Gee don't... Please here is not place"
"We'll lets just wait untill we get home"
"That sounds like a good thing"
"Yeah.. I've been dreaming about it since I saw you walking down the street"

I smiled walked past him and stood infront of the food stalls.

I wanted to call Gee Gee Baby, or sexy or something like that... some cute little pet name for Gerard. I know he would want me to call him something like
Hes forever calling me stuff like that... I mean I love it all.

"what do you want Baby?" He asked wrapping his arms around my waist.
"You" I said turned around and wipsered in his ear

I rubbed my crotch against his.

"ohh, Babe.. I fucking want you too.. but I ment to eat"
"you" I said groping him.

Causing people to give out some remarks and looks.

"Frankie..." he gasped. "no, stop... I'm.. gonna get hard"

I smiled and pressed my lips agianst his.

"Come on Honey. lets eat morning food"
"But why?"
"so then we can get you to your room where they can let you go home and me and you..." He said pushing his finger agianst my chest
"Well we can go home and I can give you me as much as you want"

Just hearing that was enough to make me cum..
but no I had to keep it all under wraps

"F.f.f.fffuck I would happily.. yes!"
His lips brushed my cheek.

"So lets eat and make a deal?"
"I cant eat knowing.." I trailed off
"I know Baby I know, just dont think about it"
"I-I cant not think about that Gee bear"
"Gee bear?" he said smiling.

"I like it.. do you?"
"Fucking love it Baby" he said pulling me to the muffin tray
"hmm, thought so"

"So what do you want?"
"I want... pancakes-"
"And!!! maple syrip" Gerard said smiling.

"Cool... Go sit down Babe, they'll bring it over"
"ok my Gee Bear" I said smiling again.
I felt him tap my ass slightly.

It made me tingle. and sent waves of excitment through my body

I get to fuck that godess when we go home.
me.. have sex with Gerard Way!!! my savour, my beautiful boy, my.... Boy friend?
was it fair enough to call us that.. boyfriends?

no, I think we're 'taking it slow' as Gee bear said.
Fuck I'm over taking it slow... I want it to happen... now. right now!!!
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