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He's finially in his pants

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Frank finialy gets Gerard hard and gets to help him out.. Everythings perfect. Franks Point Of Cock.. oops! I ment View.. Enjoy.

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I wrapped my legs around Gerards waist.
God this was the most amazing feeling in all of the world... I seriously am glad that its Gerard with me. and no one else.
I then realized we were still making out.

I pushed my hands against his ass.
"damn Baby, you've got me" he said taking my hand and putting it on his thigh.
All though it wasn't his thigh at all.

I made him fully hard
Gerard Way was fully erect

"Well gorgeous, we'd better attend to that" I said slipping my hand down his boxers.
As soon as I came in contact with him Gerards eyes rolled back and he let out a few moans.
God that had me up too.

"no.. stop.. I want to be inside you for this" he said taking my hand from his boxers.

I pulled his boxers off.

"Do it then" I said trying to keep as calm as I possiably could about the problem in my pants.
Fuck being straight I'm a full blowen gay... for a full blowen Way.

I pulled myself from thought land to see Gerard lubing himself up.

"Gee bear, I dont care about that shit.. Just fuck me senceless" I screamed.. beginning to get annoyed.. I needed relief damn it

He pulled my boxers down and through them on the floor.
Thank you Lord!

"Are you ready?" he asked as he kissed me.
"yeah" I said back sexily.

Gerards mouth was attached to mine. His tounge twisting with mine as he ran his hands down my sides.
once he was at my hips he began kissing me harder.

I didnt take note of my moaning.
Gerards grip on my hips tightened and he carefully thrust into me.

I juddered remembering how my dad would do this to me.
My Mom, well she could never put anything in me. But she gave me head a few times. and forced me to have sex with her.
Its all horriable and very fucking traumatic for me but now Gerard Way is inside me... nothing else matters.

While he thrusted deeper and harder he took me in his hand and slowly began pulling on my cock

"f-f-fuck G-Gerard"
"Whats my name Baby?" he wispered in my ear and he went even deeper.
"Come on Baby, tell me" he said slowing his hand pace.
"Gerard" I wispered.

"Louder.. say it louder"
"Gerard" I spoke up.
"Good boy... I'm gonna fuck you so hard you dont know what day it is" he smiled in my chest.
"Please... god! please do"

He slowed down his thrusting not right down but down abit.

"no. Go faster"
"Faster?... You want me to go faster"
"W-whats that I didn't hear you" he said picking up his speed.
"I-I said yes!"

"Come on Baby, give in" he said tugging on me faster.
"make me" I said with my eyes closed... I was close and he knew it too.
"I-I will" he said he thrusted three more times before pulling out.

no, no!!!

His lips wrapped around my dick
Gerards tounge licked around my swollen head before taking me in his mouth again.

"fuck Gerard"

I could hear him moaning.
Im not sure how. My noises began to even scare me

I was seconds away from giving out.

"uhhhnn G-Gee I'm. I'm so close"
His mouth got off my dick and next thing I knew he was back inside me.

His thrusting was making his head board smash agianst the wall.

"I know you are"

He took hold of me again and was constiantly pumping me

"Say my name Baby, say my fucking name!"
"Fucking scream it!" he said knowing this was going to be when we both give out.
"Again... scream my name.... as loud as you fucking can... Make the whole of Belleville hear your sexy fucking voice!" He growled.

I took in one major deep breath.
His thrusting and pulling was just going fucking crazy

"Uhhhnnn Frankie... Baby come on... scream for me... SCREAM FOR ME" he said going as deep as he possiably could.

The only things I could hear were that sexy mother fucker screaming, panting and fucking some sence into me
My moaning and screaming as he was getting both of us off
the sound of Gerards bed smashing into the wall
and Black Flag

"F-f uhhhnnnn... Fr-ra-rankie.. SCREAM MY NAME LIKE YOU OWN IT"

I didn't need any more. I was ready

"GERARD" I screamed as loud as I possiably could noticing me and Gee were hitting orgasim.

"I-I'm gonna cum" I tried to warn.
"Me too" He said with both of us ridding out our orgasims.
Seconds apart we both came.

But Gerard was still going.
He thrusted four deep... very deep thursts before pulling out and ripping his rubber off. Didn't know he had one.

"o-o holy fuck" I said as he fell on me.. because we were both so sweaty he just stuck to me.

We both lyed there getting our breath back...
panting like pedophiles in a pre school.

God I'm so tired now....

Gerard ran his hands down my side and over my lower stomach where he kissed my stomach.

"That.. was deffiantly... worth the fucking wait Frankie" he said ramming his lips onto mine.
"I couldn't agree more"

"You can scream Baby, by god how that did the trick" He smiled pulling me to his chest.
"I was doing as I was told" I said as I licked his lips.

when I began licking his lips he opened his lips and took my tounge hostage in his mouth
I wasn't complaning. I pushed my lips agianst his.

"fuck" I shot at Gerard quickly.
"Mikey.. he was coming over"

Gerard got up and I watched his bare ass as he walked around his room.
He took a towel and wrapped it round his hips

Hope ya like it! I'll post some more chapters tomorrow...
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AnyWay, thanks for reading my shit story.
Love, Brit xoxo
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