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Itsie and Joel are brought together with a simple gesture and they come to realize there feelings and begin to act on them.

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NOTE: Okay so me and my friends have this game where we make llamas with our hands then we do different motions that a llama would do and in my 7th grade version Itsie teaches Joel it xD

Ch 3: Llama

I knew i was sleeping because Joel was sitting next to me, he had a smile on his face as he leaned over me. "What's wrong baby?" He asked kissing the corner of my mouth. "Because i'm dreaming," I said and he laughed. "It doesn't haev to be a dream, we can be like this outside of the dream world don't you think?" Joel said leaning close to me. "Perhaps, but your a huge douchebag outside you know," I said and he pouted. "I'm not that bad your just so fun to tease," he said smirking and i pushed him.

"Dick," I said sitting up. "Now come on you have to admit your reactions are just to good to be left alone." He said pulling me to him, "It's your fault if you weren't you i would never act this way...your destroying me." I whispeared and he leaned into my wolf ear.

"I'm the type of person to destroy then re-built something to make it more beautiful. I want you to be yourself espeacily around me. And if possible only me, i want to have you and only you." He said and i looked up at him and i felt tears come to my eyes. "If only you knew, then you wouldn't say that." I said and he sighed and started to fade away. "Baby i don't care about anything think like that i've liked you from the beginning."

I jerked awake realizing i was still outside from earlier. "Son of a Bitch!" I yelled standing up going back to my house. "I hate you Joel, I hate you so much for saying those things, giving me false comfort. Why do i keep dreaming of you, you bastard." I said to myself sneaking back into my house and got ready for school.


As i walked to my friends at lunch i saw a figure of someone i did not know. At first i thought it was one of the random people we hung out with but he made no movement to say hello, so i ignored him. "Hey Itsie! What's going on with your hot pervert?" Natalie asked and i sighed. "I don't know that motherfucker keeps touching me its dirty!" I said trying to fake my happiness the best i could.

Everyone laughed and Azeala put her hand together in the shape of a llama.(put your hand like a rockstar then put your middle, ring and thumb together and have you pointer and pinky stand up and thats a llama.) I laughed as i formed my own llama and i pressed my fingers to her cheek, "Llama kiss," I said and Azeala shifted her wrist up and down. "llama rock." She repiled and I clamped my fingers on her arm. "Llama bite." I said and she bowed her llama. "Sad llama," Azeala said then the bell rang.

We all stood up and started walking to class when i felt the familiar bite on my wolf ear. I screamed as i turned around seeing Joels smirk. "Dick," I said and he laughed as i blushed thinking of my dream. "Missed me baby?" He asked and i starting walking again. "Like i'd miss you," I said and he grabbed my ass. I screamed again pushed him. "What in the hell is your problem?!" I demanded and he shrugged. God damnit he pissed me off.

I threw my hand up and i slapped him across his face, then i ran off leaving that pig behind.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Joel P.O.V

I rubbed my sore cheek as i watched the slow werwolf run to class. I'm such a fucking idiot, i don't mean to make her mad i just end up doing stupid shit around her. I sighed as i walked ot my own class seeing a friend of mine.

His name was Ben me and him weren't close together just let's randomly tlak friend. "Hey Joel saw that Veggie Girl pimp slap your ass." Ben said and i shrugged, "You like her don't you?" Ben asked as we walked into our classroom sitting down. "Yeah but i'm an idiot." I said looking down at my desk as the class started.

When I had first seen Itsie i was amazed by her. Her blushing as she stuttered her name and when she fell, i could've dogde or caught her and hold her up. But i wanted these things to happen i wanted her in my lap. I was very lustful just from seeing her.

I love making her angry because she looks so adorable as she screams and fails at attacking me. Then this morning that dream i had of was so nice seeing that me and her could be together that she admitted to liking me. Which was the happiess thing that ever happened to me. But she told me "If only you knew." I wonder what it is.

"Alright today we are learning about the strange civilization of "Humans" They were older then us. They usually had a diet that consisted of well-cooked meat, greens, fruits, such like that. They did not drink blood like us vampires, eat raw meat like the wolves, or eat witch food of well the witches." The teacher said standing up front in the classroom.

Itsie was very much like a human wasn't she? She never ate like a normal creature, she couldn't run as fast and she refused to kill it was impossible she had ears and a tail and she reacted to when i bit her ear. But she was so similar...

I shook my head clearing my thought of her being human. That was impossible humans were evil betraying creatures. She was so innocent and sweet dispite her temper. But that was normal for a werewolves....she also has a birthmark like the others. Angel was her wolve name wasn't it? From a pair of black wings that appear on her back.... "Damnit..." I said and my teacher taped my desk. "Joel why don't you clear you head outside." my teacher said and i sighed getting up and stood outside.

Itsie....Elizabeth Simen...Angel, who was she really? This morning she was so happy looking as she did that werid ass llama thing with her friends but in class she seemed so serious so angry and with me she seemed calm as she ran, until i messed with her. How strange she was, but i came to a conclusion....I was in love with that girl that werewolf. I loved her so much i dreamt of her constantly to see if she loved me back and she responded, she was deeply in love with me also.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After school Itsie p.o.v

I walked to the track waiting to go through hell with Joel. I was expecting him to be sitting in the bleachers but i found him waiting for me on the track. "Hey," he said and held out his hand. I raised an eyebrow curious at what he had in mind. "Let's walk today you deserve a break." he said and i relaxed a little. He was being nice today, i reached out taking his hand and he pulled me closer to him. "I'll walk with you." He said and we both walked as he held my hand.

I blushed uncontrolably, as we talked about everything we could think of. We talked about our friends, our favorite bands and whole bunch of things i have never talked about to anyone really. That made me happy, really happy then he sighed and put his hand in the form of a llama. "Can you teach me?"he asked with a slight blush on his face. I opened my mouth slightly surprised that he had asked that. "Sure," I said and i smiled....a real smile.

As we walked around the track i taught him all of the motions of llama and as the sun rise he was able to remember all of it. Then he turned to me, and put up his llama and pressed his fingers to my cheek. "Llama kiss," he said and he walked away from me disappearing as he made his way away from the sun.
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