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Itsie's tutoring begins right after school. She wouldn't really mind if it was anyone else. But this pervert is becoming dangerously close to her secret.

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ch 2: Tutoring

I stood there looking up at this asshole. He was just smirking down at me, i should report him for sexual harassment! "We'll start tutoring right after school today, meet me by the football field after school alright?" He said leaning in to me. I blushed trying to back away but finding myself unable to move. Joel leaned into my wolf ear and bit. Of course i didn't feel it but that doesn't mean it had no affect on me. I blushed harder smacking him away. "UGH! You pervert!" I screamed running out of the office.

I huffed a breathe going to the office counter getting a note for tardiness. Fucking great, now it's going to be even harder to do shit. I walked out of the office walking to my first period which was Hunter's Ed. It was a out-door and inside class, where most of the time were on the track jumping hurtels. When i arrived to the door i could see all of the werewolves chatting probably about something stupid. Or plans on the next full moon. When i opened the door everyone's eyes were on me and i became irrated. Most wolves were ashamed of me. Considering that i didn't eat meat like they did, or run like them, or pretty much anything else.

I sighed handing my teacher my not sitting down in the back. "Alright students today were going to work on double hurtels. So let's head out to the track," Everyone all smiled and stood up and i was left with a deep frown. I can't even do one hurtel. But i stood up also following all of the students to the track looking at the multiple hurtels all lined up after another. I groaned walking into a line with the others waiting for my turn.

I watched as everyone else ran as fast as they could zipping through the wind jumping over the hurtels with ease. "Alright Elizabeth your up!" I heard my teacher say and i took a deep breathe stprinting as fast as i could knowning i wasn't as fast as anyone else. When i came to the first set of hurtels i lounged forward swinging my right leg up, jumping off my left foot going over the first set nearly falling. I picked myself up and continued my fast sprint slowling down from tiredness.

I performed the same thing on the second set my left foot catching on the second hurtel causing me to trip and fall flat on my face. "Tch Fuck," i said sitting up rubbing my sore face. "You alright Simen!" I heard my teacher call and i nodded standing up heading to the line again. "Maybe you'll get it next time eh?" The teacher said encouragingly. I waved my hand off still rubbing my face.

During lunch i usually hang out with my friends by a flagpole by the entrance of our school. Usually there i can find peace. Or as close as i can get. As i walked to my friends i could already see Natalie getting excited probably ready to jump me. Then i saw Brianna waving at me motioning me to hurry. When i go to them i sat down with a pout on my face. "What's wrong Itsie?" Azeala asked me and i huffed a breathe. "I was sexually harassed by a pervert." I said crossing my arms and Natalie laughed. "What's new on that?" she asked and i looked down. "He was a hot pervert." And everyone laughed and i ended up laughing along with them.

When it had come for me to meet Joel one of the security guards came and got me during the last period of the day, I was not excited. When we go to the track I saw Joel already waiting sitting in the bleachers staring off into space. "Joel here's Itsie!" The security called turning around and leaving toward the office. Joel looked at me with a smirk on his face. I blushed not wanting to be touched by the massive pervert.

"Let's get this overwith," I said closing my eyes sighing. "Oh don't be like that Ditsie," Joel said in my ear. I shivered opening my eyes smacking him away. "Your so violent." He said leaning close to me. "Get away," I said getting irrated. "Or what?" He asked and caressed my cheek. My blushed darkened as he looked into my eyes. "Your adorable," He whispeared biting my fake ear again. "Pervert!" I screamed kicking at him. Joel grabbed my leg pulling it causing me to fall backwars.

I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the ground. But only to feel warm yet cold arms around my waist. I opened my eyes looking up at Joel. "Don't try it sweetheart," He said dropping me. I cried out as i hit the ground. "I always win," He said walking away from me. I growled getting pissed off. "Fucking Prick!" I screamed running at him as fast as i could. I saw him give a laugh grabbing my arm throwing me onto my back into the grass. "Your fun," He said and i sat up growling again running at him again this time going for his legs. He sighed, "Your to slow." He said grabbing my shirt pulling me up hugging me to his chest.

He was pissing me off so badly. My arms were pressed to his chest as his arms squeezed me. "Your a strange one. You don't even smell like a werewolf," He said smelling my neck. I gasped, He could tell. I needed to get him away from me right away. I squirmed trying to get away from his grasp. "I wonder if you taste different also..." He said licking my neck making me shiver. "S-stop!" I said and he nipped at the skin. "LET GO!" I cried biting his collar bone. I heard him moan his arms weakening.

I slipped out of his arms panting. "Can you stop!" I said and i saw that he had his smirk and he was rubbing the spot i bit. "Pretty sexy if you ask me....alright fine. Sweetheart let's start with running shall we? I want you to run two miles under 10 minutes. That's a slow start you should be able to pull it off." He said and i cursed under my breathe.


I was running again. Of course this pervert likes to make it hard for me. Telling me to press harder and harder. But i can't anymore, first two miles that goes down a minute everytime i make it with the new time. Then right after we study on my other classes. I'm just purely exahuasted, I can't even eat anymore right when i get home i go to sleep and i end up waking up late. I can't take it. I felt like I was burning up as i passed Joel, "You need to run faster or your not gooing to make it." He said and i forced my body to sprint my last lap.

When i finally finished i placed my hands on my knees panting. "Well sweet heart I have to admit you bent over panting like that is an incredible turn-on. All you have to do now is say my name." I shook my head sick and tired of this guys bull shit. "Dick." I breathed out and he grabbed my chin. I blushed looking into his eyes. "Adorable." He said pressing his lips to mine. I blushed uncontrollably, but i found myself kissing him back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer making circles on my lower back.

We kept our lips together till i could no longer take not breathing. When i pulled away the only thing that would come out of my mouth was his name, "...Joel." I said and he smirked and leaned into my ear. "I got you to say my name," He said and i screamed pushing him away. "I can't believe you!" I said storming off the track. "Wait!" He called grabbing my wrist. I pulled at my wrist trying to escape. "I'm sorry," He said and i shook my head starting to cry. This asshole has been getting me so pissed....destroying my boundaries, pasted my limits. "Listen to me," He said as i tried pulling away still. "No you asshole your letting me show my true self! I hate you!" I screamed and he hugged me closely.

"I'm sorry....I just don't know what to say to you. All i know is to say something smartass. I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings." He said and kissed my forehead gently. I blushed letting him hug me. How could he be so warm and yet so cold?

I sat up with a jump. "Fuck!" I said that was the thrid dream this week. I pouted standing up pacing in my room. "Those dreams seemed so real." I said outloud looking at my clock seeing that it was 3 in the afternoon. "Damn." I said pulling on my clothes, and sneaking out my window. It had been a long time since i'd been outside with the sun out.

I rubbed the back of my head wondering around the neighborhood finding something to get my mind off of that dream. I blushed at the thought, his lips were so it was real. I shook my head violently sitting down under a tree. "Motherfucker...making me feel this way." I said outloud closing me eyes.

Disclaimer: Well then yeah....idek i'm bored if it's horrible its horrible if im claiming anything that isnt mine im sorry and i disclaim it i guess? Idk im so werid today xD. Review if you all want.
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