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What if Mikey is gay?

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"What if I am gay Frank?"

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As I approached Mikeys bedroom door I didn't know what I was actually going to say to him.

"Mikey can I come in please?"

He gave me an Okay and opened the door.

"What if I am.... Gay" he hesitated on one word
"It would be excellent"
"But what would the people in school say?"
"Mikey.. Your brother once said to me 'Be yourself stand out and never fit in. Fitting in's stupid' so its really what you let them do to you"
"Because I think I might like Bert. He's quiet hot and.."
"Well, You like him?"
"Yeah... Yeah I guess I do"
"Ask him out, see what happens"
"Really? you mean it?"
"From the bottom of my heart"
"Thank you so much Frankie" Mikey said as he strangled me.

"Y-your welcome but I honestly can't breath"
"sorry" he blushed finialy releasing me
"So whens Bert coming over?"
"Soon.. I think we'll have time for Ice Cream first"

I took Mikeys hand and Charged with him to the kitchen.

"Wow Frankie... you look like your in a hurry"
"...ICE CREAM!!!" I screamed as I dragged Mikey to the freezer.

I heard my Gee Gee give out a chuckle as well as Mikey, as Mikey fell to the floor laughing...

"wha? I like Ice Cream" I smiled helping Mikey up...
"I...I-I have NEVER.... Se-seen my...LIFE go that mental....over........ICE CREAM!!!" Mikey screamed falling back to the floor.
"well I'm glad I made it a first for you... but I want damn ICE CREAM!!!"

"Baby, calm down... you'll let the whole of Belleville hear you"
"And now its not good?" I smiled at him.

Gerard gave me a wicked grin.

"Oh Ewwww guys no!!! I don't wanna- no! just yuck!" Mikey said as he covered his ears.

Gerard got up giving Mikey a little kick and coming to assist me in the kitchen..

"Come on Frankie, Lets get you some damn Ice Cream"
"Yay! thank you thank you thank you" I screamed wrapping my arms around him.

I felt his lips touch my head.

"Your gorgeous Frankie" He smiled into my hair.
"As are you"
"..Go sit down at the table and I'll bring you your Ice Cream" He said rolling his eyes

I did just as Gerard had wanted.. I took my seat back at the table waiting for the arrival of Ice Cream.

"shit!" I heard Mikey call from the lounge...
"What Mikey?" I asked as confused as you could possiably be.
"Berts here and I'm not ready... could you answer the door please Frankie"
"Sure.... go get ready" I smiled

I walked nervously to the door, I dunno why I'm nervous. Maybe cause I've never met Bert before.
I took in one deep breath and pulled the door open.

I recognized him straight away.

"Frank... what are you doing here?"
"I live here" I said stepping back to let him in.

His shoulder length hair droped around his head.
Red eye shadow not on his eyes... But around them
He wore a baggy black hoodie and lose black jeans.

Berts back pack slung over one shoulder.
and his Black Converse... Wow Mikey was right.. he is hot.

"Yo-Your not going out with Mikey are you?" He asked as he looked to the ground and blushed.
"nah, I've got it the other Way" I smiled in his direction.
"Oh.. cool- I mean, Ok"
"Its fine Bert, Me and Gerard are just gonna have some Ice Cream if you wanna join us while Mikey gets pretty?"
"....Yeah... if you dont mind"
"Not at all... Baby?!" I called to Gerard

"Yeah Frankie?"
"can you be an Angel and get Bert some Ice Cream too please"
"I'm all ready on it"
"Thank you" we called back to each other.

"uhh Mikey. Berts here" I called up the stairs.. I didn't get a response. He allready knew he was here.

I was amazed at how i didnt click to who Bert was when his Mom told me about him.
I mean. I see him every day and think hes beautiful... he's never picked on me at all. His voice is rough but soft.. His eyes are-
Oh my god....Frankie stop looking, You've got Gerard.

to save myself I walked into the kitchen to see Gerard licking a spoon of Ice Cream..
God hes adoriable... im so greatfull I've got him

"Its not what it looks like" He said pulling the spoon away from his mouth.
"Oh.. really"
"no, it just jumped in my mouth and was all like 'eat me Gerard, please'"
"Ohhhh yeah" I said raising an eyebrow.

"then it said you told it to do it.... and thats why... its in my mouth...yeah thats believeable"
" would be, If you didn't say 'Yeah thats believeable'"
"oh, Fuck"
"its ok Baby, I forgive you"

His lips made their way to my forehead

"Hey, I'm Gerard. Mikeys pretty big brother" He said flipping his hair from his face.
"I'm Bert" He smiled.

"Yeah, we've been told so much about you, Mikey just can shut himself up, as soon as we get on the subject.."

what was he doing?
I saw Bert blush.

"Oh, hey Bert, I didn't know you were here" Mikey said as he took a seat at the table.

"Yeah well me and Frankie are going to eat up stairs... stay safe" Gerard said pulling me from the kitchen with two very awkward teenagers sitting in there

"what do you think of him?" Gerard asked me as i sat on his bed.
"How do you mean?"
"Can you see him and Mikey being something"
"Yip" I said putting a spoon of chocolate ice cream in my mouth.

"Me too.. I hope so, they look good together and all"
"Yeah.... I think so too"
"not as good as me and you though Baby" He smiled at me.... God how I could just melt into his eyes
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