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The new beginning

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Joel and Itsie, Itsie and Joel. Been together for four months now and they have started a new school year as seniors. But now trouble has arisen all thanks to a stupid omen.

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ch 5: The new beginning

We were in our own little world again, the place Joel had made in his dreams for me and him. If you asked me about this place five months ago I would deny it all, but then again it's between me and him. No one else knows of Joel's little abilty. But i was fine with that because I myself have a secret.

Something that not even Joel knows about, and let me tell you how hard it is. It's just hard, when we see eachother in the real world and we kiss/make out or whatever you want to call it and he puts his hand on my back, I have to push it up away from my belt where my fake tail is. I have to be so careful with him, I have to make sure that when he gets "Handsy" i have to move them to the right place so he won't find out anything. But he only thinks that my own personal wants and I'm teased later. But hey I'm not complainning if Joel knew what I was things would end.

My happiness that I've been feeling the past four months would end and I would have to leave this place before things got dangerous. If the word got out that I was human many things could happen; every being that came in contact with me would be killed, the whole city of Banning would be destroyed of evidence, or they'd take me for torture then kill me. Either one would be to horrible to think of. Espeacilly for Joel, he is the only one who has taken my lonliness from me.

And that is a great thing in my eyes. "You've been thinking for a while," Joel said playing with a strand of my hair. "Sorry," I said smiling and he kissed my nose smirking as he laid on his side. "Your so cute I swear," Joel said and I blushed, "shut up you pervert." I said looking away from him. "oh that little pout is even cuter!" He said laughing as he teased me like he always did. So i smirked and looked at him leaning so close our lips brushed against one another.

"Your so mean to me," I said and bit slightly at his lips pressing my body to his. He blushed slightly wrapping an arm around my waist. "I'm sorry," he said and leaned to kiss me. My smirk widened as I pushed his face from mine standing up quickly. "That's what you get douchebag!" I said laughing as he growled and stood up. "Your going to get it!" He said lounging at me, I squeeled as I dodged his loung but only to be caught by his arms in a hug. "We have school," he whispeared and I nodded knowning that it was time for us to wake up.

I felt Joel begin to disapear around me and I was a little sad from the lack of his body but I knew that I would see him in an hour perhaps. Once he disapeared I was sitting up in my bed already before my clock went off. I sighed fixing my ears and tail and put on some clothes making myself look normal. To the eyes of this world, this damned city, to these damned people.

Its akward walking around holding hands with a different ranked vampire. I mean me and Joel were just normal teens going out, but to everyone Joel was something different. He was a loner, someone with few friends, but he was pasisng all his classes with streight As. Some thought he cheated his way through like a lot of people, but Joel wasn't known for that. He was known because he unlike a lot of others his parents were both vampires and were not married.

This would be no big deal if Joel wasn't a twin, he had a younger brother. I never met him mostly because he live with Joel's dad and no one recognized him. Most people were concerned by this because Joel was so strange and when parents weren't married when they had children it was very sinful. Maybe everyone's parents brainwashed them or something. It wasn't that people were mean to him or bullied him they just looked at him strangly. And the stares were even more bizarre espeacilly with the veggies wolf by his side.

People gossip and talk about us as we walk by hand in hand heading to where the locker rooms were. We usually hung out here until we got bored with ourselves and we went and hung out with Azeala and Natalie. But it rarely happened because we enjoyed our company. Joel sat on the ground pulling me into his lap. "So what should we do today?" he asked leaning his chin on my shoulder.

"Hm, I don't know, whatever you feel like i suppose," I said leaning into his form. "Let's run after school, me and you three miles." He said smiling knowning that I hated running that much. "Maybe a mile," I said and he laughed. "You are so strange I love it," he said licking my neck. I shivered closing my eyes hopeing that I wouldn't have to hit joel to stop him. "You smell so different to," he said and I knew he was wondering about me again.

Joel knew something was wrong with me, he didn't know about me being human but he knew there was something, some secret I hid and he wanted to know what it was badly. I sighed about to tell him to knock it off when I heard it.

Have you ever heard an air show? Where Airplanes boom off and the noise is enough to burst your ear drums? That was the sound, what it was more like an alarm then an airplane. I covered my ears in pain as I pressed my head to Joels chest. He held his hands over my fake ears not knowning that my real ones were lower. I squeezed my eyes shut as the noise continued as everyone lifted there heads and stood waiting for the anoucment to come on.

After what seemed like hours the noise stopped and Joel removed his hands and a voice came on the loud speaker. "Will all students please report to the gym, attention all students please report to the gym." The loud speaker said and Joel stood up pulling me up with him. "Come on this must be serious if they sounded an alarm." Joel said and we both went to the gym and took a seat in the middle of the gym surrounded by other students.

We all waited patiently waiting to be released or recieve whatever news or what was going on in the world. Thats when the princeple of our school walked in front of all students holding a microphone. He sighed in it and looked at all of us a sad look upon his face. "All students I regret to inform of some troubling news. This news originally began 18 years ago when we uncovered an anchient tablet in an old bulding where 'humans' once resided. There has been a scheduled breaking news on it. So that is why I called you all here today to watch it." The principle said and a couple of workers pulled in a large screen.

We were all silent when the screen went to color as we stared at the president and a couple of random guys I myself couldn't identify. "We are here today to confirm an Omen and a warning, a human, has entered our world and it has yet to be killed." The president said and I tensed. No, NO, NO! I screamed in my head looking at Joel who was consumed in the screen. "We found a tablet," a man said who was next to the president. "It told us this message;
Child born in a years wake
she will laugh like an old drake
Claiming in a form
Just like her family was born
A decreting way
will be set at bay
for the human child is here,"

The man said and took a step back and the president took over. "If a human is found, it is to be reported to the police, and anyone involving the human will be killed that is certain." The president said and after that I wasn't listening. They knew, a human, Me I was human. I forgot about that. If i kept myself away, if I let my guard stay up, then this wouldn't hurt. I had to leave.

Right now I had to leave, and if I didn't everyone I loved would be killed. I looked down closing my eyes ignoring everything around me, i had to do it. I looked up at Joel my heart beginning to hurt as I leaned over and kissed his lips ever so softly. When I pulled away he had a smirk on his face, "what was that?" he asked and I shrugged kissing his neck, "Just letting you know that I love you, Love you so much," I said trying to hard not to cry. "I love you to Itsie," Joel said as he rubbed my back waiting for the news to end.

It was about a half an hour later when we were dismissed and I imeadently left Joel, I wlaked as fast as I could out of the gym leaving him behind. Once I was free I ran, I ran as fast as I could out of the school to my home. I knew I had to get my money and possible some clothes and I was going to leave and never return. This was the end of my old life I could no longer pose as "Elizabeth Simen, or Itsie or Angel." I had to be someone different.

Author note: Yes it happened! Itsie has left her one and only to protect him and everyone else she loves REVIEW.
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