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Itsie has hit her limit, she can no longer take these dreams and feelings. So slowly she has been opening up to Joel, but will it cause her break?

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ch 4: Broken

I was dreaming and i knew i was, mostly because Joel was sitting next to me as i laid down in the grass. "What's wrong?" Joel asked leaning over my body and I looked at him breifly then i looked up at the makeshift sky. "What are you doing?" I asked and he raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean?" he asked and i sighed sitting up. "Being inside my dreams being so nice, kissing me and telling me strange things. What are you doing Joel? This dream has been to real, you talk to me like we weren't sleeping." I said and he smirked leaning closer, "isn't it obvious? While i'm asleep i can manifest anything I want, and currently your being pulled into my dreams. That is why your so interesting to me." He said and i blushed sitting up.

"You-you mean...everything we've been doing?" I stuttered and he wrapped an arm around me, "all of it of our free wills," he said kissing my neck. I blushed harder pushing him away, this was getting bad. He was coming to close to me, "what's wrong with you, you were fine before why is it so different now?" He asked grabbing my arm pulling me back, I sighed avoiding his gaze. "You wouldn't be able to understand," I said and he grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him.

"Try me," He said and i stared into his dark eyes secretly hopeing that maybe i could trust him. "No," I said jerking my chin away trying to force myself to wake up, "You can't wake ou until I do." He said and i glared at him, "wake up then," I said and he sighed. "Don't be stupid, I'm not letting you go until you tell what's your problem." He said and i stood up, "there's nothing wrong, nothings ever been wrong. I'm perfectly fine!" I said getting louder then i intended. "Then why can't you run like the other werewolves? Why can't you eat meat?" He asked and I tensed, he was asking to many questions. "I don't know." I said and he stood up grabbing me, "You lying." He said.

"No stop you can't know! Just leave me alone please!" I yelled and he sighed squeezing my arm slightly, "I love you Itsie." He said and i looked up my eyes widening, "I love you so much." And i felt the tears start, "No..." I said and I looked down shaking my head, "What's wrong?" Joel asked and he pulled me to him. I sniffed, "I love you to, you bastard." I said as i began sobbing in his chest.

Joel had broken through my wall and broke me and then he pulled me up and began to re-build. He held me close playing with my hair, "Itsie is okay if at school I hold your hand?" He asked and i looked up at him, No Joel why are you doing this? "Y-yeah," I said and he hugged me tighter.

author note: sorry its short but some stuff is going on, so i've been pretty busy so i apoligize
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