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Its all fun. Untill someone hits my baby and my brother

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A fight breaks out in the middle of the arcade...

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I watched as Frankie and my little brother play fought.
I was really glad Mikey had said sorry, and glad Frankie accepted the fact that Mikey was sorry.

"Coming Baby?" Frankie smiled as he took my hand and walked towards where Mikey was.
"It feels good for someone to know don't you think?" He asked stopping and looking at me.

"Yeah... Yeah it does"
"Are you ok Gee?"
"Yeah.. just... yeah" I didn't even know how I felt.

"Guys come on" Mikey called from the other side.

I could see him playing with the gun that Frankie was using last time we came in here.

"Go play guns with him Gee"
"What are you gonna do?"
"Sit here and watch" he smiled taking a seat.
"Ok" I smiled as I kissed his forehead.

"Oh and Gee?"
"Yeah Baby?"
"Dont get shot" He laughed.
"I'll try" I said turning my back on him.

'The one' it keept playing over in my head... What if he was 'the one'

"Come on Gee, ready to get your ass kicked?"
"If your ready to chase me?" I smiled at my baby brother taking the other gun.

Me and Mikey were in an in depth fight.

Fuck! he was winning.

I felt Frankies breath down my back.

"Come on Baby, what are ya doing?" He asked kissing my neck.
"Don't Frankie, By god"
"ok" he said as he grabbed my ass.

"Hmm yeah I don't excatly want to think about you two fucking so if you dont mind"
"Sorry Mikes" I smiled as I resumed losing to my little brother.

I turned to look at what Frankie was doing.
He was looking at stuffed toys...

"Hey Iero!" I heard an oh so fimiliar voice call.

"Fuck" I then heard Mikey wisper.
"I thought we told you to not walk around here alone"
"I'm not alone!" he said as he streched 'alone' in a patronizing way.

"well I don't see your boyfriend around here-"
"Then your a fucking blind cunt aren't you?"

I smiled listening to my baby boy stick up for himself against Jaxon.....JAXON.

"Mikey! Fucking help him"

Me and Mikey looked around the corner to see Jaxon with his arm around Alicias waist.

"Oh my god Mikey... I'm so sorr-"

"What the fuck do you think your doing" Mikey screamed as he walked towards Jaxon and take it his soon to be ex girlfriend.
"Mikey" Alicia said shocked to see him

"What are you doing here with Iero?" She asked again.
"Firstly his names Frankie, and secondly he's my fucking friend.."
"I think you have a big.... Gay crush on him" Jaxon snorted.

"And I think your actually a pussy"
"You fucking heard me... Use me to get to my girlfriend.. honestly?"
"Oh. so shes yours now?"

"Honestly Mikey? you thought what we had was something? you think I actually loved you?" she gave out a laugh
"Oh god you did? Mikey...I-I'm really sorry, I wanted to be popular.. I thought you knew that?"

I took hold of Mikeys shoulder in order to pull him away. but as soon as I did he shrugged me off.
Tears formed in my Baby brothers eyes..
God I wanted to hit them both so badly... I knew I wouldn't stand a chance... No matter how much I tried.

"You get your kicks from tormenting people dont you?" Frankie spoke up walking right up into Jaxons face.
"..Frankie" I warned.

Just like Mikey did he shrugged me off.

"I fucking loved you so much Alicia.... I... I FUCKING LOVED YOU" He screamed in her face.
"Oi! Mikes" Jaxon said like my brothers name was poison

"Don't fucking talk to her like that you gay creep!" He said getting in Mikeys face.
I could see Frankie getting angry.

"ohh what? you dont like me talking to your Boyfriend that way?"
"to start with Martin"
Jaxons face fell. I'm glad I told Frankie his real name because his face fell when he called him that.

"How did-"
"Mikey is not my fucking boyfriend! hes my boyfriends brother!"
"See knew it told you he was Gay" he laughed at Alicia as they both laughed.

"Ohh is it going to be a happy little three Way?.. Are you all gonna fuck eachother then cry and cut yourself about it.. Specialy you Iero.. I've seen your
arms fucking Emo"

I was beginning to get very fucking angry with these people.
But I couldnt say anything.

I looked at Mikey who was having an argument with Alicia and Frankie with Jaxon...
jaxon pushed Frankie.

I looked away for three seconds and when I looked back Frankie was on his back punching him in the head.
Jaxon was trying to swing him off but Frankie wouldnt budge.

"DONT EVER SAY THAT ABOUT MY GERARD EVER!!!" I heard him scream as Frankie hit him harder.

Mikey looked up and knew that Frankie was gonna be in trouble if Jaxon got him off his back.

Mikey got into action and charged at him, tackling him at his knees causing Mikey, Frankie and Jaxon to go flying across the floor.
Frankie straddled Jaxons hips continuing to punch him in the face.

"Hey, Hey, Hey.. come on Break it up" The people from behind the desk said as they came running out.
Jaxon hit Mikey in the face causing his noes to gash with blood.

Fuck this I did not want Frankie getting hurt.
Alicia gave out a high pitched scream as my brother and Frankie continued to beat this guy up.

"FRANKIE!" I yelled trying to pull him off Jaxon.

I grabbed him at the waist and pulled him as hard as I could.. He had grip of Jaxons shortish hair.

"Let my hair go!"
"Now whos the fag" Frankie screamed as he pulled harder.

"Frank, let go!" I demanded.

Finialy after his arms gave out I pulled Frankie over to the counter noticing his split lip and bruse on his cheek.

"What the hell are you thinking?!" I said in a hushed voice.
"If I hit him hard enough he'd shut up"
"Frankie, your fucking insane!" I said kissing his forehead and pulling him into a hug.
"I wanna finish him Gerard.... come on I can do it!"
"I don't care your not going to "

"Wow Gerard look, its Sid Vicious" he said pointing behind me.
"WHERE!!!" I said turning around.

Wait Sids dead...

Little prick.

He'd gone back to Mikey and Jaxon..
Now Alicia was screaming at them to both stop...

I marched over there pulling them both by their shirts off him.

They both said the same thing.

"Gerard let me go"
"Go to the car" I demanded at them both.

Frankie and Mikey looked at me like I was stupid.

Jaxon got up and went towards Frankie taking him by his collar...
How he could get up after that is amazing.

He pulled his clenched fist back to punch Frankie, instead I took hold of his hand and twisted it so he fell to the ground.

"Ow! ow! ow! ow! Ow!"

I let go and then he went to hit me... I bet him to the punch and hit him directly between the eyes. he was out like a light.

I'm a passovist but if he wants to hit my fucking Boyfriend then he's got another thing coming.

"You two, car, go" I said taking Mikey and Frankie by the wrist and pulling them to my car.

"Bye slut we're over!" Mikey screamed as we got to the door.
"Mikey, shut it"
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