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Frankies form of fourplay

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Franks free to leave..

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As soon as the doctor had left I raced to my bed side cabnet taking everything and ramming it in my bag.
But carefully placing the picture of Pansy Gerard had drawen on top.
I slung the bag over my shoulders and took my flowers Gerard had gotten me.

"I'm ready to go" I beemed at Gerard and Mikey.
"ok, lets go Baby" Gerard said taking my waist and beginning to walk.

Mikey looked at him funny when he said that.

"Uhh I'll meet you guys back at home" Mikey directed towards us.
"ok Mikes"
"And Gee?"
"Yeah little bro?"

"would.. Well. Would it be ok if I maybe come home?" he said looking down to the ground
"You have to ask Frankie" Gerard replied squeezing my waist.
"Frankie... I-"
"Mikey, its your home. of course you can go back"
"Thank you!" he smiled hugging me and Gerard tightly.

"Well I'll go to Jaxons and get my stuff, I'll see you guys soon. I'll make lunch... or dinner what ever it will be"
"Ok Mikey, we'll see you later" Gerard said as we went to a different car park

"Do you think he and Alicia had a fall out?" I asked unsure of why he would leave Alicias.
"It always happens Frankie. What you see at schoo, is not what their relationships like at all. Alicia is using my brother, My brother isn't smart enough to
realize it"
"Shes using him?" I said getting confused.
"Well yeah. She wants the head jock so she looks..."
"Yeah.. excatly.. things are really awkward when they're not at school or a school function"
"Oh.. I thought they really loved each other, well I guess I'll be more careful when I jump to conclusions" I said looking down to the floor.

"Baby?" he asked as we sat in his car
"Yeah Gee Bear?"

He touched my leg with his hand

"What was your first impression of me?"

"I thought you were gonna mug me, then when you took my guitars inside I thought you were stealing them" I blushed going a dark red
"Oh Baby" he said kissing my cheek.

I turned my head so he ended kissing my lips.

"damn Baby" he mumbled against my lips.

"What about you" I said after he finished our kiss.
"What about me?"
"What was your first impression of me?"
"I saw you walking down the street.. and to begin with I thought you were gonna be a drug dealer or gang person, but when you got closer you just looked so
fucking cute.. and then when I found out you were running away all I wanted to do was take you inside and mend your broken heart"

I wiped my tears away not realizing I was crying.

"are you crying?"
"...n-no, my eyes are swetting" I said looking down
"Baby.. please dont cry"
"But. it was so cute"
"thats what i thought when i fist saw you anyway"

I put my hand on his inner thigh where I drew circles with my thumb.
He pushed his hand against mine so my hand was pushing into his leg tighter

I looked into his eyes that were begging for me.
I moved my hand up to his crotch. and slightly moved my hand over him slowly.

"oh god, Frankie" he said as he slowed down at the lights.
"You like it?" I asked smiling.

I watched as he nodded furiously.

I took hold of the rim of his jeans and slid my hand down into his jeans ontop of his boxers.

"Stop, stop, stop! Frankie, I'm gonna crash"
'How?" I asked as I stoped moving my hand

"You.. Your fucking making me hard..We're gonna crash unless you stop"
"No, I don't want to"
"Well I think you should"
"what if I wont?"
"What if I make you a deal?"

"I'm listening" I said as he pulled my hand out and kissed the back of my hand.

"You stop now... and I take you home and I'll let you feel me?"

just hearing that was enough to make me hard.

"DRIVE!" I said retreaving my hand.

Gerard floored it and we zoomed down the main street into his street.

My heart began to pick up.

Wow! me Frankie Iero gets to fuck him.

Gerard killed the ignition got out and opened my door.

"Just go open that fucking door" I said pointing towards the door.

Gerard fumbled with the keys before opening the door. He kicked it open and smiled at me.
"I was ment to do that" He said as I got to the door.
"ahuh, course you were Gee Bear"

I wrapped my arms around his waist as he kissed my forehead.

"Inside" he wispered as he shoved me in the door.

I stood infront of him as he pushed and locked the door.

"Now, where were we?"
"Well I was about here" i said wrapping my arms around him again.

I felt his hands go in my back pockets and push me closer to him.
Slightly squeezing my ass.

I left out a small soft moan

"Oh. god Baby"
"Mmm you like it dont ya?"
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