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The last show

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Frank wants this to be the last show he ever plays.. Does it stay that Way?

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I got off my bed and took one last look in the mirror.
Lets do this Iero, Give these kids what they paid for I found myself thinking.

I walked off the bus and Gee greeted me.
"Lets do it"
"So are we still doing Thank You For The Venom?"
"You Bet we are Frankie"

We walked back stage and I picked Pansy up and put her strap over my shoulder.
"Ready girl? this could be the last time we rock out for a while."
I wispered to my Guitar and gave her a little pat.
Mikey saw me and shook his head. I went up on the ramp and the stage lights went out. Brian patted my back
"Have a good show guys"
I walked out before anyone else in the band and stood on my Cross where the curtain was down. Every body else went to there places

Ray started to play teenagers and I heard a bunch of screaming people. I joined in when it was time to go in. We played the whole verse behind the curtain
then when the chorus came in the curtain dropped to the floor. When I had the chance to look out the place was full of people singing every single word
back at us
"Maybe they'll leave you alone but not me. We are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" Gerard screamed
They show went by really fast and before I knew it we were at our last song. Thank You For The Venom.

I strummed Pansy like crazy and finialy the chrous was about to come in so I went over by Gerard and was playing right right next to him.
"Give me a reason to believe..."

I pushed My cold rock hard lips onto Gerards Soft warm and delicate lips.
He put his hand in my hair and wraped his fingers in my hair. I felt Gerards Warm and smooth tounge enter my mouth
so I did the same to him because I knew its what he wanted.
When I forgot about Gerard for two seconds I Heard
our Fans screaming and screaming like a horror movie.

When I took my Mouth of Gerards I saw Mikey stop playing and walk off stage. Ray being not far behind
Bob was still drumming but not as normal and we just exchanged glances.
Gee went on singing and as soon as he finished we bolted of the stage.
I gave Pansy to Brian.
Gerard grabbed my hand and there was most deffiantly a conection there it made me tingle on the inside.
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