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Everyone has Limits, boundaries and rules

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Elizabeth simen was born as a human in a world where humans shouldn't excist and if they do they must die. But she has fooled them all...until she met him.

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Ch1: Everyone has Limits, boundaries and rules

In this tainted world, there is no humans, we apparently died out a long time ago. But deep down we all know that the founders of our world killed them...all of them. So now there are only werewolves, vampires, and witches left in our once owned world.

All of them unaware that humans once ruled over them. But they had transformed this once place humans called home. It's surrounded by magic and fate that holds them all down. Everything decided by birthmarks and names.

Werewolves able to take human form and walk around with simply a tail and a pair of wolf ears hold sacride traditions. I should know i have been pretending to be one since i was eight years old. When your born you have a tattoo or a birthmark and that decides your name. Like mine is a perfect pair of black wings setting on my shoulderblades going down my back, giving me the name angel. But then again, we have two seperate names like first and last. Except I am called Angel by only werewolves, to the other beings i am simply Elizabeth or even Itsie if your my friend.

As for the vampires they have less traditions, they have no tattoos or birthmarks they are simply normal looking creatures with abilities that surpass those of a werewolf or witch. You can usually call them by their first or last name unless there "important" then it gets more complicated. If you yourself are a vampire then you call them by their last name but if you are of a different being you must call them by there Nobality name. Just like a seperate name like werewolves but not set in stone. But if their your friends or kids at school you can call them whatever the hell you want.

As for witches their a little bit more complicated, they like werewolves they have certain birthmarks that mark their personality almost. Or even their magical traits and it causes them to have different school classes. It's like telling the difference between good and evil. Good is a X that can be on any part of their bodies. As for evil it is a X with a circle around it. Usually the witches are all very nice except the random bitch thrown in every now and then.

As for our marriages, well we don't have to stay within our specis to woohoo and have babies. Usually you have to get married before all that. At a marriage cermony you have to visit a Holyman and ask him for the blood of his lord. Now depending on if he is witch, werewolf, or vampire it works in different ways. If let's say you wanted to marry a Witch but you were a werewolf. You would go to a holyman who was a witch and he would cast a spell upon you and give you the blood of a witch and bam your a witch by the time your marriage day comes. Vampires and Werewolves are simplar, except for vampires they have personal cermonies usually with their familes where they give their blood to their "Beloved" and the change takes place. Same with werewolves except we have out own personal holy man and he gives his blood to our "beloved."

In the end it's all incrediable more complicated then it should be epsepcially if your one like me.

I was born human, sadly not something that happens everyday. Usually i would be killed by my mom and dad and burn my body in the backyard and everything goes on. But my mom loved me, and she hid me away till i was old enough to except the blood of a wolf into my body. But ont he day of the cermoney when the holyman gave my the blood i was to drink i took a small sip and held it in my mouth till later. After throwing up the nasty blood I went to a halloween store and bought myself a tail and a pair of ears.(yes we have halloween. Why not?)

That was my beginning i then went to school as a werewolf. I could never run as fast as everyone else, i couldn't eat raw meat, or understand mostly anything they said. To them i was Itsie the Dits, the werid werewolf who doesn't eat meat only veggies. My whole life i have been hiding. No one knows about me except one person and i trust her more then anyone.

Her name is Siobhan, she had found out when we were in sixth grade and while dressing for p.e my ears and tail had fallen off. Her finding out was the highlight of my life. She promised not to tell and since it's been five years i guess she hasn't. Even if I haven't seen her in two years. She ran off with her boyfriend promising she'd come and visit. But maybe she was scared of me. Here in this world...everyone is afraid of humans, no one trusts them so of course i'd be alone even if they didn't kill humans.

I jumped awake at my alarm, it always had to be so damn loud. I rubbed my eyes standing up getting ready for school before my mom came in. Getting ready was easy, throwing on something random and placing my ears and tail on properly was a easy thing unless i woke up late. Then i'd be in trouble. But i haven't been late yet so i guess it's all good.

I looked at my clock and read 7:20 knowing it was probably dark outside. "Itsie! You awake!" I heard my mom call and i opened my door holding my backpack. "Yeah!" i called back walking down the hall seeing my mom in the living room helping my little sister get ready. "I'm going to a meeting after work so i won't be home till late okay," my mom said helping my sister put her shoes on. "okay," I said opening my door heading outside after calling a goodbye.

As i walked down my street i blinked a couple of times trying to adjust to the darkness. "ITSIE!" I heard my friend Azeala call. I could make out her form at the corner. She was my first friend in 7th grade, me and her were very close and she had no idea about my secret. I smiled slightly as she grinned showing off her fangs. "Were going to be late again," Azeala said walking along side me and i shrugged. "Were always late," i said rubbing the back of my neck. "Yeah cause your so slow." Azeala said showing annoyance. "I'm sorry go ahead of me then i'll make it to school one way or another," I said and she shrugged still continuing to walk with me.

We were about a mile from school when Azeala gasped. "Shit the bell! Come on!" She said running off knowing she'd be there in probably a minute. I growled and i ran after her knowing i wouldn't make it. My fastest mile time was 6:30, as i continued to run i could see distant vampires and werewolves running ahead of him looking back at me snikering. "Shut the fuck up douchebags!" I called trying to push myself harder. I was about 3/4 of a mile and i heard the bell ring. I stopped in my tracks knowing i wasn't going to make it.

Once again i would have detention and once again i would be yelled at. It was starting to get annoying. When i arrived at the school i could see the security guard waiting for me at the entrance of the school. "Come on Itsie couselor wants to see you," she said and motioned me to the office. I frowned following her and entering my couselor's office. "Hello Itsie," Mrs. Perison said and i waved sitting down.

"You were late again," she said and i shrugged. "I don't understand Itsie you have so much...ability but you don't use it!" She said and folded my arms getting pissed off. "I want you to pass out of high school i truly do. So i'm asigning you a tutor." She said and pointed to the door. I turned and saw him.

He was leaning against the door frame looking at me with a charming smile on his face. "I'll let you to talk for a while," she said leaving the room. "Hello I'm Joel," He said and i blushed. Every vampire i have ever met they were all hot. But he, he was beyond hot. His longish thick black hair covered half his face, snake bites on his lips and dark eyes that could make me melt. "I-I'm....It-" I said stnding up only to trip over my own feet. I cried out as i hit something warm and then felt contact with the ground.

"Wow," i heard him say and i looked seeing i was on his lap my legs on either side of this thighs. I blushed and his hand curled around the curve of my ass and he stood us up. "What's your name?" he whispeared, God i'm about to melt. "I-Itsie," i stuttered and he smirked. "So your name is Ditsie?" He said and i came out of my trace in anger. "What did you say!" I said and he laughed. "Ditsie? I hear your incredible clumbsy and you can't run for shit," i clutched my fists. "Dick!" I said smacking his face. He laughed harder giving a squeeze to my ass.

I screamed and squirmed away from him. "Oh this is going to be fun," He said smirking again. Holy fucking shit...

Disclaimer: I wrote this in 7th/8th grade so i'm posting it. xD It's my first completled orginal work so why not post it. I hope you all like it.
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