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Now, thats what I'm talking about

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So close.. So so freaking close. Gerards P.O.V

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I ripped my t-shirt off and pulled him against me.

"Take my top off" he smiled at me.

he didn't need to tell me twice
I took the rim of his shirt.
Frankies hands were pushed up against my chest.

"your fucking sexy Gerard"
"your fucking sexy" I said sucking his neck.

I kissed his jaw bone and got back to sucking his neck

He gave out a moan as I tugged his shirt off.
I looked at his chest.

good god, I need him I need him now.

he took his belt off and pulled it.
Frankies hand found mine as he pulled me to the top of the stairs

"Which room"
"What?" I said
"Yours or mine"
"Where would you be more comfortable?"
"Well I've spent every night with you so its not gonna matter"

I dragged him in my room.

"Black Flag?"
"Yeah" he answered standing behind me.

I walked to the stereo and turned The First Four Years on.
Frankies arms wrapped around my waist tightly.

"Perfect" he wispered into my ear
I turned around and our lips met.

As we walked to my bed our lips stayed together.
I turned around so I was sitting on the bed and pulled Frankie ontop of my legs.
His arms around my neck. Mine around his waist.

his back arched as I kissed his chest and worked my way to his left nipple.
With that he let out several moans.

"Gerard.. please just fuck me"

I pushed his jeans down so he was still in his boxers
I layed him on his back while I took my own jeans off.

"This point of view is so perfect"
"Oh really?" I said as I climbed over him. My arms were the only thing holding me above him.
My hair dangled just above his face.

He pushed his head up closing the gap between us.
My tounge ran over his bottom lip.

"..mmm Baby?"
"I-I've never done this before.. well I've had it happen, but I've never been happy to do it"

I stoped kissing him and looked to his eyes.

"Are you sure you wanna do this then?"
"I fucking want you more than anything" He said pulling my lips against his.

I began kissing him slower and slower. My tounge going slower aswell.

"No what are you doing?" Frankie asked opening his eyes.
"I'm taking it slow"
"well dont" he said pulling himself against me.

My lips found his neck.

"I want this to be special for you Baby"
"Every days special for me when I'm with you... Please just.." He said with a kiss on my lips between every word
"Frankie..." I said pushing myself off him.

"no, no dont do that Gerard"
"baby, I'm... are you 100% sure about this?"
"No.." he said but he still sounded happy.

"see we should just-" His lips ramed against mine to stop me talking.
"im 200% sure about this" He said sitting up kissing me again.

"I...I just dont want you to have any regrets later on"
"regrets.. why would I have regrets Gerard?.." he said sitting on my knees.

"Gerard. I honestly honestly honestly love you more than anything. I could never dream about doing this with someone whos not you"
Wow.. that brought out my emotions. I nearly cried.

"Lye the fuck back down!" I demanded smacking his ass as he lyed in a play girl pose.
Fuck yeah... that made me fully erect.

I climbed on top of him.

"Finialy" he smiled kissing my cheek.
"How do you mean finialy?" I asked
"For once I've made you hard and I get to help you"
"This isn't the third time you've done this to me" I said kissing his neck.

He moaned as I sucked harder.
I knew his skin would have changed color by now.

When I took my vacuum lips of Frankies neck there was a purpley, pinky, redy patch.

"Thats what I'm talking about" I smiled.
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