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10 Months fly

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Its been 10 months

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ok so...

Mikey and Bert have been together the last 6 months. Me and Frankie the past 10.
Its so wonderful, Frankies moved in here and Berts over every second of every day.
Frank or Bert dont get picked on anymore. Mikey's still a jock but he's not a tough jock. He kisses Bert publicly and Bert goes to every game.

Frankies in a band now. Him, Mikey, Bert, Billy Martin and Chris Gaylor, Chris on drums, Frankie and Billy on guitar, Mikey on bass and Bert singing..
They're pretty good if I don't say so myself..

they are so good. It makes them all happy.

I go watch every Monday and Thursday night at Band Practice.

My phone vibrated on my chest as I layed in bed.

"Hey Baby"
"Hey Frankie, Hows pratice?"
"Good! I've got the best news Gee"
"Whats that" I asked not to sure what he was on about.

"Greg from Bouncing Souls got hold of our demo and -"
"Greg!!! oh my god!!! Frankie!! do you know who he is? do you know how much I love him?!?!? Frankie, how?"
"Lemme finish Gee... anyway, they're touring America and want us to open for them"

Thats all I needed to hear.
I dropped my phone and tears streamed down my face.... My boyfriend, Baby Brother and best friends are opening for one of my favorite bands!!!
OH god! this was so perfect... oh my god, My boys finialy made it... he's gonna be famous....HES OPENING FOR BOUNCING SOULS!!!.

I scrambled around the floor and picked up my phone.

"Babe, thats amazing" I said through tears.
"I knew you'd be happy, I haven't even told anyone yet... you were the first person I told... but how cool is that right?"
"Oh! I'm so so so so happy for you guys" I said wiping my tears away.
"Yeah, anyway I was thinking I could maybe get pizza on the way home and you could help me celebrate?" he said sounding like a little kid.
I knew he was smiling.

"Absolutely Honey" I grinned...

"Cool. well I'd better go and I'll see you soon"
"kay, Love you Babe"
"love you too Frankie"

I hung the phone up and couldnt begin to progress that my Boyfriend was opening for The Bouncing Souls... Greg!
The guy I'd fanisize about fucking while I was a teenager!!!

I stood up and began picturing it all... Frankie hanging out with them..
Their band being famous and going all over the world..

Wow I hope it happens for them, They've worked so hard for it to get this far.

I did nothing but think about Frankie being a sucessful musician.. It made me so happy.

"Hey Baby" I heard him say.

I opened my eyes to see Frankie standing at the door with a smile spread across his face.

"hello" I smiled as I began to sit up.

Frankie made his way over to me throughing his arms around my neck and kissing my cheek repetivly.

"Isn't it amazing Gee?"
"Yeah Baby, its grate. I couldnt be happier for you" I smiled
"We get to play at Maxwells"
"in Hoboken?!" I asked as my mouth went dry

"Yeah... its a start for all great bands. Opertation Ivy, Green Day-"
"you guys" I smiled into his chest.

Frankie layed on his back looking up to me smiling.

"your so beautiful"
"Not as much as you are" I said straddling his hips.

I lowered my face so it was directly above Frankies.
His eyes looked from my eyes to my lips, to my lips to my eyes.. and so on...

I rolled my hips in towards Frankies causing him to let out a moan...

"no, this is how we're celebrating.. Later on"
"Baby. I want you"
"Our pizzas getting cold" he wispered in my ear.

Frank pushed his lips to mine.
His hand taking the pit of my back and my neck pushing me onto him harder

"uhh guys?"
"The Piz- oh my god!!!" I heard Mikey squeel and pull the door shut.

Its not like we're fucking..
And I've herard and seen him and Bert going for gold.. its NOT a nice thing to be trying to go to sleep and having Bert and Mikey screaming.
Frankie knows what I'm about.

"Karma Mikey!" Frankie called out from under me with a smile streched across his face.
"But he is right .. We should get out there and eat"
"Fine!" I said crawling off him
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