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Should I still be listening?

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Franks gone to get his shoes.. But he hears Mikey and Gerard talking...

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Yay! found my shoes. Yay! going to the arcade Yay! Gerards mine. Yay! I'm out of hospital. and YAY!!! I fucked Gerard!!!

"Mikey.. I know you didn't like him for a while... and I'm glad you've over come that because in all honesty. I fucking love that boy so much..."
"So your serious about him then?"
"Yes! I wish you saw that when I first took him in" I heard Gerard and his brother talking. I know its wrong to listen but I don't want to move.

"I mean the way he smiles is just enough to kill me, When he laughs its the most amazing thing and sometimes its so hard to listen to him talk because his
voice is so fucking beautiful. Mikey honestly I think that he might be..-"
"The one?" Mikey asked his brother.

"The one" Gerard repeated.
"Fuck... yes he would most deffinatly be 'the one'"
"You have to ask him out before asking him to marry you Gee"

I take it Gerard hadn't told him yet... Good. I don't want him to know just now.

oh my god. I think I'm having a panic attack.


"I don't even know what he'd say, Hes still young"
"yeah he is young"
"And I don't want to ask him to marry me. One day he will find someone better than me in every way, and I'll have to let him go at some point.. I don't want to
think about that. but it will happen. be it a girl or boy someone else will make him happier than me" Gerard said to his brother

By god was he wrong. I would say yes in a heart beat. I fucking love him so much

"Gerard.. I see you two and I just think. Wow one day Frankie is so gonna be my brother in law. and what ever Jaxon and Alicia have to say about that then
they can fuck off. As long as my brother is happy with Frankie I'm gonna look after him at school. I'll probably lose my reputation but fuck it.
Frankies gonna be a Way soon.... One day, And I'll be looking out for him" Mikey replied to Gerard.

Oh no! dont cry, Frank dont fucking cry.

"Found my shoes" I smiled as I walked down the hall... acting like I hadn't heard any of their conversation.
"well thats good" Gerard smiled as he put his arm around my shoulder.

I rested my head on his shoulder as we walked to Gees car.

"So.. what are we gonna do at the arcade?"
"I was thinking...."
"I think we should get photos" I smiled at my new two bestfriends.
"I think thats a perfect idea" Gerard smiled at me.

As soon as Mikey was in the car he grabbed my ass and smiled that deadly smile I love.
I couldn't help but smile back.

"So Frankie, When are you thinking about coming back to school? I was thinking we could hang out or something ya know?" Mikey said as he turned around in
his seat.

"I'm not sure just yet, but I'd really like that"
"Well its settled"
"Yeah Gee?"
"Why all of a sudden have you decided to come back? I mean of course me and Frankie want you back but why did yo leave Jaxon and Alicia?"
"Uhh I had a fight with both of them" He said into his lap.

"Over what?" Gerard said as we turned a corner.
"Yeah.." he said even quieter
"w-why?" I asked getting nervous.

"I told them I came to see you, and that I wanted us to be friends and they said I was a sell out.. and I told them that as long as- as my brothers happy I
don't give a fuck about how they feel about you, I mean like... If you and Gerard.. well then that would be fine by me... just as long as you were both happy"

I wrapped my arms around the back of him and the seat too.

"Mikey! your sooooooo cool!" I said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

That was another time I touched him with out him beating me up.

"I think we could be best friends one day Frankie"
"I-I would really like that" I said falling back into my seat.

Gerard looked into the mirror and gave me an assuring smile

"I'd really like it too" Mikey smiled.

We pulled into the oh so fimiliar car park...
The Arcade... YAY!
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