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The H.U.N

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How long had it been? A couple of days? A few weeks? A month? She couldn't tell anymore she just waited until she fell asleep so she can see his face, even if it hurts.

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ch 6: The H.U.N
Regular p.o.v

Itsie sighed her eyes seemed lifeless as she sat in the corner of an alley waiting for sleep to come. That's all she seemed to do now, was sleep and hope that he'd be there. He usually wasn't but it felt good to hope to seek comfort that wouldn't come. But it also terrifed her if he wasn't there she'd be plagued by nightmares, they attacked her like a bird and she laid and took it all.

She looked nothing like the descriptions on t.v for her. She was no longer a brunnette no she dyed her hair right when she ran away. But the black hair that was on her head was now mattered and dirty from sleeping on the floor and the wind that whipped at it. Her pale skin now covered in bruises from falling and dirty from not being cleaned. She felt disgusting, but that's how she was disgusting.

She coughed and closed her eyes trying to fall asleep but only heard a crash. She jumped up and looked around and in the corner saw a boy. He seemed so small and fragile, he stood shaking and sniffling holding a book bag held tightly to his chest. She heard a second crash and she spotted two tall werewolves running at a high speed.

The boy turned around baring his small fangs that came from his mouth sending a warning signal at them. It wouldn't do any good he was to small to call for that. The werewolves grabbed the boy and pried the bag from his small arms. "Little brat think you can get youself involved with The H.U.N?!" They yelled and he cowarded more looking breifly at Itsie showing the fear in his eyes.

Itsie's heart ached as she stood swallowing hard as she stared at the two werewolves. "Oh what is this? Are you part of The H.U.N to? Do you love those damned humans?" They demanded and Itsie's eyes widened and she looked down at the ground and looked back up with a smirk. "I have nothing to do with something like that," she said and she jumped and baeball slide kicking one guy in the back of the leg.

The guy fell forward dropping the bag and she grabbed it kicking the other in his groin. She saw him fall crying out and she picked up the boy running as fast as she could. She had about five minutes to lose them and carry them around this city so they'd miss her scent. She coninuted to sprint not paying attention to the burning in her legs panting she made turns every which way not looking where she was going.

"I think they stopped," the boy said and she came to a stop panting placing the boy down and the bag trying to catch her breathe. "Damnit," she said feeling tears in her eyes. Running reminded her of her tutoring time with Joel. "Thank you," the boy said picking up the bag looking at Itsie with a curious face.

He was adorable, he had shaggy pure blonde hair with big round blue eyes that were clear. He only went to Itsie's waist so he tilted his head back to look at her face. "Y-your welcome," Itsie said through her pants. She sat down leaning her head on the wall. "Why in the hell were they after you?" itsie asked and the boy looked down sitting next to her. "My mommy and daddy belonged to an organization called The H.U.N or Human. Untilted. Nation. It's suppose to be a research program about Humans and possible bring them back to there former glory. To live with our own world.

But the government attacked our facility after they broadcasted the wrong Prophecy." The boy said looking down at his hands. "Wait wrong?" Itsie said looking at the boy closely. The boy nodded reaching into his bag pulling out a old tablet blowing off the dust he handed it to me.

"As a cizilization falls
they all learn how to crawl.
All forgotten non to worry
but once she is born they will begin to scurry.
The evil will rise and fight
but they none of her bite.
She shall save all and possible save none.
Such a burden of a ton
she will erase all the bad we have done.
For she is the wolf in sheeps clothing
the human child is here."

Itsie scanned it over and over sending out a shuddering breathe. "I have to go to the town of Banning." The boy said taking the tablet putting it in his bag standing up. "But the problem is I keep getting lost," he said and she stood next to him looking down. "Why Banning?" Itsie asked remembering her home. "There's another facility there they have to know about this." The boy said looking up at her.

"C-can you take me?" he asked looking terrified. Itsie sighed thinking of her home and Joel, she kneeled down. "Okay, I think I can manage taking you to Banning." Itsie said and the boy cried out in joy jumping on Itsie. "T-thank you miss! I'm Elric!" He said leaning away looking up at her again. Itsie smiled, "Your welcome, I'm....Jenny." She said with a smile lying to the poor child.

Note: Well i wanted to make it longer but i must leave for a while sooooo enjoy.
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