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Back to the arcade

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They've gone back to the arcade...

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I jumped out the car and stood infront of it while Mikey joined me.

"come on Gee... hurry up" I said jumping up and down
"Yeah Gee, Hurry up!" Mikey protested with me.

"God. you two are like kids"
"Rain check big bro.. we are kids"
"Oh.. yeah I forgot that!"

Gerard smiled at me as we walked in..
God this was hard all I wanted to do was hold his hand... Or walk with his arm around me.. but no!
Mikey walked ahead of us.

"Baby, this is so hard" I said wrapping my arm around his waist.
"what is?" He asked wrapping his arm around my waist.
"This hiding from Mikey stuff, I dont like lying Gee"
"Well he hasn't excatly asked us straight out now has he?"
"Well no-"
"So we're not lying"

"unless.. you just wanna tell him?" he asked with an eyebrow raised

Wow... uhh.

"Baby, he wants to be your friend now so it won't matter.. and If you and Gerard... Well then that would be fine by me.... just as long as you were both
happy' isn't that excatly what he said?"

fucking Gerard Way, making a point all the time.


He pushed his lips against mine...
Just enough to give me a tiny kiss.

"Mikeys waiting" he said tangling our fingers together.

I forgot that the whole of Belleville could have seen that if they were here... And I forgot that I had problems. And I forgot my Boyfriend is fucking the
best thing in the whole of the world.

We walked through the door... Mikey talking to a girl I knew... From school...

"Sasha. This is- Wow." he said looking at our hands.

Gerard gripped tighter smiling at me.

"It'll be fine babe" He smiled at me.

"Sasha, This is m-"
"your that Iero kid right?"
"Thats me" I spoke up

"Oh... Your talking to Mikey?-"
"If you'll let me finish!"

"Sasha, This is my big brother Gerard. And-" He looked at our hands again
"And this is Gerards boyfriend and my great Friend Frankie.. he goes to our school"
"Oh.. i thought you didn't like him... I mean like Alicia, and Jaxon... Kevin... Leighton and Kelly?"
"Well thats not going to happen anymore"

"So if you don't mind me and my Brother and his amazing boyfriend are going to have some fun, Tell Sarah. no I will not take her to prom"
"Are you sure? she really likes you?"
"No, I dont wanna know people who diss Frankie. If I have to I'll go with Frank" he said taking Gerards hand and pulling us towards something.

"M-Mikey.. thanks, You shouldn't have... Thanks"
"Well I'm guessing your gonna be like my brother now too, And you are my friend so.."
"Y-you don't care about me and Gee?"
"Is there something there?"

I looked at Gerard who looked into my eyes.

"Yip.. There is"
"Cool" Mikey said giving us a smile and pulling us to the photobooth.

Mikey kneeled on the seat. Wrapping his arms around Gerards neck.
Gerard stood infront of him and put his arms around my waist. Kissing my cheek.

"keep these as cleen as you can.. I want these on my wall"
"Shut up Mikey" Gerard said as he pushed the button.

One flash.

Next thing I knew Mikey had his right hand to my head like a gun...
Gerard did the same thing to Mikey.

Two flashes.

Gerard pulled me so his forehead was touching mine...

"Good God" I heard Mikey call
Gerard bit my bottom lip... I had to try so hard to keep a moan in.

Three flashes

Then I pulled Gerard and Mikey by the waist. Putting my arm around them both... they soon did the same thing to me.
I turned my eyes in Gerards direction and smiled.
While Gerard looked up and opened his mouth.

I didnt know what Mikey did.

Four flashed.

"well there 'ya go Frankie, you got your damn photos" Mikey smiled playfully pushing me into Gerard while he laughed like a maniac.
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