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Can he come over for the night?

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Mikeys got a new friend...

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I took Frankies hand and walked with him to the kitchen.
how he could think I hated him, I honestly wanted to do what was best for him.. I guess thats me being a mature adult.

I sat next to Frankie and Mikey sat across from us.
He had placed Tomato pasta and a jug of water on the table.

"Mikeys a great cook" I smiled at Frankie as we waited for the return of Mikey.
"It smells and looks great" Frankie said with his hands tightly in his lap.

"Sorry guys" Mikey smiled before taking his seat opposite us.
"Everything ok?" Frank asked as I started eating pasta
"Everythings fine Frankie, thanks"

"Wow Mikes this is really good" Frankie smiled causing Mikey to blush. We we're so much the same. if we get a compliment we would blush.
"Thanks Frankie"
"Your welcome"

"Yeah Mikes" I said swallowing my pasta
"Is it ok if a friend comes over for the night, you wont know hes here and we'll stay in my room watching movies please Gee"
"Who is he?"
"You don't know him. His names Bert"

Bert... Bert where have I heard that name before?

"last name"

Frankie dropped his fork.
"You know him Frankie?"
"no- I know he goes to our school, and I know his Mom was my nurse in hospital"

...this boy was gay... and he was going to be spending the night with my brother.

"you know hes..." I thought of the right way to put this.
"Hes like me and Frankie right?"

he looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Course I know Gerard"
"No Gerard I'm not gay"
"I'm-I'm not implying your Gay little brother-" I said smiling
"You are"
"Well it wouldn't bother me"

"I'm not gay Gerard!" he said standing up and walking away

"What you think about it Honey?"
"I think he's confused"
"Yeah me too"
"Will you mind if I go talk to him"
"No, go be my guest!" i said moodily.

Frankie kissed my cheek.

"Love you Baby"
"love you too frankie"
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