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I'm sorry

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It's been two weeks since Itsie has started traveling with the young boy. But now she is haunted by him the one she loves the most.

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ch 7: I'm sorry

I sat there in our dream world next to Joel my knees to my chest. "You left," he whispeared to me. I nodded, "why?" he asked and looked at me. "I had to i couldn't be with you." Joel's eyes watered. "This is horrible, i'd rather you have broken up with me then leave like that." I laughed, "that's not the point, I did this so no one would get hurt." I said and Joel began crying, "What about your friends? What about Natalie, Azeala, Devon, Victor and me!" He cried out through his tears. I frowned, "Don't put it in that way," I said and Joel continued to cry. "Just tell me that i'll see you again," he said and I kissed him. "Soon Joel when you see me you won't even know it's me." I said and he disapeared.

I sat up in the darkness, Joel had been crying, he missed me did everyone else? But then again, do we ever know? Someone could be mocking me, it could even be a friend mocking me and I would never know. Even if you asked them they'd just awsner you the politically correct awsner.

But...I do miss them, but i refuse to give in, Joel broke my walls of emotional blocking and now i was barren and there was nothing to protect myself.

Elric laid his head on my lap, and I lifted him and cradled him. "What's wrong Jenny?" He mumbled looking at me sleepily. I held back my tears as I talked to him, "I miss my family," I said and he hugged me. "I miss mine to," he said and we fell asleep once again. But this time Joel was not in them.

We were walking hand in hand and we were perhaps half way there. Maybe I wasn't even so sure myself but i was sure not to hint that with Elric. "I think were getting closer Jenny!" he said and I smiled and everything became familiar. The signs and the streets, slowly I was hurting and slowly i was returning home. "This way!" Elirc said and pulled me towards a strange building, to be percise a hardware store. Elric dragged me inside and towards the cashier, "I'm here from Northern H.U.N." Elric said and pulled out an ID card and showed it to the man. he nodded and we walked down a hall. "Why are we at a hardware store?" I whispeared to Elric.

"The government doesn't like us so we're hidden." he explained and we walked down a lenght of hallways. Until we finally came to a door and Elric opened it and it revealed an underground lab with tons of people walking around.

I watched in amazment as I was dragged by Elric, "Hey Dr. Milo!" Elric said and I saw a man who looked pretty young perhaps in his mid-20s. "i was told you have interest in human miss Jenny." Milo said and held out his hand. I shook it, "yes I find it very interesting," I lied. "Well then welcome to our lab follow me," Milo said and we obediently followed Milo down another hall to a door at the end. "This will be your home for the time being." Milo said opening the door.

It wasn't much i'll admit, there was a small kitchen two beds in the same room and door that lead to a bathroom. "I hope it's okay," he said and I nodded quickly feeling happy that I was going to sleep in an actually bed. I was going to discover what my culture was I was finally going to get a clue. And perhaps be rescued by these people I smiled as I walked into the room with Elric and Milo nodded to us and left closing the door.


It had been what a week? I sighed sitting in mine and Elric's room thinking about being home. "Elric i'm going out for a while," I said grabbing my ID card looking back at him. "Ok mommy," he said and I blushed slightly that he called me mommy again. It became a habit of his. I shook it off and left the room and eventually made it out of H.U.N head quarters.

I smiled as i saw all the familiar places but I stopped once I saw my school. I sighed as I got closer seeing them. The first person I saw was Azeala she was sitting depressed outside the school gate with Natalie behind her. "Azeala, come on were going to get in trouble," she said and Azeala shrugged and Natalie sighed. "I know you miss Itsie but it's not something to do this over." She said and Azeala stomped her foot. "Just get the fuck away!" she yelled and Natalie jumped shrugging her eyes watering as she walked off.

The temptation was great as I walked closer, "A-azeala," I said and she turned glaring at me not sure of what to say. "It's me," I whispeared and she tilted her head walking closer. "Stop, don't come near me." I said and she froze in her steps. "i can't explain really that I just can't come home, but i need you to tell everyone i'm okay." I said and she disapeared and reappeared before me. I gasped and she grabbed me.

"You left us hurt, and you expect everything to be okay when you just appear and say 'Hey i'm back but you can't come near me!' No sorry that doesn't happen!" she yelled and I swallowed. "Tell us why you left!" she said and I shook my head, "I can only talk to you if you join H.U.N other then that I can't talk to you." I said and she pushed me away walking back to the school. "Say sorry to Natalie," I said and she snorted. "Psh fine." she said and I stood there for a moment then I went to the gate of the school peeking in seeing him.

He looked beautiful standing there laughing at someone hidden behind the corner. That's when I saw the witch, she looked pretty, way prettier then me as she was pushed against the wall and Joel kissed her. I felt my eyes water as I sprinted back to the hardware store into H.U.N and back to my room. "What's wrong mommy," Elric asked as I broke into tears. " J-joel, azeala, natalie." I said through my tears as I fell onto my bed. My heart was broken i could hear it snap in my chest.

"God i'm so sorry," I said aloud closing my eyes ignoring Elric's questions.

Note: eh my head hurts here yeah go
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